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Into Tartarus

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Into Tartarus: 20 cards
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89 Alexander Pallas, Wrong Place, Right Time Character  search
97 Archaeology Interns Character  search
91 Attack Dogs Support  search
107 Breaking the Ward Support  search
99 Child of Argus Character  search
105 Fortifying Ouzo Support  search
98 Mask of Sthenelus, Image of Nobility Support  search
101 Master of the Myths Character  search
100 Mi-Go Skull, Revered Remnant Support  search
106 Pawn Broker Character  search
90 Phoebe Kotas, Impertinent and Inquisitive Character  search
108 Ritual of Bellephar Event  search
94 Scylla's Well, Unfathomable Depths Support  search
104 Sons of Hermes Character  search
96 Stygian Eye, It Seduces with Promises of Power Support  search
93 The Cult of Bathos, Near Mindless Devotion Character  search
103 The Red Threshold Event  search
95 The Spirit of Mania, Breaker of Minds Character  search
92 Timely Intervention Event  search
102 Vacant Servant Support  search

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