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Initiations of the Favored

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Initiations of the Favored: 20 cards
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42 Arrest Warrant Event  search
45 Bloated Leng Spider Character  search
47 Board of Directors Character  search
46 Come With Us Event  search
59 Constricting Elder Thing Character  search
60 Evolving Shoggoth Character  search
58 Expensive Guitar Support  search
44 Ghatanotha, Out Of The Aeons Character  search
51 Grasping Chthonian Character  search
43 Horrific Shoggoth Character  search
41 New Recruit Character  search
52 Protector of Secrets Character  search
54 Ritual of Power Support  search
55 Satchel of the Void Support  search
50 Slime Covered Dhole Character  search
57 Southside Speakeasy, Hidden Business Support  search
56 Thief for Hire Character  search
49 Trampling Dark Young Character  search
53 Wealthy Sponsor Character  search
48 Zeiss Model C Support  search

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