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Dramatic Wars: Angel and Demon

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Dramatic Wars: Angel and Demon: 25 cards
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S2 Aldora, White Knight Spirit Creature  Super Rare  search
S3 Auzesu, the Demonic Holy Spirit Creature  Super Rare  search
3 Balforce, the Demonic Holy Spirit Creature  Very Rare  search
22 Bega, Vizier of Shadow Creature  Common  search
8 Black Ganveet, Legion of Demise Creature  Rare  search
18 Cubela, the Oracle Creature  Common  search
12 Dark Strike, Reaper Beast Creature  Uncommon  search
20 Darkness Southern Creature  Common  search
4 Diamond Aven, Spirit of Awakening Creature  Super Rare  search
6 Diamond Sword Spell  Rare  search
S1 Dias Zeta, the Temporal Suppressor/Diabolos Zeta, Annihilation Awakened Psychic Creature  Super Rare  search
2 Fernando the 7th, Emperor of Mystic Light Creature  Very Rare  search
1 Galaxy, Temporal Immortal/King of Galaxy, Destruction Awakened Psychic Creature  Very Rare  search
5 Heaven&#'s Gate Spell  Rare  search
13 Hyperspatial Emperor Hole Spell  Super Rare  search
19 Hyperspatial Shiny Hole Spell  Common  search
10 Lightning Kid, Spirit of Divine Armaments Creature  Uncommon  search
21 Mad Guitar Creature  Common  search
11 Olgaiza, Dark Demon of the Evil Fortress Creature  Super Rare  search
14 Primal Scream Spell  Super Rare  search
15 Reesa, Infinity Elemental Creature  Common  search
17 Tulk, the Oracle Creature  Common  search
7 Varz Romanov, Dark Lord of Demons Evolution Creature  Promotional  search
16 Webius, the Patroller Creature  Common  search
9 White Heaven, Thunderclap Elemental Creature  Uncommon  search

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