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Little Busters! Trial Deck

Little Busters! Trial Deck: 20 cards
Use the 'search' link for the card you're interested in, to find those users who have or want that card:
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LB-W02-T17 "3 Sisters" Kud Character  search
LB-W02-T08 "Apron" Haruka Character  search
LB-W02-T19 "Dress Up" Komari Character  search
LB-W02-T01 "Mascot" Kud Character  search
LB-W02-T13 "Mysteric Blue" Mio Character  search
LB-W02-T06 "Normal Young Man" Riki Character  search
LB-W02-T03 "Pony Girl" Rin Character  search
LB-W02-T07 "Queen Cat" Sasami Character  search
LB-W02-T09 "Strongest Kid" Kengo Character  search
LB-W02-T20 2 Long Shadows Climax  search
LB-W02-T12 American Pastime Event  search
LB-W02-T10 Humming of the Breeze Climax  search
LB-W02-T11 Hypocrite Acting Like the Top Student Climax  search
LB-W02-T02 Kojirou Kamikita Character  search
LB-W02-T14 Kud & Komari Character  search
LB-W02-T05 Kudryavka Noumi Character  search
LB-W02-T15 Kyousuke Natsume Character  search
LB-W02-T18 Mio & Midori Character  search
LB-W02-T16 Royal Princess Parfait Event  search
LB-W02-T04 State of Emergency Event  search
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