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An Oni's Fury

Trade Cards Online is shutting down.

Trade Cards Online will be shut down beginning 1 July 2019. We strongly recommend you export your lists before this date as the site, together with your account, will no longer be available afterwards. Trade Cards Online was started as a platform to provide the most comprehensive database available on the Internet. But since we weren't able to expend enough time to keep up with the marketplace, we have decided to shut the site down. While it's sad to say goodbye, we are hopeful that you will continue your passion for collecting. We regret any inconvenience this may cause you. We appreciate everyone who has used and supported Trade Cards Online. Thank you!

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An Oni's Fury: 223 cards
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6 A New Legacy Event  Rare  search
old-337 Accessible Terrain Action  search
79 Aikune's Wrath Action  Rare  search
old-333 Akodo Kaneka Wind  search
46 Akodo Kuon Personality  Uncommon  search
43 Akodo Senke Personality  Common  search
80 An Error in Orders Action  Rare  search
15 Ancestral Shrine Holding  Common  search
old-133 Armor of Shadows (Unique) Item  Rare  search
old-340 Arrows from the Woods Action  search
50 Asako Itaru Personality  Uncommon  search
51 Asako Shuntaro Personality  Common  search
26 Ashigaru Barracks Holding  Uncommon  search
122 Ashigaru Hordes Follower  Common  search
123 Bayushi Ambushers Follower  Uncommon  search
56 Bayushi Paneki Personality  Rare  search
57 Bayushi Shixiang Personality  Common  search
16 Benefactor Holding  Common  search
134 Blacksteel Blade Item  Common  search
old-341 Block Supply Lines Action  search
82 Blue Skies Action  Common  search
13 Brightest Winter Event  Uncommon  search
83 Burning the Tombs Action  Rare  search
1 Carpenter Wall Falls Event  Uncommon  search
147 Cascading Fire Spell  Common  search
2 Celestial Vision Event  Uncommon  search
old-344 Charge Action  search
132 Child of the Last Wish Follower  Uncommon  search
155 Citadel of Daigotsu Stronghold  Fixed  search
17 City of Night (Unique) Holding  Rare  search
18 Cleared Grounds Holding  Uncommon  search
77 Coastal Region Region  Uncommon  search
97 Complications Action  Rare  search
old-346 Confusion at Court Action  search
148 Consecrate the Land Spell  Common  search
old-347 Contentious Terrain Action  search
old-294 Corrupted Iron Mine Holding  search
old-295 Corrupted Silver Mine Holding  search
old-348 Counterattack Action  search
old-416 Dai Tsuchi Item  search
33 Daidoji Enai Personality  Common  search
34 Daidoji Gudeta Personality  Uncommon  search
135 Daikyu Item  Uncommon  search
14 Darkest Winter Event  Uncommon  search
old-349 Deadly Ground Action  search
84 Dirty Scum! Action  Rare  search
old-351 Diversionary Tactics Action  search
35 Doji Yasuyo Personality  Rare  search
old-296 Dragon Dancers Holding  search
old-352 Dragon Tattoo Action  search
136 Elegant Kimono Item  Uncommon  search
85 Engage the Enemy Action  Rare  search
86 Everpresent Fear Action  Uncommon  search
old-398 Facing Your Devils Kiho  search
old-408 Fire and Air Spell  search
149 Follow the Path Spell  Uncommon  search
139 Fox Nagamaki Item  Uncommon  search
25 Friendly Traveler Village Holding  Common  search
87 Frontal Assault Action  Common  search
118 Gaijutsu no Shiryo Ancestor  Rare  search
old-273 Gakochun Personality  search
