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Premier Edition: 354 cards
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XF96-0297v1 A Friend In The Fbi Event  Rare  search
XF96-0342v1 Abduction Adversary  Rare  search
XF96-0281v1 Access Personnel Files Event  Common  search
XF96-0162v1 Agent Alex Krycek Agent  Ultra-Rare  search
XF96-0170v1 Agent Alex Krycek Agent  Fixed  search
XF96-0172v1 Agent Dana Scully Agent  Ultra-Rare  search
XF96-0173v1 Agent Dana Scully Agent  Fixed  search
XF96-0163v1 Agent Fox Mulder Agent  Ultra-Rare  search
XF96-0169v1 Agent Fox Mulder Agent  Fixed  search
XF96-0167v1 Agent Jack Willis Agent  Fixed  search
XF96-0250v1 Agent Jack Willis Shot To Death In Bank Robbery Event  Rare  search
XF96-0177v1 Agent Janus, Trained Medic Agent  Fixed  search
XF96-0182v1 Agent Jerry Lamana Agent  Fixed  search
XF96-0183v1 Agent Karen Kosseff, Counselor Agent  Fixed  search
XF96-0238V1 Agent Lamana Dies In Fatal Elevator Accident Event  Rare  search
XF96-0166v1 Agent Lucy Kazdin Agent  Fixed  search
XF96-0178v1 Agent Moe Bocks Agent  Fixed  search
XF96-0171v1 Agent Nancy Spiller Agent  Fixed  search
XF96-0179v1 Agent Reggie Purdue Agent  Fixed  search
XF96-0305v1 Agent Reggie Purdue Found Strangled Event  Rare  search
XF96-0165v1 Agent Rich Agent  Fixed  search
XF96-0176v1 Agent Tom Colton Agent  Fixed  search
XF96-0181v1 Agent Weiss Agent  Fixed  search
XF96-0229v1 Agent Weiss Killed By Unknown Toxin Event  Rare  search
XF96-0161v1 Albert Hosteen Agent  Fixed  search
XF96-0076v1 Aleister Crowley High School, Milford Haven, NH Site  Rare  search
XF96-0153v1 Alien Abductors X-Files  Common  search
XF96-0337v1 Alien Bounty Hunter Adversary  Rare  search
XF96-0149v1 Alien Conservationist X-Files  Common  search
XF96-0271v1 Alien Discretion Event  Rare  search
XF96-0129v1 Alien Dna Steroid Program (project Purity Control) X-Files  Common  search
XF96-0290v1 Alien Experimentation Event  Rare  search
XF96-0155v1 Alien Experimenters X-Files  Common  search
XF96-0334v1 Alien Harvester Adversary  Rare  search
XF96-0139v1 Alien Listeners X-Files  Common  search
XF96-0017v1 Alien Stealth Technology Combat  Uncommon  search
XF96-0007v1 Ambush Combat  Common  search
XF96-0144v1 Ancestor Spirits X-Files  Common  search
XF96-0279v1 Application For Fbi Resources Approved Event  Rare  search
XF96-0141v1 Arctic Worm X-Files  Common  search
XF96-0074v1 Arecibo, Puerto Rico Site  Uncommon  search
XF96-0048v1 Arlington, VA Site  Common  search
XF96-0126v1 Arthur Grable X-Files  Common  search
XF96-0294v1 Assigned To The X-files Event  Rare  search
XF96-0174v1 Assistant Director Walter Skinner Agent  Ultra-Rare  search
XF96-0180v1 Assistant Director Walter Skinner Agent  Fixed  search
XF96-0063v1 Aubrey, MO Site  Common  search
XF96-0120v1 Augustus Cole, A.k.a. The Preacher X-Files  Fixed  search
XF96-0001v1 Aura Of Invulnerability Combat  Uncommon  search
XF96-0267v1 Authorized Access Only Event  Rare  search
XF96-0302v1 Autopsy Event  Uncommon  search
XF96-0119v1 B.j. Morrow, Genetic Trait Recipient X-Files  Fixed  search
XF96-0237v1 Back Tracking Program Event  Uncommon  search
XF96-0086v1 Baltimore, MD Site  Uncommon  search
XF96-0198v1 Bill Mulder Witness  Rare  search
