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Rejoin (Japanese): 54 cards
sort arrow Name sort arrow Type sort arrow Rarity sort arrow  
41 Aeroplane Dark/Heartless  search
44 Assault Rider Dark/Heartless  search
17 Captain Shang (level 3) Friend  search
33 Cards Attack  search
19 Chien-Po (level 1) Friend  search
13 Clarabelle Cow (level 0) Friend  search
34 Comet Rain Technique  search
35 Cooperation Technique  search
42 Crimson Jazz Dark/Heartless  search
27 Curara Magic  search
39 Dancer Dark/Heartless  search
6 Demyx (level 4) Player/Dark  search
10 Donald Duck (level 0) Friend  SR  search
38 Gambler Dark/Heartless  search
11 Goofy (level 0) Friend  SR  search
26 Gravira Magic  search
30 Gullwing Attack  search
43 Hammer Body Dark/Heartless  search
36 Heat Lance Technique  search
28 Hidden Dragon Attack  search
49 Hollow Bastion (level 1) World  search
50 Hollow Bastion (level 3) World  search
12 Horace Horsecollar (level 0) Friend  search
45 Hot Rod Dark/Heartless  search
8 Kairi (level 3) Friend  SR  search
51 Land of the Dragons (level 1) World  search
52 Land of the Dragons (level 2) World  search
53 Land of the Dragons (level 3) World  search
20 Ling (level 2) Friend  search
7 Luxord (level 3) Player/Dark  search
9 Mickey Mouse (level 2) Friend  SR  search
29 Monochrome Attack  search
46 Morning Star Dark/Heartless  search
14 Mulan (level 3) Friend  SR  search
15 Mushu (level 3) Magic/Friend  search
16 Mushu (level 4) Magic/Friend  SR  search
40 Night Walker Dark/Heartless  search
24 Paine (level 1) Friend  SR  search
37 Rapid Thruster Dark/Heartless  search
23 Rikku (level 1) Friend  SR  search
3 Riku (level 1) Player/Dark  search
4 Riku (level 2) Player/Dark  search
5 Riku (level 3) Player/Dark  SR  search
47 Shan Yu Dark/Heartless  SR  search
32 Sitar Attack  search
2 Sora (Master Form) (level 4) Player/Light  SR  search
1 Sora (Timeless River) (level 0) Player/Light  SR  search
25 Stitch (level 1) Magic/Friend  SR  search
48 Storm Rider Dark/Heartless  SR  search
21 The Emperor (level 2) Friend  search
54 Timeless River (level 2) World  search
31 Way to the Dawn Attack  SR  search
18 Yao (level 3) Friend  search
22 Yuna (level 1) Friend  SR  search

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