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Sabbat: 410 cards
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111 .44 Magnum Equipment  C/PB  search
1 Aaron Duggan, Cameron's Toady Vampire  search
112 Ablative Skin Action  search
113 Adaptability Combat  search
2 Agatha Vampire  search
114 Aggressive Tactics Master  search
3 Alvaro, The Scion of Angelica Vampire  search
115 Ambush Action  C/PB5/PL  search
116 Amusement Park Hunting Ground Master  U/PB  search
117 Anarchist Uprising Political Action  C/PV  search
4 Angela Decker Vampire  search
5 Angelica, The Canonicus Vampire  PL  search
118 Animalism Master  C/PT  search
6 Anton Vampire  search
7 Antonio Delgado Vampire  U/PL  search
119 Apportation Combat  search
120 Arms of the Abyss Combat  C/PL3  search
121 Arson Action  C/PT  search
122 Art Scam Action  search
8 Artemis Vampire  search
125 Ascendance Master  search
9 Aurora Van Brande, Paladin Vampire  search
126 Auspex Master  C/PT/PV  search
127 Awe Action Modifier  search
10 Ayelea, The Manipulator Vampire  search
11 Basil Vampire  search
129 Bauble Action  search
12 Beast, The Leatherface of Detroit Vampire  search
130 Bestial Visage Master  search
131 Bewitching Oration Action Modifier  search
13 Billy Vampire  search
132 Black Spiral Buddy Ally  search
14 Blaise Vampire  search
133 Blessing of Chaos Action  search
134 Blood Brother Ambush Action Modifier  R/PB  search
135 Blood Doll Master  C/PB/PL/PT/P  search
136 Blood Feast Action  U/PL2/PT  search
138 Blood of Acid Combat  U/PT  search
137 Bloodbath Action  search
139 Blur Combat  C/PB3  search
140 Body Arsenal Combat  C/PT2  search
141 Body Flare Combat  search
142 Bonding Action Modifier  C/PL/PV3  search
143 Bone Spur Combat  search
144 Bonecraft Combat  C/PT  search
145 Boxed In Combat  C/PL/PV  search
15 Boy Toy Vampire  search
146 Brass Knuckles Equipment  C/PT/PV  search
147 Breath of the Dragon Combat  R/PT  search
148 Bribes Action Modifier  C/PV2  search
16 Bronwen Vampire  search
17 Brooke Vampire  search
18 Bryan Van Duesen Vampire  search
19 Cailean Vampire  search
20 Caitlin Vampire  search
21 Calebos Vampire  search
150 Call the Lamprey Combat  search
151 Camarilla Threat Political Action  search
152 Camarilla Vitae Slave Retainer  search
22 Cameron Vampire  search
153 Campground Hunting Ground Master  search
154 Canine Horde Combat  C/PT  search
155 Cardinal Benediction Political Action  search
156 Cardinal Sin: Failure of Mission Reaction  R/PT  search
157 Cardinal Sin: Insubordination Reaction  search
158 Carrion Coffin Action  search
159 Carrion Crows Combat  C/PT2  search
23 Carter Vampire  search
160 Catatonic Fear Combat  search
161 Cats' Guidance Reaction  C/PT3  search
162 Cauldron of Blood Combat  search
163 Celerity Master  C/PB  search
164 Changeling Action Modifier  C/PT2  search
165 Changeling Skin Mask Equipment  search
166 Channeling the Beast Combat  search
24 Christine Boscacci Vampire  search
167 City Gangrel Connections Master  search
25 Claven Vampire  search
168 Cloak the Gathering Action Modifier  search
169 Code of Milan Suspended Political Action  search
170 Coma Combat  search
171 Combat Shotgun Equipment  search
172 Command of the Beast Action Modifier  search
173 Communal Haven: Temple Master  U/PL  search
174 Computer Hacking Action  C/PT  search
175 Concoction of Vitality Equipment  U/PV  search
176 Confusion Action Modifier  search
177 Consanguineous Boon Political Action  C/PL/PV3  search
178 Consecration Rites Action  search
26 Corine Marcon Vampire  search
179 Corporate Hunting Ground Master  U/PV  search
180 Creation Rites Action  search
182 Crusade: Atlanta Political Action  search
183 Crusade: Chicago Political Action  search
184 Crusade: Detroit Political Action  search
185 Crusade: Houston Political Action  search
186 Crusade: Mexico City Political Action  R/PV  search
187 Crusade: Miami Political Action  search