XF96-0190v1 Billy Miles Witness  Common  search
XF96-0314v1 Binoculars Equipment  Common  search
XF96-0276v1 Blackmail Event  Rare  search
XF96-0019v1 Block Combat  Uncommon  search
XF96-0018v1 Block And Attack Combat  Rare  search
XF96-0020v1 Body Armor Combat  Uncommon  search
XF96-0209v1 Brad Wilczek Witness  Uncommon  search
XF96-0044v1 Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA Site  Rare  search
XF96-0152v1 Brother Martin, Rogue Kindred X-Files  Common  search
XF96-0083v1 Browning, MT Site  Fixed  search
XF96-0187v1 Byers Witness  Fixed  search
XF96-0064v1 Cape Cod, MA Site  Common  search
XF96-0110v1 Car Troubles Bluff  Fixed  search
XF96-0159v1 Cecil L'ively X-Files  Common  search
XF96-0326v1 Cellular Phone Equipment  Rare  search
XF96-0133v1 Central Operating System, Artificial Intelligence X-Files  Fixed  search
XF96-0051v1 Central Prison, Raleigh, NC Site  Uncommon  search
XF96-0062v1 Chaco House, Dudley, AR Site  Uncommon  search
XF96-0199v1 Charley Tskany Witness  Rare  search
XF96-0028v1 Choke Hold Combat  Rare  search
XF96-0070v1 Church Of The Red Museum, Delta Glen, WI Site  Rare  search
XF96-0091v1 Cigarette Butts Bluff  Common  search
XF96-0098v1 Claude Peterson Bluff  Common  search
XF96-0258v1 Clone Event  Uncommon  search
XF96-0046v1 Coastal Northwest Oregon Site  Common  search
XF96-0128v1 Colonel Wharton, Zombie Master X-Files  Common  search
XF96-0140v1 Commander Colin Henderson X-Files  Common  search
XF96-0262v1 Computer Access Denied Event  Rare  search
XF96-0060v1 Containment Facility, Georgetown, MD Site  Common  search
XF96-0307v1 Core Training Event  Common  search
XF96-0284v1 Counterintelligence Measures Event  Ultra-Rare  search
XF96-0025v1 Covering Fire Combat  Uncommon  search
XF96-0336v1 Crew-cut Man Adversary  Uncommon  search
XF96-0253v1 Crop Circles Event  Common  search
XF96-0053v1 Cumberland Prison, VA Site  Common  search
XF96-0248v1 Dana Scully, Abducted Event  Ultra-Rare  search
XF96-0261v1 Dark Forces Align Event  Rare  search
XF96-0346v1 Darkness Falls Adversary  Uncommon  search
XF96-0059v1 Deadhorse, AK Site  Rare  search
XF96-0351v1 Deadly Blur Adversary  Uncommon  search
XF96-0301v1 Decoy Event  Uncommon  search
XF96-0310v1 Decreased Workload Event  Uncommon  search
XF96-0285v1 Deductive Reasoning Event  Rare  search
XF96-0222v1 Deep Throat Event  Ultra-Rare  search
XF96-0192v1 Detective Frank Briggs Witness  Uncommon  search
XF96-0087v1 Detective Kelly Ryan Bluff  Common  search
XF96-0115v1 Detective Miles Bluff  Uncommon  search
XF96-0195v1 Detective Sharon Lazard Witness  Uncommon  search
XF96-0116v1 Detective Thompson Bluff  Uncommon  search
XF96-0118v1 Detective Tony Fiore Bluff  Uncommon  search
XF96-0021v1 Disarm Combat  Rare  search
XF96-0277v1 Dissection Event  Uncommon  search
XF96-0147v1 Dod Kalm X-Files  Common  search
XF96-0011v1 Dodge Combat  Uncommon  search
XF96-0151v1 Donnie Pfaster, Death Fetishist X-Files  Fixed  search
XF96-0206v1 Doug Spinney Witness  Common  search
XF96-0102v1 Dr. Aaron Monte Bluff  Common  search
XF96-0138v1 Dr. Banton And His Shadow X-Files  Common  search
XF96-0093v1 Dr. Berube Bluff  Common  search
XF96-0185v1 Dr. Blockhead Witness  Rare  search
