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Descent of the Astral Dragons Eight

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Descent of the Astral Dragons Eight: 120 cards
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87 A Breath of Life on the Battlefield Nexus  Uncommon  search
90 Aerial Coral Reef Nexus  Common  search
70 Alfothr the Armored horse Brave  Common  search
78 Ammead the Sacred Armorbeast Brave  Rare  search
83 Ancient Wargrounds of the Shining Devilstar Saturn Nexus  Uncommon  search
73 Angeldoll Brave  Common  search
12 Anteater Spirit  Common  search
30 Antman Shogun Spirit  Rare  search
8 Ares Dragoon, Dragonlord of Mars Spirit  Master Rare  search
63 Ballistar the Javelin beast Brave  Common  search
76 Bazooka Arms Brave  Common  search
68 Beam beetle Brave  Common  search
53 Bertram the Guardian Deity Spirit  Common  search
39 Bianco Tiga Spirit  Common  search
38 Bolverg the Black Spear mech Spirit  Master Rare  search
2 Bracchio the Longneck Saurian Spirit  Common  search
97 Brave Aura Spell  Common  search
100 Brave Cementery Spell  Common  search
61 Buster Dragon the Sword-Armored Drake Brave  Common  search
X03 Cancered the Warlord Crustacean Spirit  Zodiac X Rare  search
81 Canyons of the Blazing Warstar Mars Nexus  Common  search
42 Charadrius Spirit  Common  search
34 Chimaeron the Armored Beast Spirit  Common  search
95 Colosseum of the Swift Wisdomstar Mercury Nexus  Uncommon  search
102 Core Steal Spell  Common  search
36 Crystell the Crystal Fish Spirit  Common  search
57 Dear'd the Stagman Spirit  Common  search
5 Diphorza Spirit  Uncommon  search
31 Djungaree Spirit  Common  search
13 Dragonaga the Magic Swordsnake Spirit  Common  search
7 Duald Spirit  Common  search
35 Eir, Goddess of the Silver Frost Spirit  Uncommon  search
18 El Kraken Spirit  Common  search
37 Emperadol Spirit  Uncommon  search
114 Eridanus Flood Spell  Rare  search
4 Eusthedia Spirit  Common  search
49 Fairy Priestess Andromeda Spirit  Master Rare  search
71 Fenrir Cannon Type B Brave  Common  search
96 Flag of the Ultimate Champion Nexus  Common  search
92 Flower Gardens of the Glimmering Morningstar Venus Nexus  Common  search
59 Fort Golem Spirit  Uncommon  search
89 Frozen Moon Lake Nexus  Uncommon  search
32 Gadphant Spirit  Common  search
17 Gaim the Hell Musketer Spirit  Common  search
64 Gepalberd the Skeletank Brave  Common  search
55 Glarkie Spirit  Common  search
52 Gobli-Gobli the Lumerjack Spirit  Common  search
86 Great Fortress of the Giantstar Jupiter Nexus  Common  search
103 Growing Sword Spell  Common  search
77 Gyokuryuun Brave  Common  search
111 Hand Typhoon Spell  Rare  search
101 Hanged Man Spell  Rare  search
88 Heavens-Piercing Castle Tower Nexus  Common  search
65 Hedgebolg Brave  Common  search
25 Herajigusa Spirit  Common  search
40 Hogale, Aircraft Carrier Whale Spirit  Rare  search
20 Hydrogen the Water Snake Spirit  Rare  search
16 Jawscythe Spirit  Uncommon  search
69 Kakurane the Thousand-Blade Bird Brave  Rare  search
24 KAMOMÖWE Spirit  Common  search
43 Kikasaal Spirit  Common  search
110 Knockout Spell  Common  search
19 Kronoboros, Dragonlord of Saturn Spirit  Master Rare  search
74 Kumatta the Mascot Brave  Uncommon  search
105 Life Charge Spell  Common  search
54 Locomo Golem Spirit  Common  search
15 Logan Spirit  Common  search
23 Luckiwi Spirit  Common  search
108 Lunatic Seal Spell  Rare  search
14 Maris the Dark Knight Spirit  Uncommon  search
28 Matangol Spirit  Common  search
58 Mercuris Serpent, Dragonlord of Mercury Spirit  Master Rare  search
56 Mongokuu the Azure Sage Spirit  Uncommon  search
21 Mothpede Spirit  Common  search
84 Mouth of Truth & Lies Nexus  Common  search
22 Musgazemi Spirit  Common  search
112 Nexus Extension Spell  Common  search
29 Nobunagard Zeusis, dragonlord of Jupiter Spirit  Master Rare  search
26 Nogan the Veteran Spirit  Uncommon  search
33 Northen Bear'd Spirit  Common  search
50 Nue the Thunder God Beast Spirit  Rare  search
11 Onigumon Spirit  Common  search
75 Oniyurin Brave  Common  search
113 Orion Power Spell  Common  search
60 Orion the Jäger Giant Spirit  Rare  search
66 Pendragon, Exalted Snake King Brave  Master Rare  search
44 Pentan Forest Elf Spirit  Common  search
62 Phoenix Cannon the Artillery Phoenixdrake Brave  Rare  search
X02 Piscesgalleon, Twinfish Lord of Pirates Spirit  Zodiac X Rare  search
48 Power the Angel Spirit  Common  search
46 Princess of Dragon Wizardry Spirit  Master Rare  search
106 Protection Aura Spell  Common  search
51 Raygallop the Battle Beast Spirit  Common  search
98 Revival Draw Spell  Common  search
47 Rogue the Red-Hooded Fairy Spirit  Uncommon  search
72 Sabershark Brave  Rare  search
45 Sabrina the Dark Witch Spirit  Common  search
X06 Scorspear the Divine Scorpion Knight Spirit  Zodiac X Rare  search
1 Shamcaesar Spirit  Common  search
67 Shiba the Karakuri Dog Brave  Common  search
109 Shining Arrow Spell  Common  search
3 Shurikeraptor Spirit  Common  search
107 Silent Lock Spell  Common  search
99 Southern Cross Flame Spell  Rare  search
X04 Strike-Siegwurm the Moonlight Dragon Spirit  X Rare  search
80 The Flame Crystal Nexus  Uncommon  search
85 The Floating Rock Mass Nexus  Common  search
X01 The PhantomStarDragon Gai-Asura Spirit  X Rare  search
82 The Sextant Astronomical Observatory Nexus  Common  search
91 The SoapyLakeshore Nexus  Common  search
93 The Ticking Floral Clock Nexus  Uncommon  search
79 The Towering Table Mountains Nexus  Common  search
41 Tin Soldier Spirit  Common  search
9 Tornadra Spirit  Common  search
104 Triangle Trap Spell  Rare  search
94 Unfinished Ancient Battleship-Keel Nexus  Common  search
27 Unpyru the Young Musha Spirit  Uncommon  search
10 Vandalizer the Conqueror Dragon Spirit  Rare  search
X05 Venulucider, Fallen Angel Dragonlord Spirit  X Rare  search
6 Yashium Spirit  Uncommon  search

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