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Evangelion Rebuild Trial Deck

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Evangelion Rebuild Trial Deck: 21 cards
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EV-S12-T11 6th Angel Character  TD  search
EV-S12-T08 Angel's Assault Event  TD  search
EV-S12-103 Ayanami & Gendou Character  TD  search
EV-S12-102 Ayanami by the Window Character  TD  search
EV-S12-102S Ayanami by the Window Character  SR  search
EV-S12-T12 Ayanami in Her Room Character  TD  search
EV-S12-T13 Ayanami's Smile Climax  TD  search
EV-S12-T10 Ayanami, Bandaged Character  TD  search
EV-S12-104 Ayanami, Entry Plug Character  TD  search
EV-S12-T14 Can You Back Off? Climax  TD  search
EV-S12-T07 EVA-01, G-Type Equipment Character  TD  search
EV-S12-T04 Evangelion Test EVA-01 Character  TD  search
EV-S12-T06 Misato, Driver Character  TD  search
EV-S12-T05 Misato, Emergency Situation Character  TD  search
EV-S12-101 Misato, Operation Chief Character  TD  search
EV-S12-101S Misato, Operation Chief Character  SR  search
EV-S12-T09 Operation Yashima Climax  TD  search
EV-S12-T02 Picture of Misato Character  TD  search
EV-S12-T01 Shinji on the Rooftop Character  TD  search
EV-S12-T03 Shinji, Meeting Character  TD  search
EV-S12-105 Shinji, Transfer Student Character  TD  search

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