XF96-0175v1 Dr. Charles Burk Agent  Fixed  search
XF96-0217v1 Dr. Daniel Trepkos Witness  Rare  search
XF96-0189v1 Dr. Davey Witness  Uncommon  search
XF96-0191v1 Dr. Diamond Witness  Rare  search
XF96-0193v1 Dr. Grissom Witness  Rare  search
XF96-0205v1 Dr. Hodge Witness  Common  search
XF96-0196v1 Dr. Lakos Witness  Uncommon  search
XF96-0210v1 Dr. Nollette Witness  Rare  search
XF96-0200v1 Dr. Osborne Witness  Rare  search
XF96-0207v1 Dr. Sheila Braun Witness  Uncommon  search
XF96-0287v1 Driving Event  Uncommon  search
XF96-0122v1 Duane Barry X-Files  Fixed  search
XF96-0145v1 Ed Funsch, Postal Worker X-Files  Common  search
XF96-0328v1 Electron Emission Microscope Equipment  Common  search
XF96-0045v1 Ellens Air Base, ID Site  Rare  search
XF96-0188v1 Emil And Zoe Witness  Uncommon  search
XF96-0041v1 Energy Strike Combat  Rare  search
XF96-0268v1 Equipment Malfunction Event  Uncommon  search
XF96-0136v1 Eugene Victor Tooms X-Files  Common  search
XF96-0080v1 Eurisko Building, Crystal City, VA Site  Uncommon  search
XF96-0303v1 Evasive Maneuvers Event  Rare  search
XF96-0154v1 Eve X-Files  Common  search
XF96-0231v1 Eve 7 Event  Rare  search
XF96-0239v1 Evidence Destroyed Event  Uncommon  search
XF96-0246v1 Evidence Overlooked Event  Common  search
XF96-0043v1 Excelsius Dei Convalescent Home, Worcester, MA Site  Uncommon  search
XF96-0255v1 Expedite Request For Resources Event  Uncommon  search
XF96-0280v1 Expert Briefing Event  Common  search
XF96-0003v1 Face-off Combat  Uncommon  search
XF96-0150v1 Faciphaga Emasculata X-Files  Common  search
XF96-0058v1 Fairfield Zoo, Fairfield, ID Site  Common  search
XF96-0066v1 Farmington, NM Site  Uncommon  search
XF96-0023v1 Fascination Combat  Uncommon  search
XF96-0029v1 Fast Draw Combat  Rare  search
XF96-0005v1 Fast Strike Combat  Rare  search
XF96-0272v1 Fingernail Scrapings Event  Common  search
XF96-0236v1 Fingerprints Event  Uncommon  search
XF96-0002v1 First Aid Combat  Common  search
XF96-0036v1 Flaming Wall Combat  Uncommon  search
XF96-0081v1 Folkstone, NC Site  Uncommon  search
XF96-0079v1 Franklin, PA Site  Fixed  search
XF96-0304v1 Frohike Event  Rare  search
XF96-0312v1 Gas Chromatograph Equipment  Common  search
XF96-0324v1 Geiger Counter Equipment  Uncommon  search
XF96-0052v1 Genetics Clinic, Marin County, CA Site  Common  search
XF96-0216v1 Gerd Thomas Witness  Fixed  search
XF96-0108v1 Ghost In The Machine Bluff  Common  search
XF96-0042v1 Gibsonton, FL Site  Common  search
XF96-0317v1 Glock 19 Semi-automatic Pistol Equipment  Uncommon  search
XF96-0340v1 Good People, Good Food Adversary  Uncommon  search
XF96-0233v1 Government Arrests Suspects Event  Common  search
XF96-0320v1 Government Car Equipment  Common  search
XF96-0112v1 Government Cover-up Bluff  Common  search
XF96-0299v1 Government Mindwipe Serum Event  Uncommon  search
XF96-0241v1 Government Sanctioned Pheromone Experiments Event  Rare  search
XF96-0286v1 Grid Pattern Search Event  Rare  search
XF96-0009v1 Gun Jammed Combat  Common  search
XF96-0214v1 Gung Bituen Witness  Rare  search
XF96-0278v1 Hack Into Government Files Event  Rare  search
XF96-0032v1 Handcuff Combat  Rare  search
XF96-0282v1 Hard Evidence Event  Common  search