old-298 Gold Mine Holding  search
old-299 Goldsmith Holding  search
old-334 Hantei Naseru Wind  search
3 Harvest Time Event  Uncommon  search
88 Hasty Exploitation (Experienced) Action  Common  search
old-427 Heavy Infantry Follower  search
29 Hida Sakamoto (Unique) Personality  Rare  search
28 Hida Sunao Personality  Uncommon  search
124 Hiruma Archers Follower  Uncommon  search
30 Hiruma Nichi Personality  Common  search
38 Hitomi Akuai Personality  Rare  search
39 Hitomi Kagetora Personality  search
126 Hoshi's Claw Follower  Uncommon  search
127 Hoturi's Blade Follower  Uncommon  search
20 House of the Red Lotus Holding  Common  search
old-357 Hummingbird Tattoo Action  search
old-358 Iaijutsu Challenge Action  search
old-359 Iaijutsu Duel Action  search
44 Ikoma Fudai Personality  Uncommon  search
89 Imperial Scrutiny Action  Uncommon  search
21 Inner Wall Holding  Common  search
53 Isawa Ihara Personality  Rare  search
72 Iuchi Lixue (Unique) Personality  Rare  search
old-302 Jade Works Holding  search
old-303 Kabuki Theater Troupe Holding  search
31 Kaiu Ryojiro Personality  Common  search
103 Kaneka's Advance Action  Common  search
143 Kharmic Unison Kiho  Common  search
22 Ki-Rin's Shrine Holding  Rare  search
45 Kitsu Dejiko Personality  Rare  search
40 Kitsuki Remata Personality  Uncommon  search
61 Kitsune Gohei (Unique) Personality  Rare  search
67 Kiyomi Personality  Uncommon  search
95 Know the Enemy Action  Rare  search
150 Know the Truth Spell  Rare  search
32 Kuni Kiyoshi Personality  Uncommon  search
old-431 Light Cavalry Follower  search
128 Lion Warcats Follower  Uncommon  search
23 Lobbyist Holding  Common  search
91 Logistics Problem Action  Uncommon  search
98 Lost Glories Action  Uncommon  search
129 Mantis Raiders Follower  Rare  search
138 Masume Wakizashi Item  Common  search
47 Matsu Shinya Personality  Common  search
old-434 Medium Cavalry Follower  search
old-240 Mirumoto Daisuke Personality  search
41 Mirumoto Tsuge Personality  Common  search
70 Miya Hatori (Unique) Personality  Rare  search
92 Moment in the Sun Action  Rare  search
48 Moshi Kalani Personality  Uncommon  search
73 Moto Chagatai Personality  search
old-263 Moto Chagatai Personality  search
old-435 Moto Fanatics Follower  search
old-265 Moto Kadu-kai Personality  search
75 Moto Vordu Personality  Rare  search
old-266 Moto Vordu Personality  search
130 Moto Wardogs Follower  Uncommon  search
74 Moto Zhijuan Personality  Uncommon  search
old-366 Mountain Tattoo Action  search
93 Naga Tattoo Action  Uncommon  search
69 Naka Tokei Personality  Rare  search
old-368 Narrow Ground Action  search
119 Natsune no Shiryo Ancestor  Rare  search
5 New Emerald Champion Event  Rare  search
94 Nezumi Technique Action  Common  search
old-370 Night Battle Action  search
old-371 Ninja Thief Action  search
old-420 No-Dachi Item  search
old-278 Noekam Personality  search
old-323 Occult Murders Event  search
old-279 Ogre Bushi Personality  search
63 Osoreru no Oni Personality  Rare  search
66 Otomo Motoshi Personality  Common  search
7 Poetry Contest Event  Rare  search
55 Por'ee-rep Personality  Common  search
96 Power Action  Common  search
151 Quench the Ashes Spell  Rare  search
old-373 Rallying Cry Action  search
144 Remember the Mountain Kiho  Common  search
99 Rewards of Rank Action  Common  search
78 Ruins of the Kappa (Unique) Region  Rare  search
100 Rumors Action  Uncommon  search
19 Sacred Tunnels Holding  Uncommon  search
