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Spawn of Madness

Spawn of Madness: 20 cards
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10 Altar of Madness Support  search
17 Arkham Inmate Character  search
18 Artifact of the Lost Cities Support  search
7 Cthuloid Spawn Character  search
5 Danny O'Bannion's Crony Character  search
13 Dreamlands Messenger Character  search
11 Elder Thing Character  search
16 Ghost of Perdition Character  search
14 Glimpse of the Void Event  search
6 Gun Runner's Club Support  search
9 Obscene Byakhee Character  search
3 Omega Alumnus Character  search
12 Revelation of the Spheres Event  search
1 Shadow Team Character  search
15 Student of the Profane Character  search
20 The Greatest Fear Event  search
8 The Sleeper Awakens! Event  search
2 Torch the Joint Event  search
4 Unspeakable Research Event  search
19 Written in the Sky Event  search
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