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Da Capo / Da Capo II Plus Communication Booster Pack

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Da Capo / Da Capo II Plus Communication Booster Pack: 116 cards
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DC-W09-078 "3 Baka" Suginami & Yoshiyuki & Wataru Character  search
DC-W09-012 "Justice Magician" Otome Character  search
DC-W09-081 "Snow-Moon-Flower" Koko & Anzu & Akane Character  search
DC-W09-050 Act of Conveying Climax  CC  search
DC-W09-030 Ai Hanasaki Character  search
DC-W09-030S Ai Hanasaki Character  SR  search
DC-W09-019 Aisia in Maid Uniform Character  search
DC-W09-001 Aisia, Magician of Toys Character  RR  search
DC-W09-001S Aisia, Magician of Toys Character  SR  search
DC-W09-009 Aisia, Special Supplement Lessons Character  search
DC-W09-034 Akane in Miko Outfit Character  search
DC-W09-039 Akane, Cooking Character  search
DC-W09-036 Akane, New Scenery Character  search
DC-W09-090 Alice, Poker Face Character  search
DC-W09-088 Anzu in Pajama Character  search
DC-W09-084 Anzu, Choosing Ski Wear Character  search
DC-W09-092 Anzu, Cooking Character  search
DC-W09-077 Anzu, New Student Council President Character  RR  search
DC-W09-77SP Anzu, New Student Council President Character  SP  search
DC-W09-095 Bento with Maya Event  search
DC-W09-046 C- Confess!? Event  search
DC-W09-054 Erica Murasaki Character  search
DC-W09-054S Erica Murasaki Character  SR  search
DC-W09-066 Erica's Decision Character  search
DC-W09-062 Erica, Going on a Trip Character  search
DC-W09-097 Faces of Family Climax  CR  search
DC-W09-097R Faces of Family Climax  RRR  search
DC-W09-100 Friends Climax  CC  search
DC-W09-004 Girl Carrying Cherry Branches Character  search
DC-W09-004S Girl Carrying Cherry Branches Character  SR  search
DC-W09-072 Image Seen in Someday's Dream Climax  CR  search
DC-W09-072R Image Seen in Someday's Dream Climax  RRR  search
DC-W09-099 Invitation to the Rooftop Climax  CC  search
DC-W09-031 Koko, Cooking Character  search
DC-W09-029 Koko, Date on Temple Festival Character  search
DC-W09-037 Koko, Holding Hands Character  search
DC-W09-027 Koko, Unchanged Birthplace Character  RR  search
DC-W09-27SP Koko, Unchanged Birthplace Character  SP  search
DC-W09-064 Kotori & Nemu & Sakura Character  search
DC-W09-042 Kotori in Pajama Character  search
DC-W09-033 Kotori Shirakawa Character  search
DC-W09-026 Kotori, Shopping Character  RR  search
DC-W09-043 Kumiko Takamatsu Character  search
DC-W09-024 Last Amount of Time Climax  CC  search
DC-W09-098 Last Chance Climax  CR  search
DC-W09-022 Last Inquiry Climax  CR  search
DC-W09-018 Mahiru in Gymnastics Outfit Character  search
DC-W09-008 Mahiru Takanashi Character  search
DC-W09-007 Mahiru, An Important Meeting Character  search
DC-W09-040 Maki, Gallant Character  search
DC-W09-087 Mako, Lively and Hates Losing Character  search
DC-W09-086 Maya, Cooking Character  search
DC-W09-093 Maya, Dating Character  search
DC-W09-079 Maya, White Clothing Character  search
DC-W09-080 Mayuki in Ski Wear Character  search
DC-W09-091 Mayuki, Ace of Track and Field Club Character  search
DC-W09-082 Mayuki, Hates Losing So Works Hard Character  search
DC-W09-082S Mayuki, Hates Losing So Works Hard Character  SR  search
DC-W09-085 Megumi Imai Character  search
DC-W09-067 Miharu, Unforgettable Memory Character  search
DC-W09-044 Miki Asahina Character  search
DC-W09-028 Miki in Gymnastics Outfit Character  search
DC-W09-055 Minatsu Amakase Character  search
DC-W09-074 Minatsu's Wish Climax  CC  search
DC-W09-069 Minatsu, Banana-min Character  search
DC-W09-058 Minatsu, Dog Loving Character  search
DC-W09-076 Moe & Mako, Nabe Party Character  RR  search
DC-W09-076S Moe & Mako, Nabe Party Character  SR  search
DC-W09-083 Moe, Extremely Her Own Way Character  search
DC-W09-094 Moe, Mysterious Xylophone Girl Character  search
DC-W09-063 Myu, Cleaning Character  search
DC-W09-057 Myu, Successful Cooking! Character  search
DC-W09-059 Myu, Truthful And Holding On Character  search
DC-W09-038 Nanaka & Koko, Light Music Band Character  search
DC-W09-041 Nanaka in Gymnastics Outfit Character  search
DC-W09-035 Nanaka Shirakawa Character  search
DC-W09-032 Nanaka, Holding Hands Character  search
DC-W09-032S Nanaka, Holding Hands Character  SR  search
DC-W09-068 Nemu, Accommodating Character  search
DC-W09-051 Nemu, Energetic Character  RR  search
DC-W09-051S Nemu, Energetic Character  SR  search
DC-W09-061 Nemu, Judgment Character  search
DC-W09-075 Only One Wish Climax  CC  search
DC-W09-020 Otome's Bento Event  search
DC-W09-014 Otome, Age of Sophistication Character  search
DC-W09-002 Otome, Awkward Days Character  RR  search
DC-W09-02SP Otome, Awkward Days Character  SP  search
DC-W09-017 Otome, Uniform of Attached School Character  search
DC-W09-025 Please Be Happy Climax  CC  search
DC-W09-071 Present for Sakuya Event  search
DC-W09-015 Sakura in Maid Uniform Character  search
DC-W09-016 Sakura, Cute and Energetic Character  search
DC-W09-011 Sakura, Magician Character  search
DC-W09-006 Sakura, Returned Childhood Friend Character  search
DC-W09-045 Scene Seen in Dreams Event  search
DC-W09-023 Season of Cherry Blooming Climax  CR  search
DC-W09-023R Season of Cherry Blooming Climax  RRR  search
DC-W09-056 Senpai Miharu Character  search
DC-W09-021 Service Battle! Event  search
DC-W09-047 Song of Kotori Climax  CR  search
DC-W09-047R Song of Kotori Climax  RRR  search
DC-W09-089 Suzume Isowashi Character  search
DC-W09-048 The Last Date Climax  CR  search
DC-W09-096 Tomorrow's Wake-Up Forecast Event  search
DC-W09-049 Trustworthy Climax  CC  search
DC-W09-073 Truth Climax  CR  search
DC-W09-070 White Christmas Event  search
DC-W09-005 Yoriko, Working Hard Character  search
DC-W09-010 Yuki Asakura Character  search
DC-W09-003 Yuki, Mother of the Asakura Household Character  search
DC-W09-065 Yume & Otome & Erica Character  search
DC-W09-060 Yume Asakura Character  search
DC-W09-052 Yume, Image Seen in that Dream Character  RR  search
DC-W09-52SP Yume, Image Seen in that Dream Character  SP  search
DC-W09-053 Yume, Obedient Yet Spoiled Child Character  search
DC-W09-013 Yuuhi Takanashi Character  search

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