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Core Set

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Core Set: 128 cards
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121 A Chosen Path: "Don't Leave the Path!" Quest  search
122 A Chosen Path: Beorn's Path Quest  search
120 A Fork in the Road Quest  search
52 A Light in the Dark Event  search
50 A Test of Will Event  search
128 Ambush on the Shore Quest  search
127 Anduin Passage Quest  search
1 Aragorn Hero  search
113 Banks of the Anduin Location  search
31 Beorn Ally  search
68 Beorn's Hospitality Event  search
12 Beravor Hero  search
98 Black Forest Bats Enemy  search
32 Blade Mastery Event  search
39 Blade of Gondolin Attachment  search
19 Brok Ironfist Ally  search
80 Caught in a Web Treachery  search
103 Cavern Guardian Enemy  search
27 Celebrian's Stone Attachment  search
90 Chieftan Ufthak Enemy  search
40 Citadel Plate Attachment  search
21 Common Cause Event  search
71 Dark Knowledge Attachment  search
56 Daughter of the Nimrodel Ally  search
10 Denethor Hero  search
86 Despair Treachery  search
91 Dol Guldur Beastmaster Enemy  search
89 Dol Guldur Orcs Enemy  search
92 Driven by Shadow Treachery  search
101 Dungeon Jailor Enemy  search
109 Dungeon Torch Objective  search
9 Dunhere Hero  search
41 Dwarven Axe Attachment  search
53 Dwarven Tomb Event  search
97 East Bight Patrol Enemy  search
115 Eastern Crows Enemy  search
8 Eleanor Hero  search
95 Enchanted Stream Location  search
106 Endless Caverns Location  search
7 Eowyn Hero  search
59 Erebor Hammersmith Ally  search
20 Ever Vigilant Event  search
116 Evil Storm Treachery  search
79 Eyes of the Forest Treachery  search
14 Faramir Ally  search
34 Feint Event  search
119 Flies and Spiders Quest  search
22 For Gondor! Event  search
100 Forest Gate Location  search
69 Forest Snare Attachment  search
96 Forest Spider Enemy  search
54 Fortune or Fate Event  search
73 Gandalf Ally  search
108 Gandalf's Map Objective  search
67 Gandalf's Search Event  search
4 Gimli Hero  search
114 Gladden Fields Location  search
62 Gleowine Ally  search
3 Gloin Hero  search
11 Glorfindel Hero  search
83 Goblin Sniper Enemy  search
29 Gondorian Spearman Ally  search
77 Great Forest Web Location  search
25 Grim Resolve Event  search
13 Guard of the Citadel Ally  search
48 Hasty Stroke Event  search
60 Henamarth Riversong Ally  search
82 Hill Troll Enemy  search
42 Horn of Gondor Attachment  search
30 Horseback Archer Ally  search
75 Hummerhorns Enemy  search
105 Iron Shackles Treachery  search
74 King Spider Enemy  search
5 Legolas Hero  search
18 Longbeard Orc Slayer Ally  search
63 Lore of Imladris Event  search
44 Lorien Guide Ally  search
64 Lorien's Wealth Event  search
84 Marsh Adder Enemy  search
112 Massing at Night Treachery  search
61 Miner of the Iron Hills Ally  search
111 Misty Mountain Goblins Enemy  search
78 Mountains of Mirkwood Location  search
102 Nazgul of Dol Guldur Enemy  search
94 Necromancer's Pass Location  search
45 Northern Tracker Ally  search
99 Old Forest Road Location  search
125 Out of the Dungeons Quest  search
58 Power in the Earth Attachment  search
70 Protector of Lorien Attachment  search
117 Pursued by Shadow Treachery  search
35 Quick Strike Event  search
65 Radagast's Cunning Event  search
33 Rain of Arrows Event  search
66 Secret Paths Event  search
72 Self Preservation Attachment  search
110 Shadow Key Objective  search
17 Silverlode Archer Ally  search
23 Sneak Attack Event  search
16 Snowbourn Scout Ally  search
15 Son of Arnor Ally  search
51 Stand and Fight Event  search
38 Stand Together Event  search
26 Steward of Gondor Attachment  search
47 Strength of Will Event  search
37 Swift Strike Event  search
6 Thalin Hero  search
87 The Brown Lands Location  search
88 The East Bight Location  search
55 The Favor of the Lady Attachment  search
46 The Galadhrim's Greeting Event  search
93 The Necromancer's Reach Treachery  search
123 The Necromancer's Tower Quest  search
2 Theodred Hero  search
36 Thicket of Spears Event  search
124 Through the Caverns Quest  search
126 To the River... Quest  search
107 Tower Gate Location  search
118 Treacherous Fog Treachery  search
104 Under the Shadow Treachery  search
57 Unexpected Courage Attachment  search
76 Ungoliant's Spawn Enemy  search
24 Valiant Sacrifice Event  search
28 Veteran Axehand Ally  search
43 Wandering Took Ally  search
85 Wargs Enemy  search
49 Will of the West Event  search
81 Wolf Rider Enemy  search

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