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The Gleaming Spiral

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The Gleaming Spiral: 20 cards
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82 Catastrophic Explosion Event  search
97 Degenerate Gambler Character  search
96 Disturbing Auction Event  search
90 Full Ride Scholarship Event  search
93 Ground Tremors Event  search
100 Hermetic Text Support  search
88 Jamie Winthrop, Whiz Kid Character  search
89 Lecturing Historian Character  search
99 Many-angled Thing Character  search
94 Meticulous Scribe Character  search
85 Moonbound Byakhee Character  search
87 Scalpel Support  search
98 Scandal Event  search
91 Shudde M'ell, The Burrower Beneath Character  search
84 Slave to the Undivided Mind Event  search
92 Telepathic Chthonian Character  search
81 Trial Judge Character  search
86 Unhealthy Fixation Support  search
95 Unscrupulous Acquisitionist Character  search
83 While He Sleeps Event  search

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