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Fairy Tail Trial Deck

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Fairy Tail Trial Deck: 23 cards
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FT-S09-T04 "Speaks with Fists" Elfman Character  TD  search
FT-S09-T07 DEAR KABY Climax  TD  search
FT-S09-102 Erza, Armor Wizard Character  TD  search
FT-S09-102P Erza, Armor Wizard Character  SP  search
FT-S09-T11 Gajeel, Iron Dragon Slayer Mage Character  TD  search
FT-S09-105 Gray, Ice Make Wizard Character  TD  search
FT-S09-105P Gray, Ice Make Wizard Character  SP  search
FT-S09-T08 Happy Character  TD  search
FT-S09-T05 Lucy & Happy Character  TD  search
FT-S09-T02 Lucy Heartfilia Character  TD  search
FT-S09-T03 Lucy in Maid Outfit Character  TD  search
FT-S09-101 Lucy, Cute Celestial User? Character  TD  search
FT-S09-101P Lucy, Cute Celestial User? Character  SP  search
FT-S09-T01 Mirajane, Fairy Tail Mascot Character  TD  search
FT-S09-T09 Natsu Dragneel Character  TD  search
FT-S09-T12 Natsu, Fire Dragon Slayer Mage Character  TD  search
FT-S09-103 Natsu, Fire Wizard Character  TD  search
FT-S09-103P Natsu, Fire Wizard Character  SP  search
FT-S09-T10 Natsu, Young Dragon Character  TD  search
FT-S09-T14 Roar of the Fire Dragon Climax  TD  search
FT-S09-T13 S-Level Quest Event  TD  search
FT-S09-104 The Day that Happy Was Born Climax  TD  search
FT-S09-T06 Virgo the Virgo Character  TD  search

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