XF96-0027v1 Hard Punch Combat  Common  search
XF96-0117v1 Harry Cokely Bluff  Common  search
XF96-0113v1 Hazardous Sample Bluff  Common  search
XF96-0114v1 Henry Trondheim Bluff  Uncommon  search
XF96-0291v1 Hidden Grave Event  Uncommon  search
XF96-0227v1 Hidden Transmitter Event  Uncommon  search
XF96-0010v1 Hide Combat  Common  search
XF96-0318v1 High Resolution Camera Equipment  Common  search
XF96-0319v1 High-powered Flashlight Equipment  Uncommon  search
XF96-0031v1 Hit And Run Combat  Uncommon  search
XF96-0097v1 Holtzman, D.s.a. Bluff  Common  search
XF96-0325v1 Hospital Crash Cart Equipment  Rare  search
XF96-0137v1 Howard Graves, The Poltergeist X-Files  Common  search
XF96-0335v1 Hunter In The Dark Adversary  Fixed  search
XF96-0225v1 I Want To Believe Event  Common  search
XF96-0065v1 Icy Cape, AK Site  Fixed  search
XF96-0033v1 Illusionary Foe Combat  Rare  search
XF96-0263v1 Improved Channels Event  Uncommon  search
XF96-0288v1 In-service Training Event  Common  search
XF96-0168v1 Inspector Phoebe Green Agent  Fixed  search
XF96-0024v1 Internal Bleeding Combat  Uncommon  search
XF96-0101v1 Intruder Counter-measures Program Bluff  Uncommon  search
XF96-0211v1 Ish--tribal Elder Witness  Uncommon  search
XF96-0148v1 John Barnett X-Files  Fixed  search
XF96-0194v1 Kevin Morris, A.k.a. The Conduit Witness  Rare  search
XF96-0316v1 Kevlar Vest Equipment  Uncommon  search
XF96-0008v1 Kick Combat  Common  search
XF96-0354v1 Kiss Of The Vampire Adversary  Rare  search
XF96-0321v1 Knife Equipment  Common  search
XF96-0215v1 Kristen Kilar Witness  Rare  search
XF96-0265v1 Krycek, The Double Agent Event  Rare  search
XF96-0049v1 Lake Okobogee, Campsite #53, Sioux City, IA Site  Common  search
XF96-0254v1 Langly Event  Common  search
XF96-0311v1 Laptop Computer Equipment  Uncommon  search
XF96-0104v1 Laser Barrier Bluff  Rare  search
XF96-0143v1 Leonard Vance X-Files  Common  search
XF96-0158v1 Leonard, Detachable Congenital Twin X-Files  Common  search
XF96-0332v1 Lie Detector Equipment  Common  search
XF96-0348v1 Living Machine Adversary  Uncommon  search
XF96-0077v1 Los Angeles, CA Site  Uncommon  search
XF96-0164v1 Lt. Brian Tillman, Aubrey Police Department Agent  Fixed  search
XF96-0213v1 Lt. Colonel Marcus Aurelius Belt Witness  Rare  search
XF96-0125v1 Lucas Henry, Serial Killer X-Files  Fixed  search
XF96-0274v1 Lula Phillips Event  Rare  search
XF96-0219v1 Luther Lee Boggs Witness  Rare  search
XF96-0218v1 Maggie Holvey Witness  Fixed  search
XF96-0069v1 Mahan Propulsion Laboratory, Colson, WA Site  Common  search
XF96-0073v1 Marion, VA Site  Common  search
XF96-0037v1 Massive Internal Damage Combat  Uncommon  search
XF96-0068v1 Mattawa, WA Site  Common  search
XF96-0204v1 Max Fenig Witness  Rare  search
XF96-0315v1 Medi-kit Equipment  Rare  search
XF96-0228v1 Medical Treatment Event  Common  search
XF96-0247v1 Message From The Stars Event  Rare  search
XF96-0135v1 Michael Holvey, The Evil One X-Files  Fixed  search
XF96-0201v1 Michelle Generoo Witness  Rare  search
XF96-0016v1 Mind Control Combat  Rare  search
XF96-0330v1 Mini-14 Assault Rifle Equipment  Uncommon  search
XF96-0078v1 Minneapolis, MN Site  Uncommon  search
XF96-0331v1 Mojo Bag Equipment  Uncommon  search