188 Crusade: Philadelphia Political Action  search
189 Crusade: Pittsburgh Political Action  R/PT  search
190 Crusade: Toronto Political Action  search
191 Cryptic Mission Action  search
192 Cryptic Rider Action Modifier  search
193 Cull the Herd Action  search
27 Dani Vampire  search
194 Daring the Dawn Action Modifier  R/PV  search
195 Dauntain Black Magician (Changeling) Ally  search
196 Decapitate Combat  search
197 Dementation Master  search
198 Demonstration Master  U/PV  search
199 Derange Action  search
200 Detection Master  R/PT  search
28 Devin Bisley Vampire  U/PT  search
201 Direct Intervention Master  U/PB  search
202 Dirty Little Secrets Action Modifier  search
203 Disarm Combat  search
204 Disguised Weapon Combat  search
205 Disputed Territory Political Action  C/PL/PV2  search
206 Dissolution Combat  search
29 Dodd Vampire  PB  search
207 Dominate Master  C/PL/PV  search
30 Dominique Vampire  search
31 Donatien Vampire  search
32 Dragos Vampire  search
208 Dread Gaze Reaction  C/PB2  search
33 Dylan Vampire  search
209 Eldritch Glimmer Combat  search
210 Elysian Fields Master  U/PL  search
211 Enchanted Marionette Equipment  search
212 Enhanced Senses Reaction  C/PT2/PV3  search
213 Entombment Combat  R/PL  search
214 Escaped Mental Patient Ally  search
34 Ethan Locke Vampire  search
215 Excommunication Political Action  U/PB  search
216 Eyes of Chaos Action Modifier  search
217 Eyes of the Night Reaction  C/PL2  search
218 Fade from View Combat  search
219 Fake Out Combat  C/PT  search
220 Fast Hands Combat  U/PB  search
221 Femur of Toomler Equipment  U/PT  search
222 Festivo dello Estinto Master  U/PL  search
223 Fetish Club Hunting Ground Master  search
224 Fire Dance Action  search
225 Fire in the Blood Combat  search
226 Flamethrower Equipment  U/PT  search
227 Flash Combat  C/PB2  search
228 Fleshcraft Combat  C/PT  search
229 Forced Awakening Reaction  C/PB2/PT5/PV  search
230 Forgotten Labyrinth Action Modifier  search
231 Fortitude Master  C/PV  search
232 Fractured Armament Combat  C/PL  search
35 Frederick the Weak Vampire  U/PB  search
233 Gang Tactics Action Modifier  search
234 Gang Territory Master  search
235 Gangrel Conspiracy Master  search
236 Gargoyle Slave Ally  search
237 Gas-Powered Chainsaw Equipment  C/PB  search
36 Genevieve Vampire  search
37 Gerard Vampire  search
238 Ghouled Street Thug Ally  search
38 Gillian Krader Vampire  search
239 Gleam of Red Eyes Combat  search
240 Goth Band Ally  search
39 Gratiano Vampire  U/PL  search
241 Guard Dogs Reaction  C/PT2  search
242 Guardian Ghoul Ally  search
40 Guido Lucciano Vampire  search
243 Hand of Conrad Equipment  search
41 Hannibal Vampire  search
42 Heinrick Schlempt Vampire  search
244 Hidden Pathways Action  search
43 Horatio Vampire  search
245 Horrid Form Combat  U/PT  search
44 Huang, Blood Cultist Vampire  search
45 Hugo Vampire  PB  search
46 Ian Forestal Vampire  search
47 Ian Wallingford Vampire  search
48 Ignacio, The Black Priest Vampire  U/PL  search
247 Immortal Grapple Combat  search
49 Imogen Vampire  search
248 Infamous Warlock Master  search
249 Infernal Familiar Retainer  search
250 Infernal Pact Master  search
251 Information Highway Master  U/PT  search
50 Ingrid Russo Vampire  search
252 Innocent Bystander Action Modifier  search
253 Institution Hunting Ground Master  search
254 Intimidation Action  search
255 Investiture Political Action  search
51 Jacko Vampire  search
52 Jacob Bragg Vampire  search
53 Jessica Vampire  search
54 Jimmy Dunn Vampire  search
55 Josef Vampire  search
56 Jost Werner Vampire  search
57 Juan Cali Vampire  search
58 Kendrick Vampire  search
59 Kij Dansky Vampire  search
256 Kindred Spirits Action  search
60 Korah Vampire  search
61 Kurt Strauss Vampire  search
62 Lachlan, Noddist Vampire  search
63 Lambach Vampire  U/PT  search
257 Laptop Computer Equipment  C/PB/PL2/PT  search
64 Lazverinus, Thrall of Lambach Vampire  U/PV  search
