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Duel Decks: Ajani vs. Nicol Bolas

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Duel Decks: Ajani vs. Nicol Bolas: 82 cards
sort arrow Name sort arrow Type sort arrow Rarity sort arrow Average Price  
18 Ageless Entity Creature  search
66 Agonizing Demise Instant  search
1 Ajani Vengeant Planeswalker  search
22 Ajani's Mantra Enchantment  search
9 Ajani's Pridemate Creature  search
28 Behemoth Sledge Artifact  search
52 Blazing Specter Creature  search
46 Brackwater Elemental Creature  search
14 Briarhorn Creature  search
6 Canyon Wildcat Creature  search
59 Countersquall Instant  search
69 Cruel Ultimatum Sorcery  search
74 Crumbling Necropolis Land  search
65 Deep Analysis Sorcery  search
49 Dimir Cutpurse Creature  search
68 Elder Mastery Enchantment  search
3 Essence Warden Creature  search
32 Evolving Wilds Land  search
53 Fire-Field Ogre Creature  search
21 Firemane Angel Creature  search
12 Fleetfoot Panther Creature  search
38 Forest Basic Land  search
39 Forest Basic Land  search
33 Graypelt Refuge Land  search
11 Grazing Gladehart Creature  search
25 Griffin Guide Enchantment  search
T1 Griffin [Token] Token Creature  search
63 Grixis Charm Instant  search
48 Hellfire Mongrel Creature  search
64 Icy Manipulator Artifact  search
57 Igneous Pouncer Creature  search
79 Island Basic Land  search
7 Jade Mage Creature  search
56 Jhessian Zombies Creature  search
34 Jungle Shrine Land  search
35 Kazandu Refuge Land  search
2 Kird Ape Creature  search
24 Lead the Stampede Sorcery  search
23 Lightning Helix Instant  search
5 Loam Lion Creature  search
15 Loxodon Hierarch Creature  search
17 Marisi's Twinclaws Creature  search
47 Morgue Toad Creature  search
51 Moroii Creature  search
41 Mountain Basic Land  search
80 Mountain Basic Land  search
20 Nacatl Hunt-Pride Creature  search
29 Naya Charm Instant  search
42 Nicol Bolas, Planeswalker Planeswalker  search
44 Nightscape Familiar Creature  search
60 Obelisk of Grixis Artifact  search
55 Ogre Savant Creature  search
72 Pain / Suffering Sorcery  search
40 Plains Basic Land  search
19 Pride of Lions Creature  search
70 Profane Command Sorcery  search
10 Qasali Pridemage Creature  search
61 Recoil Instant  search
26 Recumbent Bliss Enchantment  search
73 Rise / Fall Sorcery  search
75 Rupture Spire Land  search
T2 Saproling [Token] Token Creature  search
36 Sapseep Forest Land  search
27 Searing Meditation Enchantment  search
54 Shriekmaw Creature  search
67 Slave of Bolas Sorcery  search
45 Slavering Nulls Creature  search
71 Spite / Malice Instant  search
16 Spitemare Creature  search
50 Steamcore Weird Creature  search
43 Surveilling Sprite Creature  search
77 Swamp Basic Land  search
78 Swamp Basic Land  search
30 Sylvan Bounty Instant  search
8 Sylvan Ranger Creature  search
76 Terramorphic Expanse Land  search
31 Titanic Ultimatum Sorcery  search
62 Undermine Instant  search
58 Vapor Snag Instant  search
37 Vitu-Ghazi, the City-Tree Land  search
4 Wild Nacatl Creature  search
13 Woolly Thoctar Creature  search
Total price for whole set:

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