XF96-0146v1 Mrs. Paddock, A.k.a. The Dark Angel X-Files  Common  search
XF96-0054v1 Mt. Avalon, WA Site  Common  search
XF96-0056v1 Nasa Mission Control, Houston, TX Site  Uncommon  search
XF96-0105v1 Nasty Surprise Bluff  Uncommon  search
XF96-0012v1 Nerve Strike Combat  Rare  search
XF96-0057v1 New York City, NY Site  Rare  search
XF96-0050v1 Newark, NJ Site  Common  search
XF96-0275v1 No Place Is Safe Event  Rare  search
XF96-0026v1 No Way Out Combat  Uncommon  search
XF96-0055v1 Northeast Georgetown Medical Center, Washington, DC Site  Rare  search
XF96-0047v1 Olympic National Forest, WA Site  Common  search
XF96-0349v1 Operation Falcon Blue Berets Adversary  Rare  search
XF96-0082v1 Outskirts Of Atlantic City, NJ Site  Uncommon  search
XF96-0244v1 Overwhelming Force Event  Rare  search
XF96-0256v1 Paperwork Event  Uncommon  search
XF96-0100v1 Paul Mossinger Bluff  Common  search
XF96-0096v1 Pete Calcagni Bluff  Uncommon  search
XF96-0089v1 Peter Tanaka Bluff  Uncommon  search
XF96-0350v1 Pheromone-induced Psychosis Adversary  Uncommon  search
XF96-0295v1 Plague Of Locusts Event  Rare  search
XF96-0103v1 Poisonous Gases Bluff  Common  search
XF96-0353v1 Poltergeist Attack Adversary  Fixed  search
XF96-0071v1 Psychiatric Hospital, Richmond, VA Site  Common  search
XF96-0111v1 Puzzles Within Puzzles Bluff  Uncommon  search
XF96-0339v1 Pvt. Mcalpin, Zombie Adversary  Fixed  search
XF96-0107v1 Radioactve Area Bluff  Uncommon  search
XF96-0249v1 Reading The Signs Event  Uncommon  search
XF96-0234v1 Red Tape Event  Rare  search
XF96-0289v1 Rejuvenating Caves Event  Uncommon  search
XF96-0283v1 Relentless Pursuit Event  Common  search
XF96-0004v1 Rending Claws Combat  Uncommon  search
XF96-0224v1 Reporters At The Crime Scene Event  Uncommon  search
XF96-0156v1 Reverse Engineers X-Files  Common  search
XF96-0306v1 Road Hazard Event  Uncommon  search
XF96-0226v1 Road Trip Event  Rare  search
XF96-0034v1 Run For It! Combat  Uncommon  search
XF96-0022v1 Running Gun Battle Combat  Uncommon  search
XF96-0235v1 S.w.a.t. Training Event  Common  search
XF96-0252v1 Safe House Event  Rare  search
XF96-0203v1 Samantha Mulder Witness  Rare  search
XF96-0308v1 Samuel Hartley Event  Rare  search
XF96-0075v1 Sea Off Tildeskan, Norway Site  Common  search
XF96-0090v1 Section Chief Joseph Mcgrath Bluff  Rare  search
XF96-0160v1 Section Chief Scott Blevins Agent  Fixed  search
XF96-0038v1 Semi-jacketed Hollow Points Combat  Uncommon  search
XF96-0220v1 Senator Richard Matheson Witness  Rare  search
XF96-0092v1 Sheriff Daniels Bluff  Uncommon  search
XF96-0212v1 Sheriff Mazeroski Witness  Rare  search
XF96-0184v1 Sheriff Spencer Witness  Common  search
XF96-0131v1 Sheriff Tom Arens, Cannibal X-Files  Common  search
XF96-0329v1 Shotgun Equipment  Rare  search
XF96-0223v1 Shutting Down The X-files Event  Rare  search
XF96-0088v1 Sinus Cavity Implant Bluff  Uncommon  search
XF96-0202v1 Sir Malcolm Marsden Witness  Common  search
XF96-0251v1 Skinner Adopts The Company Line Event  Rare  search
XF96-0243v1 Skinner Chooses A Side Event  Ultra-Rare  search
XF96-0085v1 Skyland Mountain, VA Site  Rare  search
XF96-0106v1 Sleep Deprivation Bluff  Rare  search
