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Emperor Edition

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Emperor Edition: 450 cards
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263 A Forefather's Vengeance Strategy  Uncommon  search
264 A Paragon's Strength Strategy  Rare  search
265 A Pure Stroke Strategy  Common  search
266 A Stain Cleansed Strategy  Rare  search
267 A Time for Mortal Men Strategy  Common  search
10 Abandoning the Fortunes Event  Rare  search
132 Agasha Ryo Personality  Common  search
102 Akodo Dairuko Personality  Fixed  search
103 Akodo Kano Personality  Rare  search
104 Akodo Kisho Personality  Fixed  search
105 Akodo Makotai Personality  Rare  search
106 Akodo Suoh Personality  Common  search
26 Akodo's Grave Holding  Common  search
1 Akodo's Guidance Celestial  Fixed  search
11 Alter History Event  Rare  search
268 Ambush Strategy  Rare  search
269 Ancestral Protection Strategy  Rare  search
207 Apprentice Shinobi Follower  Uncommon  search
270 Aramoro's Promise Strategy  Uncommon  search
229 Armor of the Heavens Item  Rare  search
208 Asahina House Guard Follower  Fixed  search
72 Asahina Keigo Personality  Uncommon  search
73 Asahina Kitiaru Personality  Rare  search
74 Asahina Michiru Personality  Uncommon  search
75 Asahina Yasutora Personality  Common  search
209 Asako House Guard Follower  Fixed  search
133 Asako Niou Personality  Common  search
134 Asako Nobunori Personality  Uncommon  search
135 Asako Rinshi Personality  Common  search
136 Asako Tsunefusa Personality  Uncommon  search
137 Asako Ume Personality  Rare  search
138 Asako Yorisada Personality  Uncommon  search
271 At Any Cost Strategy  Rare  search
272 Awed Witness Strategy  Rare  search
273 Back to the Front Strategy  Common  search
274 Bad Kharma Strategy  Rare  search
27 Bamboo Harvesters Holding  Fixed  search
210 Bandit Gang Follower  Common  search
275 Banish All Doubt Strategy  Rare  search
147 Bayushi Hurunayi Personality  Common  search
148 Bayushi Irezu Personality  Uncommon  search
149 Bayushi Kahoku Personality  Rare  search
150 Bayushi Manami Personality  Common  search
151 Bayushi Mitsuo Personality  Fixed  search
152 Bayushi Nitoshi Personality  Fixed  search
153 Bayushi Rentatsu Personality  Rare  search
154 Bayushi Waru Personality  Uncommon  search
155 Bayushi Yasashiku Personality  Common  search
2 Bayushi's Guidance Celestial  Fixed  search
276 Bend like a Reed Strategy  Common  search
12 Benefices of the Emperor Event  Rare  search
277 Besieged Strategy  Rare  search
230 Blade of Perfection Item  Common  search
202 Blighted Region Region  Rare  search
278 Blind Rage Strategy  Uncommon  search
279 Block Supply Lines Strategy  Common  search
13 Boastful Proclamation Event  Uncommon  search
28 Border Keep Holding  Fixed  search
280 Breath of the Heavens Strategy  Uncommon  search
281 Burn the Towers Strategy  Common  search
246 Capturing the Soul Spell  Rare  search
392 Carpenter Castle Stronghold  Fixed  search
282 Caught In The Act Strategy  Rare  search
283 Caught Unawares Strategy  Rare  search
14 Cherry Blossom Festival Event  Rare  search
247 Chikushudo's Trickery Spell  Rare  search
231 Chrysanthemum Blossom Item  Common  search
177 Chuda Niiro Personality  Common  search
29 Chugo Seido Holding  Rare  search
232 Clan Standard Item  Rare  search
248 Cleansing the Path Spell  Uncommon  search
249 Conflagration Spell  Uncommon  search
284 Confusion at Court Strategy  Common  search
250 Consecration Spell  Rare  search
251 Contemplate the Void Spell  Common  search
285 Control the Field Strategy  Common  search
30 Copper Mine Holding  Fixed  search
15 Cross-Clan Wedding Event  Rare  search
76 Daidoji Kenshi Personality  Common  search