258 Leather Jacket Equipment  C/PB/PT/PV  search
259 Legacy of Caine Master  R/PL  search
260 Legacy of Pander Political Action  search
65 Lena Rowe Vampire  search
66 Leon Vampire  search
261 Library Hunting Ground Master  U/PT  search
262 Lightning Reflexes Combat  R/PB  search
67 Lisette Vizquel Vampire  PL  search
263 Living Manse Equipment  search
68 Lolita Vampire  search
69 Lolita Houston Vampire  PT  search
264 Lost in Crowds Action Modifier  search
70 Luther Vampire  search
265 Lyndhurst Estate, New York Equipment  search
266 Machine Blitz Combat  search
267 Malkavian Derangement: Paranoia Master  search
268 Malkavian Game Master  search
269 Manstopper Rounds Combat  U2/U/PB  search
71 March Halcyon Vampire  PV  search
270 Marked Path Action Modifier  search
72 Marlene, The Infernalist Vampire  PV  search
271 Masochism Action  search
73 Matteus, Flesh Sculptor Vampire  search
272 Meat Cleaver Equipment  C/PB/PL  search
273 Media Influence Action  search
274 Melange Reaction  search
74 Meshenka Vampire  PT  search
277 Mind of a Child Action  search
275 Mind Rape Action  search
276 Mind Tricks Action Modifier  search
278 Mistaken Identity Reaction  R/PB  search
75 Mitchell, The Headhunter Vampire  PL  search
279 Mob Connections Master  U/PB  search
76 Monique Vampire  search
280 Monomancy Action  search
77 Muriel Foucade Vampire  search
281 My Enemy's Enemy Reaction  search
282 Nephandus (Mage) Ally  search
78 Nigel the Shunned Vampire  search
283 Night Moves Action  U2/U  search
284 Nosferatu Kingdom Master  search
285 Obedience Reaction  U/PV  search
286 Obfuscate Master  search
287 Obsession Master  search
288 Obtenebration Master  search
79 Olivia Vampire  search
289 Orgy of Blood Combat  search
290 Out of Control Master  R/PV  search
291 Pack Tactics Reaction  search
292 Palla Grande Master  search
293 Passion Action  search
294 Peace Treaty Political Action  C/PT/PV  search
295 Pentex(TM) Loves You! Master  U/PT  search
80 Pieter Vampire  search
296 Plasmic Form Action Modifier/Combat  C/PT2  search
297 Political Antagonist Ally  search
298 Political Hunting Ground Master  U/PL  search
299 Political Seizure Master  U/PL  search
300 Political Stranglehold Political Action  U/PL  search
301 Political Struggle Action  R/PL  search
302 Potence Master  C/PB/PL  search
303 Power Structure Master  search
304 Powerbase: Mexico City Master  search
305 Powerbase: New York Master  search
306 Precognition Reaction  C/PT2  search
307 Presence Master  search
308 Preternatural Evasion Combat  search
309 Primal Instincts Combat  C/PT  search
310 Propaganda Action  search
311 Protean Master  search
312 Pulse of the Canaille Action  U/PT/PV  search
313 Pursuit Combat  C/PB2  search
314 Pushing the Limit Combat  C/PB2/PL  search
81 Quentin Vampire  search
315 Quick Exit Combat  search
316 Quick Meld Combat  search
317 Quickness Combat  search
82 Quira, The Bitch Queen Vampire  search
83 Ramiro Vampire  search
318 Rapid Change Action Modifier/Combat  search
319 Rapid Thought Combat  search
320 Raptor Retainer  search
321 Recruiting Party Action  search
322 Recruitment Master  C/PV  search
323 Redirection Reaction  C/PV  search
324 Reform Body Combat/Reaction  R/PT  search
325 Regaining the Upper Hand Political Action  search
326 Regeneration Action  search
84 Remilliard, Devout Crusader Vampire  search
327 Resilience Combat  U/PV  search
328 Restoration Action  C/PV2  search
329 Revelations Action  U/PT  search
330 Revenant Retainer  U/PT  search
85 Reverend Blackwood Vampire  search
86 Rex, The Necronomist Vampire  search
87 Richard Tauber, Ayelea's Puppet Vampire  search
88 Richter, The Templar of Du Mont Vampire  U/PB  search
89 Rigby, Crusade Vanguard Vampire  U/PB  search
331 Rolling with the Punches Combat  C/PV  search
90 Royce Vampire  search
333 Sabbat Inquisitor Political Action  search
334 Sabbat Priest Political Action  C/PV  search
335 Sacrament of Carnage Combat  C/PL  search
