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Alliances Unraveled

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Alliances Unraveled: 231 cards
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184 Aegis Airia Mugic  Common  search
84 Aerosion Attack  Rare  search
5 Afjak Creature  Rare  search
85 Airize Attack  Common  search
86 Airsault Attack  Common  search
57 Ajara Creature  Rare  search
45 Ambolx Creature  Common  search
179 Ancestral Anthem Mugic  Rare  search
135 Ankh of Kehn-Sep Battlegear  Rare  search
163 Anthem of Stone Mugic  Common  search
136 Aquatic Familiar Battlegear  Common  search
6 Arrthoa, Captain of the Ezoa Creature  Rare  search
75 Ast'imal Creature  Rare  search
87 Atmosfear Attack  Common  search
134 AZAIA Mindprobe Battlegear  Rare  search
189 AZAIA Mindscrying Chamber Location  Super Rare  search
174 Battlesong of Depletion Mugic  Common  search
169 Battlesong of Renewal Mugic  Common  search
88 Before the Storm Attack  Super Rare  search
137 Bi-Mowercycle Battlegear  Rare  search
7 Blazier, Citadel Cartographer Creature  Rare  search
185 Bonding Battlesong Mugic  Rare  search
190 Castle Mommark Location  Super Rare  search
191 Castle Rathwaq Location  Common  search
138 Citadel Fragments Battlegear  Common  search
139 Citadel Lodestone Battlegear  Common  search
192 City of Kehn-sep, Tablet Dig Site Location  Rare  search
89 Clean Slide Attack  Common  search
140 Colstone Battlegear  Super Rare  search
90 Combustion Carnage Attack  Rare  search
175 Consuming Cacophony Mugic  Super Rare  search
91 Consuming Flame Attack  Common  search
176 Counterpoint of Chaos Mugic  Rare  search
1 Cromaxx Creature  Ultra Rare  search
8 Dalgad Creature  Super Rare  search
92 Deadwater Devastation Attack  Super Rare  search
177 Decomposition Mugic  Rare  search
164 Diminuendo Mugic  Common  search
165 Dischord of Flame Mugic  Common  search
9 Donmar, Tablet Translator Creature  Common  search
141 Double Edge Battlegear  Common  search
193 Dranakis Threshold, Portal to the Past Location  Super Rare  search
142 Drilldozer, Customized Rig Battlegear  Rare  search
93 Dry Touch Attack  Rare  search
998 Duplicate Card - Remove Creature  Common  search
94 Dust Strike Attack  Common  search
95 Earth Pulse Attack  Common  search
96 Earthshape Attack  Rare  search
97 Eidolon Advance Attack  Common  search
180 Elemental Counterpoint Mugic  Common  search
194 Elmantiir Location  Common  search
181 Empowering Encore Mugic  Rare  search
58 Enre-Hep, High Muge of the Desert Creature  Ultra Rare  search
10 Eremia Creature  Super Rare  search
98 Eroding Blast Attack  Rare  search
99 Essential Evaporation Attack  Common  search
100 Extinguishing Fountain Attack  Rare  search
76 Fal'makin, AZAIA Inquisitor Creature  Ultra Rare  search
59 Fasseph Creature  Rare  search
101 Fireram Attack  Common  search
102 Flame Breach Attack  Rare  search
103 Flame Fright Attack  Rare  search
143 Flameblade of Seeryn Battlegear  Super Rare  search
104 Flood Force Attack  Common  search
105 Fluid Flame Attack  Rare  search
170 Fluid Fugue Mugic  Super Rare  search
46 Gareep Creature  Common  search
228 Gharnet Creature  Rare  search
47 Ghundac Creature  Rare  search
195 Gigantempopolis, Chamber of the Oraklon Location  Rare  search
60 Gintanai, The Forgotten Creature  Ultra Rare  search
106 Gladiator's Fire Attack  Common  search
196 Graalorn Forest Location  Rare  search
107 Grounding Grapple Attack  Super Rare  search
61 Habekh Creature  Rare  search
166 Harmonics of Water Mugic  Common  search
