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Little Busters! Booster Pack

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Little Busters! Booster Pack: 108 cards
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LB-W02-087 "3 Sisters" Kud Character  search
LB-W02-041 "Apron" Haruka Character  search
LB-W02-006 "Bunny Girl" Yuiko Character  search
LB-W02-027 "Costumed Mascot" Kud Character  RR  search
LB-W02-064 "Detective" Yuiko Character  search
LB-W02-092 "Dressed Up" Komari / “おめかし”小毬 Character  search
LB-W02-076 "Fairy Tale Girl" Komari Character  RR  search
LB-W02-017 "Godly Poor Control" Rin Character  search
LB-W02-052 "Investigator" Haruka Character  RR  search
LB-W02-004 "Leader" Kyousuke Character  search
LB-W02-067 "Literature Girl" Mio Character  search
LB-W02-081 "Little Devil Girl" Midori Character  search
LB-W02-091 "Manager" Mio Character  search
LB-W02-029 "Mascot" Kud Character  search
LB-W02-034 "Moral Guard" Kanata Character  search
LB-W02-065 "Muscle Idiot" Masato Character  search
LB-W02-082 "Mysteric Blue" Mio Character  search
LB-W02-077 "Natural Material" Mio Character  RR  search
LB-W02-003 "Noble Kitten" Rin Character  search
LB-W02-003R "Noble Kitten" Rin Character  RRR  search
LB-W02-062 "Noisy Maiden" Haruka Character  search
LB-W02-039 "Normal Young Man" Riki Character  search
LB-W02-005 "Nurse Outfit" Komari Character  search
LB-W02-079 "Pleasantly Cute" Komari Character  search
LB-W02-079R "Pleasantly Cute" Komari Character  RRR  search
LB-W02-036 "Pony Girl" Rin Character  search
LB-W02-040 "Queen Cat" Sasami Character  search
LB-W02-015 "Queen of Heart in Tender Care" Yuiko Character  search
LB-W02-057 "Red Riding Hood" Mio Character  search
LB-W02-056 "Sisterly" Yuiko Character  search
LB-W02-011 "Snack Loving" Komari Character  search
LB-W02-051 "Splendid Sword Saint" Yuiko Character  RR  search
LB-W02-042 "Strongest Kid" Kengo Character  search
LB-W02-026 "Surrounded by Cats" Rin Character  RR  search
LB-W02-032 "Trouble Maker" Haruka Character  search
LB-W02-009 "Wedding Dress" Rin Character  search
LB-W02-071 A Crimson Red Wristband Event  search
LB-W02-048 A Singular Merit Climax  CR  search
LB-W02-048S A Singular Merit Climax  SP  search
LB-W02-093 American Pasttime Event  search
LB-W02-046 Black White Event  search
LB-W02-096 Bright Panties Event  search
LB-W02-098 Critical Point! Climax  CR  search
LB-W02-023 Days Together with Rin Climax  CR  search
LB-W02-072 Ear Cleaning Event  search
LB-W02-074S For Some Point in the Future Climax  SP  search
LB-W02-074 For Some Point in the Future /いつかの未来のために Climax  CC  search
LB-W02-095 Hands Full of Books Event  search
LB-W02-061 Haruka & Kanata Character  search
LB-W02-063 Haruka & Mio Character  search
LB-W02-059 Haruka in Summer Outfit Character  search
LB-W02-031 Haruka Saigusa Character  search
LB-W02-049 Humming of the Breeze Climax  CC  search
LB-W02-050 Hypocrite Acting Like the Top Student Climax  CC  search
LB-W02-020 I'll Wash Your Back- Event  search
LB-W02-019 Into the Dream Event  search
LB-W02-021 It's A Gold Game Event  search
LB-W02-058 Kanata Futaki Character  search
LB-W02-080 Kengo Miyazawa Character  search
LB-W02-033 Kojirou Kamikita Character  search
LB-W02-012 Komari Kamikita Character  search
LB-W02-038 Kud & Kanata Character  search
LB-W02-083 Kud & Komari Character  search
LB-W02-030 Kud & Sasami Character  search
LB-W02-090 Kud & Strelka Character  search
LB-W02-088 Kud in Wonderland Character  search
LB-W02-086 Kudryavka Anatolyevna Strugatskaya Character  search
LB-W02-037 Kudryavka Noumi Character  search
LB-W02-016 Kyousuke & Rin Character  search
LB-W02-084 Kyousuke Natsume Character  search
LB-W02-073 Little Busters! Climax  CR  search
LB-W02-045 Loves Cleaning Event  search
LB-W02-035 Masato & Kengo Character  search
LB-W02-013 Masato Inohara Character  search
LB-W02-085 Mask the Saitou Character  search
LB-W02-060 Midori Nishizono Character  search
LB-W02-089 Mio & Midori Character  search
LB-W02-053 Mio Nishizono Character  search
LB-W02-053R Mio Nishizono Character  RRR  search
LB-W02-068 Mirror. mirror Event  search
LB-W02-078 Miyuki Kokishi Character  search
LB-W02-054 Natsume & Naoe Character  search
LB-W02-043 New Challenger Event  search
LB-W02-025 Observation with Just the Two of Us Climax  CC  search
LB-W02-025S Observation with Just the Two of Us Climax  SP  search
LB-W02-097 Proof of Friendship Event  search
LB-W02-024 Return of the Leader Climax  CC  search
LB-W02-055 Riki Naoe / 直枝 理樹 Character  search
LB-W02-014 Rin & Komari Character  search
LB-W02-002 Rin & Riki Character  RR  search
LB-W02-010 Rin & Sasami Character  search
LB-W02-028 Rin Natsume / 棗 鈴 Character  search
LB-W02-028R Rin Natsume / 棗 鈴 Character  RRR  search
LB-W02-099 Ritual in the Middle of the Night Climax  CC  search
LB-W02-099S Ritual in the Middle of the Night Climax  SP  search
LB-W02-094 Royal Princess Parfait Event  search
LB-W02-001 Sasami Sasasegawa Character  RR  search
LB-W02-018 Secret Weapon of the Cat Trainer Event  search
LB-W02-022 Sharing An Umbrella Event  search
LB-W02-069 Sleep by Sunburn Event  search
LB-W02-008 Softball Club Trio Character  search
LB-W02-044 State of Emergency Event  search
LB-W02-047 Study Group Event  search
LB-W02-075 Things Entrusted Climax  CC  search
LB-W02-100 Two Long Shadows Climax  CC  search
LB-W02-070 Unreal Situation Event  search
LB-W02-066 Yuiko & Haruka / 唯湖&葉留佳 Character  search
LB-W02-007 Yuiko Kurugaya Character  search

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