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Racer's Edge

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Racer's Edge: 38 cards
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001 Anything You Can Do Racer's Edge  search
002 Banging Bodies Racer's Edge  search
003 Burn the Tires Racer's Edge  search
004 Celica GT4 Car  search
005 Computerized Ignition Mod  search
006 Courage Racer's Edge  search
007 Determination Racer's Edge  search
008 Dirty Tricks Maneuver - Tactics  search
009 Emperor Mod  search
010 Fearless Racer's Edge  search
011 Fierce Racer's Edge  search
012 For a Full Tank of Gas Maneuver - Tactics  search
013 Give It Up Maneuver - Tactics  search
014 Headset Radio Mod  search
015 Ice Challenge Maneuver - Tactics  search
016 Insult to Injury Maneuver - Speed  search
017 Ironazaka Uphill Race  search
018 Just Stay Close Maneuver - Tactics  search
019 Keisuke K.T. Takahashi Mod  search
020 Know Your Opponent Maneuver - Speed  search
021 Kyoichi Kyle Sudoh Mod  search
022 Misfiring System Mod  search
023 More Speed Racer's Edge  search
024 Night Specialist Racer's Edge  search
025 Overcompensate Maneuver - Tactics  search
026 Plan Three Maneuver - Speed  search
027 Pulling Ahead Maneuver - Speed  search
028 Quick Thinking Racer's Edge  search
029 Racing Tires Mod  search
030 Recovery Speed Racer's Edge  search
031 Roll Cage Mod  search
032 Shifting Paddles Mod  search
033 Sluggish Turns Racer's Edge  search
034 Surprise Racer's Edge  search
035 Suspension Computer Mod  search
036 Turn on a Dime Maneuver - Turn  search
037 Unstoppable Maneuver - Speed  search
038 Xenon Headlights Mod  search

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