62 Headmaster Ankhyja, Seeker of the Art Creature  Super Rare  search
11 Herken Creature  Common  search
197 Herken's Feast Location  Rare  search
48 Hiadrom, Rock Ripper Creature  Common  search
167 Howl of the Wind Mugic  Common  search
12 Hune Canin Creature  Common  search
144 Hyperhover Battlegear  Rare  search
63 Ifjann Creature  Rare  search
77 Ihun'kalin, Psionic Master Creature  Rare  search
13 Illiar Creature  Super Rare  search
108 Incessant Wave Attack  Common  search
109 Inferno Claws Attack  Common  search
171 Interlude of Interuption Mugic  Rare  search
14 Iparu, Metallic Ally Creature  Ultra Rare  search
64 Ixxik Creature  Rare  search
25 Kaal Creature  Ultra Rare  search
198 Kaizeph, City of the Elements Location  Super Rare  search
26 Ketacc Creature  Super Rare  search
49 Ketun Creature  Rare  search
145 Kha'rall Shard of the Staunch Battlegear  Rare  search
65 Khenti Creature  Common  search
27 Khybon, Magma Dam Overseer Creature  Super Rare  search
28 Kiru Creature  Rare  search
199 Kiru Village Location  Rare  search
78 Klik'ssi Creature  Common  search
66 Kojjbel Creature  Rare  search
67 Kolmo, Purified Creature  Super Rare  search
29 Kopond, High Muge of the Hearth Creature  Ultra Rare  search
15 Korg Creature  Rare  search
30 Krekk, Phalanx Recon Creature  Rare  search
200 Lake Ken-I-Po, Ritual Site Location  Rare  search
16 Lomma, Desert Wanderer Creature  Super Rare  search
224 Lore, High Muge of the Hive Creature  Ultra Rare  search
17 Maglax, Lodestone Seeker Creature  Rare  search
110 Magma Might Attack  Super Rare  search
31 Magmon, Engulfed Creature  Rare  search
50 Makromil Creature  Rare  search
111 Meditative Leap Attack  Common  search
146 Metabolic Overloader Battlegear  Common  search
222 Mhein Creature  Common  search
39A Mhein Creature  Common  search
79 Milla'iin, Foothold Commander Creature  Super Rare  search
112 Mind Mash Attack  Super Rare  search
113 Mindvoid Attack  Common  search
114 Mineral Mayhem Attack  Common  search
201 Mipedim Tropics Location  Rare  search
202 Mipedim Valley Location  Rare  search
80 Mock'adyn, Fluid Master Creature  Common  search
203 Mount Pillar Reservoir, Liberated Location  Rare  search
147 Mysterious Clawblade Battlegear  Common  search
204 Najarin's Castle Location  Super Rare  search
18 Najarin, High Muge of the Lake Creature  Ultra Rare  search
19 Najarin, Younger Creature  Super Rare  search
32 Nauthilax, Aquatic Spy Creature  Common  search
223 Nimmei, Expedition Overseer Creature  Ultra Rare  search
68 Ninren Creature  Rare  search
495 No card (please remove) Creature  Common  search
41b Nom, Servant of Earth Creature  Common  search
225 Nunk'worn, Assimilated Creature  Super Rare  search
115 Obscuring Winds Attack  Common  search
51 Odu-Bathax, Reservoir Reclaimer Creature  Common  search
148 Orb of Unda Battlegear  Rare  search
52 Orbaat Creature  Rare  search
149 Orchis Undin Battlegear  Common  search
116 Outfreeze Attack  Common  search
117 Paraseed Attack  Common  search
150 Phoenix Belt Battlegear  Rare  search
33 Piddan Creature  Common  search
999 Please Don't add fan cards Creature  Common  search
20 Porthyn Creature  Rare  search
151 Pranker Tanker Battlegear  Super Rare  search
205 Prexxor Chasm Location  Super Rare  search
206 Prexxor Chasm, The Blight Location  Ultra Rare  search
118 Primordial Rage Attack  Common  search
2 Proboscar Creature  Super Rare  search
152 Quranium Pendant Battlegear  Common  search
69 Qwun, Solitary Scout Creature  Common  search
119 Rainspears Attack  Common  search