XF96-0333v1 Slithers In The Night Adversary  Fixed  search
XF96-0260v1 Smoke Screen Event  Uncommon  search
XF96-0006v1 Sneak Attack Combat  Rare  search
XF96-0015v1 Spin Kick Combat  Rare  search
XF96-0266v1 Spying Mission Event  Uncommon  search
XF96-0343v1 Squeeze Adversary  Uncommon  search
XF96-0084v1 Steveston, MA Site  Rare  search
XF96-0232v1 Street Contacts Event  Uncommon  search
XF96-0039v1 Stunning Blow Combat  Uncommon  search
XF96-0221v1 Successful Diagnosis Event  Uncommon  search
XF96-0347v1 Suppressed Fury Adversary  Fixed  search
XF96-0240v1 Surfing The Net Event  Rare  search
XF96-0259v1 Suspect Description Event  Uncommon  search
XF96-0327v1 Symbol Of Faith Equipment  Rare  search
XF96-0040v1 Take Cover! Combat  Uncommon  search
XF96-0322v1 Taped Intelligence Equipment  Rare  search
XF96-0035v1 Terminal Damage Combat  Rare  search
XF96-0197v1 The Calusari Witness  Rare  search
XF96-0121v1 The Cigarette-smoking Man X-Files  Common  search
XF96-0230v1 The Cigarette-smoking Man Strikes Event  Rare  search
XF96-0099v1 The Conundrum Bluff  Uncommon  search
XF96-0264v1 The Erlenmeyer Flask Event  Rare  search
XF96-0130v1 The Gregors X-Files  Common  search
XF96-0124v1 The Host X-Files  Fixed  search
XF96-0338v1 The Host Attacks Adversary  Rare  search
XF96-0123v1 The Jersey Devil X-Files  Common  search
XF96-0269v1 The Local Law Enforcement Are Uncooperative Event  Uncommon  search
XF96-0270v1 The Lone Gunmen Event  Ultra-Rare  search
XF96-0142v1 The Manitou X-Files  Common  search
XF96-0352v1 The Manitou Stalks His Prey Adversary  Rare  search
XF96-0345v1 The Mechanic Adversary  Uncommon  search
XF96-0094v1 The Overcoat Man Bluff  Common  search
XF96-0344v1 The Psychotic Attack Adversary  Fixed  search
XF96-0341v1 The Sandman Adversary  Uncommon  search
XF96-0157v1 The Swarm X-Files  Common  search
XF96-0186v1 The Thinker Witness  Rare  search
XF96-0132v1 The Vampire, A.k.a. The Unholy Spirit X-Files  Common  search
XF96-0242v1 Thorough Documentation Event  Rare  search
XF96-0292v1 Trap Event  Uncommon  search
XF96-0300v1 Travel Arrangements Event  Common  search
XF96-0309v1 True Grit Event  Rare  search
XF96-0273v1 Trust No One Event  Rare  search
XF96-0067v1 U.f.o. Wreckage, Townsend, WI Site  Rare  search
XF96-0208v1 U.s. Marshall Tapia Witness  Fixed  search
XF96-0257v1 Unexplainable Time Loss Event  Rare  search
XF96-0061v1 University Of Maryland, Baltimore, MD Site  Common  search
XF96-0109v1 Unnatural Aging Bluff  Uncommon  search
XF96-0014v1 Vicious Fangs Combat  Uncommon  search
XF96-0134v1 Volcanic Spore X-Files  Common  search
XF96-0323v1 Walther Ppk 7.65 Hold Out Weapon Equipment  Uncommon  search
XF96-0245v1 Warning From The Loa Event  Rare  search
XF96-0127v1 Warren James Dupré, The Lazarus Man X-Files  Fixed  search
XF96-0072v1 Washington Monument, Washington, DC Site  Uncommon  search
XF96-0030v1 Watch Out! Combat  Uncommon  search
XF96-0013v1 Webbed Combat  Rare  search
XF96-0313v1 Wire-tap Equipment  Common  search
XF96-0298v1 Written Report Event  Common  search
XF96-0293v1 X Event  Ultra-Rare  search
XF96-0296v1 X-files Research Event  Common  search
XF96-0095v1 You've Got A Tail Bluff  Common  search

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