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Master of Elements

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Master of Elements: 235 cards
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AME176 Aang Chamber  Common  search
AME177 Aang Chamber  Common  search
AME178 Aang Chamber  Uncommon  search
AME179 Aang Chamber  Common  search
AME180 Aang Chamber  Uncommon  search
AME181 Aang Chamber  Rare  search
AME119 Aang, the last airbender Ally  Uncommon  search
AME218 Afiko Chamber  Common  search
AME219 Afiko Chamber  Common  search
AME220 Afiko Chamber  Uncommon  search
AME221 Afiko Chamber  Common  search
AME222 Afiko Chamber  Uncommon  search
AME223 Afiko Chamber  Rare  search
AME131 Afiko, bringer of ill winds Ally  Rare  search
AME142 Air Scooter Strike  Rare  search
AME120 Appa, flying bison Ally  Rare  search
AME175 Aquatic Tendrils Advantage  Zenemental  search
AME101 Bad Breath Advantage  Rare  search
AME061 Bell Ringer Strike  Uncommon  search
AME041 Bitter Batter Strike  Common  search
AME021 Blast Cushion Strike  Uncommon  search
AME001 Blazing Axe Kick Strike  Common  search
AME042 Blowback Strike  Rare  search
AME002 Boiling Point Strike  Common  search
AME111 Bonzu Pippinpaddle-Oppsokopolis III Advantage  Uncommon  search
AME062 Boomerang Toss Strike  Uncommon  search
AME148 Boulder Smash Strike  Rare  search
AME022 Breath of the Dragon Strike  Common  search
AME160 Bubble Burst Strike  Uncommon  search
AME003 Burning Blade Strike  Uncommon  search
AME004 Burning Disc Strike  Common  search
AME005 Burning Lash Strike  Uncommon  search
AME137 Cabbage Merchant, unfortunate bystander Ally  Uncommon  search
AME063 Canyon Crawler Clash Strike  Common  search
AME138 Canyon Guide, pathfinder Ally  Uncommon  search
AME023 Canyon Sprint Strike  Uncommon  search
AME024 Careening Koi Strike  Uncommon  search
AME112 Caution to the Wind Advantage  Common  search
AME102 Channel the Winds Advantage  Rare  search
AME091 Charisma Advantage  Rare  search
AME143 Chi Absorption Strike  Uncommon  search
AME149 Choking Sand Strike  Uncommon  search
AME081 Churning Stomachs Advantage  Uncommon  search
AME113 Closed-Hand Form Advantage  Common  search
AME161 Clutches of the Deep Strike  Rare  search
AME064 Coal Rake Strike  Uncommon  search
AME224 Commander Zhao Chamber  Common  search
AME225 Commander Zhao Chamber  Common  search
AME226 Commander Zhao Chamber  Uncommon  search
AME227 Commander Zhao Chamber  Common  search
AME228 Commander Zhao Chamber  Uncommon  search
AME229 Commander Zhao Chamber  Rare  search
AME132 Commander Zhao, ambitious leader Ally  Uncommon  search
AME092 Contemplate Advantage  Common  search
AME154 Corona Punch Strike  Rare  search
AME043 Creeping Crystal Strike  Rare  search
AME082 Crystal Rampart Advantage  Rare  search
AME044 Dancing Mists Strike  Common  search
AME083 Dive for Cover Advantage  Uncommon  search
AME045 Double Crest Strike  Common  search
AME006 Doublefoot Dropkick Strike  Common  search
AME065 Downdraft Strike  Common  search
AME144 Dust Funnels Strike  Rare  search
AME103 Dust Storm Advantage  Common  search
AME066 Earthbound Strike  Common  search
AME067 Earthbridge Strike  Uncommon  search
AME155 Ember Shot Strike  Rare  search
AME068 Evade Strike  Common  search
AME104 Expendable Troops Advantage  Uncommon  search
AME007 Eye of Ozai Strike  Common  search
AME069 Falling Leaf Ambush Strike  Rare  search
AME008 Fetch! Strike  Common  search
AME105 Fiery Temper Advantage  Common  search
AME133 Fire Nation Elite, hardened troops Ally  Uncommon  search
AME156 Fire Sweep Strike  Uncommon  search
