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Trial Deck 2: Dragonic Overlord

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Trial Deck 2: Dragonic Overlord: 16 cards
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TD02-005 Berserk Dragon Kagero  Exclusive  search
TD02-003 Demonic Dragon Berserker, Yaksha Kagero  Exclusive  search
TD02-010 Demonic Dragon Madonna, Joka Kagero  Exclusive  search
TD02-016 Demonic Dragon Mage, Rakshasa Kagero  Exclusive  search
TD02-013 Dragon Dancer, Monica Kagero  Fixed  search
TD02-004 Dragon Knight, Nehalem Kagero  Fixed  search
TD02-015 Dragon Monk, Genjo Kagero  Fixed  search
TD02-008 Dragon Monk, Gojo Kagero  Fixed  search
TD02-002 Dragon Monk, Goku Kagero  Exclusive  search
TD02-001 Dragonic Overlord Kagero  RRR  search
TD02-007 Embodiment of Armor, Bahr Kagero  Fixed  search
TD02-009 Flame of Hope, Aermo Kagero  Exclusive  search
TD02-012 Lizard Runner, Undeux Kagero  Exclusive  search
TD02-014 Lizard Soldier, Ganlu Kagero  search
TD02-011 Wyvern Strike, Jarran Kagero  search
TD02-006 Wyvern Strike, Tejas Kagero  search
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