207 Rao'Pa Sahkk, Condensation Ceremony Location  Super Rare  search
81 Rath'tab, Mind Scryer Creature  Super Rare  search
120 Retaliatory Strike Attack  Super Rare  search
208 Riverlands, Abandoned Wastes Location  Common  search
209 Rock River Canyon Location  Super Rare  search
182 Rocky Refrain Mugic  Super Rare  search
34 Rothar, Forceful Negotiator Creature  Rare  search
153 Sandstorm Shroud Battlegear  Common  search
35 Savitsa Creature  Common  search
154 Scarab of Khilai Battlegear  Super Rare  search
178 Searing Symphony Mugic  Rare  search
36 Seeryn, Servant of Fire Creature  Common  search
70 Sepmek Creature  Super Rare  search
21 Silchaw Creature  Rare  search
186 Silent Requiem Mugic  Rare  search
71 Silv, Servant of Air Creature  Common  search
37 Skithia, Gothos Spy Creature  Super Rare  search
155 Skopolon Battlegear  Super Rare  search
38 Skorblust Creature  Rare  search
121 Sleet Slide Attack  Common  search
39 Slufurah, Treacherous Translator Creature  Super Rare  search
3 Smildon Creature  Super Rare  search
122 Smokesurge Attack  Common  search
22 Somnort Creature  Common  search
82 Son'las Creature  Common  search
187 Sonata of Storms Mugic  Super Rare  search
172 Song of Elemental Attunement Mugic  Rare  search
188 Song of Translocation Mugic  Rare  search
210 Star Towers of Kehn-sep Location  Common  search
40 Stelgar, Vicious Mutation Creature  Rare  search
156 Stormbird Statues Battlegear  Rare  search
123 Sudden Flare Attack  Common  search
157 Sun Chariot of Kehn-Sep Battlegear  Common  search
168 Swartbron Battlesong Mugic  Rare  search
173 Symphony of Shielding Mugic  Rare  search
124 Synaptic Acceleration Attack  Common  search
211 Tablet Sanctuary Location  Common  search
72 Taffial, Cothica Hunter Creature  Super Rare  search
53 Tarin Creature  Super Rare  search
125 Tectostrike Attack  Common  search
126 Terrantula Tackle Attack  Rare  search
83 Thar'lyn, AZAIA Spy Creature  Rare  search
54 Tharc, Tablet Translator Creature  Rare  search
212 The Cliffs Location  Rare  search
213 The Garden Location  Rare  search
214 The Golden Heptagon Location  Super Rare  search
215 The Magma Dam Location  Super Rare  search
216 The Passage, OverWorld Location  Rare  search
217 The Passage, UnderWorld Location  Rare  search
218 The Phlogiston Location  Rare  search
219 The Storm Tunnel, Lingering Monsoon Location  Common  search
220 The Storms Location  Rare  search
221 The Swartbron Location  Common  search
41 Toadore Creature  Rare  search
127 Traditionalist's Charge Attack  Common  search
158 Trident of Treachery Battlegear  Rare  search
128 Turbulence Funnel Attack  Common  search
159 Ulmanator Battlegear  Rare  search
42 Ulmar, Perithon Racer Creature  Common  search
183 Unbalancing Battlesong Mugic  Rare  search
23 Unda, Servant of Water Creature  Common  search
4 Ursis Creature  Ultra Rare  search
129 Vacuum Hemisphere Attack  Rare  search
55 Valban Creature  Super Rare  search
130 Vapor Wipeout Attack  Rare  search
160 Varanohs Battlegear  Rare  search
24 Vlar Creature  Super Rare  search
161 Vlaric Shard, Relic of the Past Battlegear  Rare  search
131 Voltorch Attack  Common  search
43 Voorx Creature  Rare  search
132 Wall of Flame Attack  Rare  search
133 Xenocentric Wrath Attack  Rare  search
162 Xerium Armor Battlegear  Ultra Rare  search
73 Ylinné Creature  Common  search
56 Yondaf, Symbiotic Infector Creature  Super Rare  search
44 Zamool, Lord Van Bloot's Enforcer Creature  Ultra Rare  search
74 Zhade, Dig Site Defender Creature  Common  search

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