old-307 Sanctified Temple Holding  search
62 Sanshu Denki Personality  Uncommon  search
old-437 Scout Follower  search
8 Seeking the Master Event  Rare  search
102 Seeping Darkness Action  Uncommon  search
142 Shatter the Elements Kiho  Uncommon  search
54 Shiba Aikune Personality  Rare  search
52 Shiba Arai Personality  Common  search
76 Shinjo Huang Personality  Common  search
old-270 Shinjo Osema Personality  search
27 Shinmaki Monastery Holding  Common  search
24 Shintao Library Holding  Common  search
156 Shiro Ide Stronghold  Fixed  search
154 Shiro Mirumoto Stronghold  Fixed  search
104 Show No Fear Action  Common  search
old-310 Silk Works Holding  search
old-311 Silver Mine Holding  search
old-438 Skeletal Troops Follower  search
101 Slaughter the Scout Action  Common  search
105 Sleepless Nights Action  Common  search
old-283 Slidge Personality  search
old-312 Small Farm Holding  search
58 Soshi Eiji Personality  Uncommon  search
old-439 Spearmen Follower  search
106 Spider Tattoo Action  Uncommon  search
old-313 Stables Holding  search
107 Stolen Records Action  Common  search
old-382 Street to Street Action  search
old-402 Strength of My Ancestors Kiho  search
137 Sun Kites Item  Uncommon  search
140 Sun Tao's Tessen Item  Rare  search
old-383 Superior Tactics Action  search
old-384 Suspended Terrain Action  search
9 Taking the Wall (2 ver. text) Event  Uncommon  search
42 Tamori Hiroko Personality  Common  search
old-243 Tamori Shaitung Personality  search
old-385 Test of Might Action  search
121 Tetsuko no Shiryo Ancestor  Rare  search
145 The Calm of Shinsei Kiho  Uncommon  search
108 The Company You Keep Action  Common  search
old-125 The First Legion (Unique) Follower  Rare  search
old-314 The Hiruma Dojo Holding  search
113 The Jaws of Defeat Action  Common  search
81 The Jaws of Victory Action  Common  search
old-152 The Masters Imprisoned (Unique) Spell  Rare  search
4 The Oracle Awakens Event  Rare  search
90 The Price of Innocence Action  Common  search
146 The Thunder's Clap Kiho  Uncommon  search
109 Thunder of the Earth Action  Common  search
old-244 Togashi Nyima Personality  search
68 Toturi Miyako Personality  Common  search
old-335 Toturi Sezaru Wind  search
old-336 Toturi Tsudao Wind  search
10 Tsukune Ascends Event  Rare  search
11 Tsukune's Choice Event  Uncommon  search
12 Tsuno Attack Event  Uncommon  search
131 Tsuno Scouts Follower  Uncommon  search
64 Tsuno Takuma (2 ver. text) Personality  Common  search
71 Usagi Ozaki (Unique) Personality  Rare  search
110 Using the Land Action  Common  search
old-271 Utaku Xieng Chi Personality  search
111 Vengeance Action  Uncommon  search
old-287 Voitagi Personality  search
112 Vordu's Discovery Action  Common  search
old-332 War-Stained Fields Region  search
114 Word of the Anvil Action  Rare  search
115 Word of the Bastard Action  Rare  search
116 Word of the Sword Action  Rare  search
117 Word of the Wolf Action  Rare  search
153 Written in Blood Kiho  Rare  search
old-141 Yakamo's Armor (Unique) Item  Rare  search
37 Yasuki Hachi Personality  Rare  search
36 Yasuki Nishi Personality  Uncommon  search
60 Yogo Koji Personality  Common  search
59 Yogo Tjeki (Unique) Personality  Rare  search
65 Yokubo (Unique) Personality  search
49 Yoritomo Katoa Personality  Common  search
120 Yoshimitsu no Yokai Ancestor  Rare  search
old-442 Zombie Troops Follower  search

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