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Shadow of the Monolith

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Shadow of the Monolith: 20 cards
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117 Deciphered History Event  search
116 Doctor Marama Riwhi, Warrior of the Mind Character  search
109 Dr. Henshaw, Too Close to the Truth Character  search
111 Family of Fishers Character  search
118 Kau'uli Warriors Character  search
122 Magnus Stiles, Blood Mage Character  search
120 Mask of Rakinui, Symbol of Power Story  search
126 Naval Tactics Event  search
123 Necessary Evil Event  search
112 Out of Season Monsoon Event  search
125 Outback Poacher Character  search
113 Painter of Delusion Character  search
114 Seeker of the Songlines Character  search
128 Song of Charybdis Event  search
121 Taste of Lifeblood Event  search
127 The Betrayer, Playing All Sides Character  search
115 The Musk Crow's Wind Event  search
124 The Sanguine Watcher, He Sees What Is Not There Character  search
110 Unforeseen Setback Support  search
119 Wooden Homunculus Character  search

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