77 Daidoji Tametaka Personality  Common  search
162 Daigotsu Aya Personality  Rare  search
163 Daigotsu Gyoken Personality  Fixed  search
164 Daigotsu Ishibashi Personality  Uncommon  search
165 Daigotsu Kanpeki Personality  Fixed  search
166 Daigotsu Kendo Personality  Common  search
167 Daigotsu Matsuda Personality  Common  search
168 Daigotsu Misaki Personality  Uncommon  search
169 Daigotsu Negishi Personality  Common  search
3 Daigotsu's Guidance Celestial  Fixed  search
Proxy-8 Dak-ho's Men Proxy  Premium  search
286 Dangerous Indulgence Strategy  Rare  search
287 Deadly Orders Strategy  Common  search
288 Deception Revealed Strategy  Uncommon  search
31 Deeds and Words Holding  Rare  search
16 Delayed Arrival Event  Common  search
Proxy-2 Denhei's Snake Proxy  Premium  search
17 Disgrace Event  Rare  search
78 Doji Atsumichi Personality  Uncommon  search
79 Doji Genshin Personality  Common  search
80 Doji Makoto Personality  Fixed  search
81 Doji Shunya Personality  Uncommon  search
82 Doji Tatsuki Personality  Fixed  search
4 Doji's Guidance Celestial  Fixed  search
400 Dragon's Breath Castle Stronghold  Fixed  search
289 Duel of Serpents Strategy  Uncommon  search
Proxy-9 Dutiful Cavalry Proxy  Premium  search
178 Ekichu no Oni Personality  Rare  search
290 Encircled Terrain Strategy  Common  search
404 Eternal Victory Dojo Stronghold  Fixed  search
291 Extended Maneuvers Strategy  Common  search
292 Face of Ninube Strategy  Common  search
293 Fall Back! Strategy  Common  search
294 Falling Leaf Strike Strategy  Common  search
32 Falling Rain Dojo Holding  Uncommon  search
33 Family Library Holding  Uncommon  search
Proxy-10 Farmlands Conscripts Proxy  Premium  search
295 Feign Death Strategy  Rare  search
296 Fields of Mercy Strategy  Rare  search
297 Final Confrontation Strategy  Uncommon  search
298 Flooded Pass Strategy  Common  search
299 Focus Strategy  Rare  search
401 Foothills Keep Stronghold  Fixed  search
300 Footsteps of Madness Strategy  Rare  search
34 Fortifications Holding  Common  search
301 Fortitude Strategy  Uncommon  search
35 Geisha House Holding  Fixed  search
179 Genmyo Personality  Common  search
233 Gift Armor Item  Rare  search
Proxy-3 Gina's Fox Proxy  Premium  search
18 Glory of the Shogun Event  Rare  search
211 Goju House Guard Follower  Fixed  search
170 Goju Kobashi Personality  Uncommon  search
171 Goju Oyoto Personality  Common  search
302 Gold and Steel Strategy  Uncommon  search
36 Gold Mine Holding  Fixed  search
37 Governor's Court Holding  Rare  search
303 Guided by Honor Strategy  Uncommon  search
405 Halls of Memory Stronghold  Fixed  search
393 Halls of the Forgotten Stronghold  Fixed  search
252 Hanabi Spell  Rare  search
304 Hard Pressed Strategy  Uncommon  search
305 He's Mine! Strategy  Common  search
306 Heart of Rokugan Strategy  Common  search
307 Heavily Engaged Strategy  Common  search
57 Hida Bushotsu Personality  Common  search
58 Hida Horu Personality  Fixed  search
59 Hida Kisada Personality  Fixed  search
60 Hida Komatsu Personality  Rare  search
61 Hida Takeuchi Personality  Common  search
62 Hida Watari Personality  Rare  search
5 Hida's Guidance Celestial  Fixed  search
308 Hidden Defenses Strategy  Common  search
396 Hidden Falls Dojo Stronghold  Fixed  search
63 Hiruma Nitani Personality  Uncommon  search
212 Hiruma Sniper Follower  Uncommon  search
309 Hundred-Fold Cut Strategy  Uncommon  search
253 I Give You My Name Spell  Rare  search
213 Ikiryo Follower  Common  search
214 Ikoma House Guard Follower  Fixed  search
107 Ikoma Natsu Personality  Uncommon  search
108 Ikoma Shika Personality  Common  search
109 Ikoma Shinju Personality  Uncommon  search
310 Immovable Object Strategy  Rare  search
