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The Shifting Sands

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The Shifting Sands: 28 cards
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10 A New Challenge Story  search
15 Aziz Chatuluka, A Danger to all Mankind Character  search
28 Canopic Jar, Vessel of Souls Support  search
8 Chaos Unleashed Story  search
5 Come the Dreamtime Story  search
7 Congress of the Keys Story  search
22 Desertification Support  search
14 Federal Vault Support  search
18 Guardian Beast, Servant of Serapis Support  search
6 Heart of the Labyrinth Story  search
13 John & Jessie Burke, Relentless in Pursuit Character  search
16 Khopesh of the Abyss, Manifested Malice Support  search
21 Magarta Kiss, Starry-eyed Lover Character  search
17 Master of Amulets Character  search
25 Nassor, Alamut Operative Character  search
23 Nigel St. James, Lodge Recruiter Character  search
19 Professor Sam Campbell, Erudite Archeologist Character  search
2 The 9th Plague Story  search
20 The Cthonian Stone, Stygian Waymark Support  search
24 The Deodand, Cutting Threads Support  search
11 The Heirloom Story  search
27 The Large man, Shorn But Patient Character  search
1 The Opened Door Story  search
3 The Second Dragon Story  search
12 The Seventh Gate Story  search
9 Village of Ash Story  search
4 Within the Ice Story  search
26 Written in Blood, Unbreakable Contract Support  search

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