336 Sacrifice Political Action  search
91 Sadie Vampire  search
92 Salinger Vampire  search
93 Samantha Vampire  search
94 Samson Vampire  search
95 Sarah Brando Vampire  PB  search
337 Scouting Mission Action  C/PL2  search
338 Screw the Masquerade! Political Action  search
339 Scrying of Secrets Action Modifier  U/PT  search
340 Secret Horde Master  search
96 Sela Vampire  search
341 Sermon of Caine Master  search
342 Shade Retainer  U/PL  search
343 Shadow Body Combat  C/PL2  search
344 Shadow Court Satyr (Changeling) Ally  search
347 Shadow of the Beast Action  search
345 Shadow Play Action Modifier  C/PL4  search
346 Shadow Step Combat  search
97 Shane Grimald Vampire  search
348 Shanty Town Hunting Ground Master  search
98 Sheila Mezarin Vampire  search
349 Short-Term Investment Master  C/PV  search
350 Shotgun Ritual Combat  search
351 Shroud of Night Action Modifier  C/PL  search
352 Side Strike Combat  search
353 Skin of Rock Combat  C/PV  search
354 Slaughtering the Herd Action  search
355 Slave Auction Master  search
357 Social Charm Action  C/PB  search
358 Song in the Dark Combat  search
359 Song of Serenity Combat  C/PT2  search
360 Soul Burn Combat  search
361 Speed of Thought Action  search
362 Spirit Summoning Chamber Master  search
363 Spirit's Touch Reaction  C/PT2/PV  search
364 Sport Bike Equipment  U2/U/PL/PV  search
365 Staredown Combat  search
366 Steam Tunnels Master  search
99 Stravinsky Vampire  PT  search
367 Submachine Gun Equipment  U2/U  search
368 Succubus Ally  search
369 Sudden Reversal Master  U/PV  search
370 Summon the Abyss Action  search
371 Sunrise Service Action  search
372 Superior Mettle Combat  C/PV  search
373 Surprise Influence Reaction  C/PL/PT  search
374 Survivalist Ally  U/PB  search
375 Swallowed by the Night Action Modifier/Combat  search
376 Sword of Judgment Equipment  R/PB  search
377 Telepathic Counter Reaction  C/PV2  search
378 Terror Frenzy Combat  search
379 Thanks for the Donation Action  search
380 Thaumaturgy Master  search
123 The Art of Love Master  search
124 The Art of Pain Master  search
128 The Barrens Master  C/PB/PL  search
149 The Bruisers Ally  search
181 The Crimson Sentinel Equipment  search
246 The Hungry Coyote Master  search
332 The Rumor Mill, Tabloid Newspaper Master  U/PL  search
356 The Sleeping Mind Action Modifier  search
381 Theft of Vitae Combat  search
100 Thelonius Vampire  search
382 Threats Action Modifier  C/PL4  search
383 Thrown Gate Combat  C/PL4  search
384 Tier of Souls Action  search
385 Tithings Political Action  search
101 Tommy Vampire  search
386 Transfer of Power Political Action  search
387 Trap Combat  C/PB2  search
388 Tribute to the Master Master  C/PB/PL  search
389 Twisted Forest Master  search
390 Twisting the Knife Combat  search
391 Unacceptable Appearance Master  search
392 Undead Persistence Combat  U2/U/PV  search
393 Undead Strength Combat  C/PB4  search
394 University Hunting Ground Master  search
395 Unnatural Disaster Master  C/PT  search
396 Up Yours! Combat  search
397 Using the Advantage Master  search
102 Vanessa Vampire  PV  search
103 Vasantasena Vampire  search
398 Vaulderie Action  U/PL2  search
399 Ventrue Investment Master  U/PV  search
400 Vicissitude Master  C/PT  search
401 Vicissitude Poisoning Master  R/PL  search
104 Victor Revell, Loyalist Vampire  search
105 Violet Tremain Vampire  PT  search
106 Virgil Vampire  search
402 Voter Captivation Action Modifier  U2/U  search
403 Walk of Flame Combat  U2/U  search
404 Walk through Arcadia Action Modifier  search
405 War Ghoul Ally  search
406 War Party Action  search
407 Wave of Insanity Action  search
107 Wendy Wade Vampire  search
408 White Phosphorus Grenade Equipment  search
409 Wolf Claws Combat  search
410 Wolf Companion Retainer  U2/U/PT  search
108 Yong-Sun, Harmonist Vampire  search
109 Yorik Vampire  search
110 Zachary Vampire  search

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