19 Imperial Gift Event  Rare  search
311 In the Heart of Battle Strategy  Common  search
312 Incapacitated Strategy  Common  search
313 Inexplicable Challenge Strategy  Rare  search
Proxy-11 Infantry Follower Proxy  Premium  search
314 Inspired Devotion Strategy  Uncommon  search
315 Introspection Strategy  Rare  search
38 Iron Mine Holding  Fixed  search
139 Isawa Kimi Personality  Rare  search
140 Isawa Norimichi Personality  Rare  search
141 Isawa Shunsuko Personality  Common  search
142 Isawa Tamaki Personality  Fixed  search
143 Isawa Tomohiro Personality  Uncommon  search
187 Iuchi Shunshi Personality  Rare  search
425 Journey's End Keep Stronghold  Fixed  search
Proxy-18 Kaiu Armor Proxy  Premium  search
64 Kaiu Esumi Personality  Uncommon  search
65 Kaiu Hideaki Personality  Rare  search
215 Kaiu House Guard Follower  Fixed  search
66 Kaiu Kawachi Personality  Uncommon  search
203 Kaiu Village Region  Rare  search
83 Kakita Genshi Personality  Uncommon  search
84 Kakita Kazan Personality  Rare  search
85 Kakita Seishi Personality  Common  search
86 Kakita Tadanobu Personality  Rare  search
408 Kalani's Landing Stronghold  Fixed  search
420 Keep of the Dead Stronghold  Fixed  search
234 Kensai's Blade Item  Common  search
216 Khol Regulars Follower  Uncommon  search
110 Kitsu Sorano Personality  Common  search
111 Kitsu Suki Personality  Common  search
112 Kitsu Tamasine Personality  Uncommon  search
87 Kitsuki Daisuke Personality  Uncommon  search
88 Kitsuki Kinaro Personality  Common  search
89 Kitsuki Yataku Personality  Rare  search
117 Kitsune Denhei Personality  Uncommon  search
118 Kitsune Gina Personality  Uncommon  search
119 Kitsune Kohaki Personality  Common  search
316 Knife in the Darkness Strategy  Uncommon  search
Proxy-12 Kobashi's Spawn Proxy  Premium  search
39 Kobune Port Holding  Fixed  search
409 Koshin Keep Stronghold  Fixed  search
67 Kuni Shinoda Personality  Common  search
394 Kyuden Hida Stronghold  Fixed  search
Proxy-13 Kyuden Hida Scout Proxy  Premium  search
410 Kyuden Kitsune Stronghold  Fixed  search
397 Kyuden Otomo Stronghold  Fixed  search
40 Large Farm Holding  Uncommon  search
416 Law of Darkness Dojo Stronghold  Fixed  search
217 Legion of Pain Follower  Rare  search
412 Library of Rebirth Stronghold  Fixed  search
Proxy-1 Lion Ancestor Proxy  Premium  search
41 Luxurious Silk Holding  Rare  search
235 Maga-yari Item  Common  search
42 Marketplace Holding  Fixed  search
317 Martial Instruction Strategy  Rare  search
113 Matsu Arata Personality  Uncommon  search
114 Matsu Hachiro Personality  Common  search
115 Matsu Hana Personality  Rare  search
116 Matsu Yuuto Personality  Uncommon  search
318 Meeting the Keepers Strategy  Rare  search
417 Midday Shadow Court Stronghold  Fixed  search
90 Mirumoto Gobashi Personality  Common  search
91 Mirumoto Ichizo Personality  Rare  search
92 Mirumoto Katagi Personality  Rare  search
93 Mirumoto Reiyu Personality  Uncommon  search
94 Mirumoto Shikei Personality  Fixed  search
236 Modifications Item  Rare  search
43 Moneylender Holding  Rare  search
20 Moon and Sun Event  Rare  search
120 Moshi Madoka Personality  Common  search
121 Moshi Yokohime Personality  Uncommon  search
218 Moto House Guard Follower  Fixed  search
188 Moto Naleesh Personality  Fixed  search
189 Moto Rani Personality  Common  search
190 Moto Shigeru Personality  Uncommon  search
191 Moto Shunsuke Personality  Uncommon  search
192 Moto Taha Personality  Common  search
193 Moto Tetsuo Personality  Uncommon  search
Proxy-14 Mounted Ashigaru Proxy  Premium  search
319 Murderous Intent Strategy  Common  search
320 My Enemy's Mercy Strategy  Rare  search
321 Mysterious Deaths Strategy  Rare  search