AME009 Flare Strike  Common  search
AME162 Flash Flood Strike  Rare  search
AME084 Flopsie Flop Advantage  Rare  search
AME168 Flopsie, Bumi's pet Ally  Zenemental  search
AME010 Flying Fire Fist Strike  Rare  search
AME106 Flying Staff Technique Advantage  Uncommon  search
AME025 Frost Blade Strike  Uncommon  search
AME026 Frost Daggers Strike  Common  search
AME027 Frost Spear Strike  Uncommon  search
AME028 Gale Force Strike  Rare  search
AME139 Gan Jin Tribe, children of Jin Wei Ally  Common  search
AME107 Glorious Feast Advantage  Rare  search
AME011 Gout of Flame Strike  Rare  search
AME145 Graceful Leap Strike  Uncommon  search
AME150 Granite Block Strike  Uncommon  search
AME151 Ground Breaker Strike  Rare  search
AME108 Head Over Heels Advantage  Uncommon  search
AME140 Herbalist, mad hermit Ally  Uncommon  search
AME109 Highway Robbery Advantage  Common  search
AME173 Hollow Soul Hurricane Strike  Zenemental  search
AME029 Howling Cyclone Strike  Rare  search
AME030 Howling Squall Strike  Rare  search
AME031 Howling Wind Strike  Common  search
AME046 Hurricane Vault Strike  Uncommon  search
AME163 Ice Blooms Strike  Uncommon  search
AME085 Immobilize Advantage  Rare  search
AME093 Incinerate Advantage  Common  search
AME012 Jagged Ground Strike  Rare  search
AME125 Jet, ruthless rebel Ally  Uncommon  search
AME194 Jojo Chamber  Common  search
AME195 Jojo Chamber  Common  search
AME196 Jojo Chamber  Uncommon  search
AME197 Jojo Chamber  Common  search
AME198 Jojo Chamber  Uncommon  search
AME199 Jojo Chamber  Rare  search
AME126 Jojo, the kissing bandit Ally  Rare  search
AME047 Just Desserts Strike  Common  search
AME182 Katara Chamber  Common  search
AME183 Katara Chamber  Common  search
AME184 Katara Chamber  Uncommon  search
AME185 Katara Chamber  Common  search
AME186 Katara Chamber  Uncommon  search
AME187 Katara Chamber  Rare  search
AME121 Katara, waterbender in training Ally  Rare  search
AME157 Kindle Strike  Uncommon  search
AME188 King Bumi Chamber  Common  search
AME189 King Bumi Chamber  Common  search
AME190 King Bumi Chamber  Uncommon  search
AME191 King Bumi Chamber  Common  search
AME192 King Bumi Chamber  Uncommon  search
AME193 King Bumi Chamber  Rare  search
AME122 King Bumi, ruler of Omashu Ally  Uncommon  search
AME230 Kinto Chamber  Common  search
AME231 Kinto Chamber  Common  search
AME232 Kinto Chamber  Uncommon  search
AME233 Kinto Chamber  Common  search
AME234 Kinto Chamber  Uncommon  search
AME235 Kinto Chamber  Rare  search
AME134 Kinto, cruel trickster Ally  Rare  search
AME070 Knuckle Sandwich Strike  Common  search
AME071 Kyoshi Backhand Strike  Uncommon  search
AME072 Kyoshi Fan Parry Strike  Common  search
AME073 Kyoshi Fan Throw Strike  Uncommon  search
AME074 Kyoshi Pride Strike  Common  search
AME114 Lifesaver Advantage  Uncommon  search
AME200 Malu Chamber  Common  search
AME201 Malu Chamber  Common  search
AME202 Malu Chamber  Uncommon  search
AME203 Malu Chamber  Common  search
AME204 Malu Chamber  Uncommon  search
AME205 Malu Chamber  Rare  search
AME127 Malu, reclusive orphan Ally  Uncommon  search
AME174 Maw of the Inferno Strike  Zenemental  search
AME094 Meditate Advantage  Rare  search
AME048 Million Gallon Attack Strike  Rare  search
AME049 Mischievous Downpour Strike  Uncommon  search
AME086 Misdirection Advantage  Common  search
AME123 Momo, hungry lemur Ally  Common  search
AME124 Monk Gyatso, Aang's mentor Ally  Common  search
AME032 Nimbus Churn Strike  Rare  search
AME115 Open-Hand Form Advantage  Common  search
AME146 Open-Palm Pushback Strike  Rare  search
AME095 Pai Sho Mastery Advantage  Rare  search
AME128 Pirate Captain, shady trader Ally  Common  search
AME206 Prince Zuko Chamber  Common  search
AME207 Prince Zuko Chamber  Common  search
AME208 Prince Zuko Chamber  Uncommon  search
AME209 Prince Zuko Chamber  Common  search
AME210 Prince Zuko Chamber  Uncommon  search
AME211 Prince Zuko Chamber  Rare  search
AME129 Prince Zuko, exile Ally  Common  search
AME135 Prison Warden, breaker of spirits Ally  Common  search
AME075 Pummel Strike  Common  search
AME152 Quarry Crush Strike  Rare  search
AME013 Quicksand Strike  Uncommon  search
AME087 Riding the Crest Advantage  Common  search
AME014 Rock the House Strike  Rare  search
AME033 Rocky Road Strike  Rare  search
AME116 Roku's Guidance Advantage  Common  search
AME096 Run the Blockade Advantage  Uncommon  search
AME015 Scorching Phoenix Strike  Rare  search
AME097 Sculpted Flame Advantage  Uncommon  search
AME050 Sea Sphere Strike  Rare  search
AME016 Searing Cage Strike  Uncommon  search
AME153 Seismic Spring Strike  Uncommon  search
AME076 Seize the Moment Strike  Common  search
AME172 Shocking Revelation Strike  Zenemental  search
AME164 Single Water Whip Strike  Uncommon  search
AME077 Skewer Strike  Common  search
AME078 Snapped Off Strike  Common  search
AME051 Snowball Smash Strike  Common  search
AME167 Sokka, big brother Ally  Zenemental  search
AME034 Spinning Tempest Strike  Rare  search
AME088 Stand Firm Advantage  Rare  search
AME052 Stifling Breeze Strike  Uncommon  search
AME053 Stifling Wind Strike  Common  search
AME017 Stoke the Flames Strike  Rare  search
AME170 Strata Breaker Strike  Zenemental  search
AME054 Surf Spray Strike  Rare  search
AME117 Sustenance Advantage  Common  search
AME055 Sweet Revenge Strike  Uncommon  search
AME035 Swirling Flames Strike  Common  search
AME171 Tail of the Comet Strike  Zenemental  search
AME089 Take the High Ground Advantage  Uncommon  search
AME118 Take Them Away Advantage  Common  search
AME056 Tandem Attack Strike  Rare  search
AME018 Tectonic Shift Strike  Uncommon  search
AME036 Teeth of the Dragon Strike  Common  search
AME037 Terra Break Strike  Rare  search
AME166 The Avatar Awakens Strike  Zenemental  search
AME169 The Kissing Bandit Advantage  Zenemental  search
AME165 Tidal Wave Strike  Rare  search
AME019 Titanic Fireball Strike  Rare  search
AME038 Tongue of the Dragon Strike  Common  search
AME098 Training Scroll Advantage  Common  search
AME079 Tremor Trail Strike  Uncommon  search
AME158 Twin Fire Daggers Strike  Uncommon  search
AME212 Uncle Iroh Chamber  Common  search
AME213 Uncle Iroh Chamber  Common  search
AME214 Uncle Iroh Chamber  Uncommon  search
AME215 Uncle Iroh Chamber  Common  search
AME216 Uncle Iroh Chamber  Uncommon  search
AME217 Uncle Iroh Chamber  Rare  search
AME130 Uncle Iroh, Zuko's mentor Ally  Rare  search
AME110 Volcanic Fountain Advantage  Rare  search
AME057 Wall of Water Strike  Rare  search
AME090 Ward Off Advantage  Common  search
AME159 Warship Barrage Strike  Rare  search
AME099 Water Kata Advantage  Uncommon  search
AME039 Water Lasso Strike  Rare  search
AME058 Whirling Debris Strike  Rare  search
AME020 Wildfire Arc Strike  Rare  search
AME080 Will of the Warrior Strike  Uncommon  search
AME040 Wind on the Waves Strike  Common  search
AME059 Windmill Barrier Strike  Common  search
AME060 Windmill Dome Strike  Uncommon  search
AME100 Yip Yip! Advantage  Rare  search
AME141 Zhang Tribe, children of Wei Jin Ally  Common  search
AME136 Zhao's Guard, loyal firebenders Ally  Common  search
AME147 Zoom! Strike  Uncommon  search

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