Proxy-15 Nakanu's Creations Proxy  Premium  search
21 Naoharu's Gift Event  Rare  search
322 Nerve Strike Strategy  Uncommon  search
323 Ninja Tricks Strategy  Uncommon  search
172 Ninube Onchi Personality  Uncommon  search
173 Nishimura Personality  Rare  search
324 No Hiding Place Strategy  Common  search
180 Nosloc no Oni Personality  Rare  search
254 Obscured Pathways Spell  Uncommon  search
325 Ogre Savagery Strategy  Common  search
174 Ohaba Personality  Uncommon  search
326 One Koku Strategy  Common  search
327 Opportunistic Advance Strategy  Uncommon  search
181 Otomo Demiyah Personality  Uncommon  search
219 Outriders Follower  Common  search
328 Oyo's Second Lesson Strategy  Uncommon  search
329 Paid Off Strategy  Common  search
424 Palace of the Breaking Dawn Stronghold  Rare  search
402 Pillars of Virtue Stronghold  Fixed  search
Proxy-21 Plain of Gold Proxy  Premium  search
204 Plains of Otosan Uchi Region  Rare  search
426 Plains of the Maiden Stronghold  Fixed  search
330 Plans Within Plans Strategy  Rare  search
331 Prepared for Death Strategy  Common  search
332 Preserving Honor Strategy  Rare  search
44 Prosperous Village Holding  Common  search
45 Public Records Holding  Common  search
182 Qalyar Personality  Common  search
22 Rebuilding the Empire Event  Rare  search
205 Refuge of the Three Sisters Region  Uncommon  search
333 Relentless Conviction Strategy  Rare  search
334 Remember Your Ancestors Strategy  Common  search
335 Rend the Soul Strategy  Rare  search
237 Reserve Weapon Item  Uncommon  search
336 Retribution Strategy  Uncommon  search
337 Rhetoric Strategy  Common  search
241 Ring of Air Ring  Uncommon  search
242 Ring of Earth Ring  Uncommon  search
243 Ring of Fire Ring  Uncommon  search
244 Ring of the Void Ring  Uncommon  search
245 Ring of Water Ring  Uncommon  search
Proxy-4 Rokuta's Apprentice Proxy  Premium  search
46 Rugashi Bazaar Holding  Uncommon  search
338 Rumors Travel Strategy  Rare  search
339 Sacrifice of Pawns Strategy  Rare  search
340 Sanctioned Duel Strategy  Rare  search
175 Sandayu Personality  Common  search
238 Sasumata Item  Rare  search
255 Scouring Flood Spell  Common  search
256 Seeking the Way Spell  Rare  search
341 Selfless Defense Strategy  Common  search
183 Seppun Washi Personality  Common  search
342 Shadows Walk Strategy  Uncommon  search
406 Shamate Keep Stronghold  Fixed  search
343 Shameful Injury Strategy  Common  search
144 Shiba Kataken Personality  Common  search
145 Shiba Sansesuke Personality  Uncommon  search
146 Shiba Tsukimi Personality  Fixed  search
6 Shiba's Guidance Celestial  Fixed  search
398 Shinden Asahina Stronghold  Fixed  search
194 Shinjo Baeshuko Personality  Common  search
195 Shinjo Eun-Sahng Personality  Uncommon  search
196 Shinjo Horibe Personality  Fixed  search
197 Shinjo Itao Personality  Common  search
198 Shinjo Ki-Chang Personality  Rare  search
199 Shinjo Taeken Personality  Common  search
220 Shinjo's Children Follower  Common  search
7 Shinjo's Guidance Celestial  Fixed  search
47 Shinomen Marsh Holding  Fixed  search
418 Shiro Chugo Stronghold  Fixed  search
413 Shiro Shiba Stronghold  Fixed  search
156 Shosuro Kameyoi Personality  Uncommon  search
157 Shosuro Konishi Personality  Common  search
158 Shosuro Koshiba Personality  Common  search
159 Shosuro Rokuta Personality  Uncommon  search
160 Shosuro Tanzaki Personality  Uncommon  search
48 Shrine to Hachiman Holding  Rare  search
49 Silk Works Holding  Common  search
50 Silver Mine Holding  Fixed  search
51 Small Farm Holding  Common  search
344 Snake Tattoo Strategy  Uncommon  search
345 Sneak Attack Strategy  Rare  search
346 Sniping Strategy  Uncommon  search
347 Solid Defense Strategy  Rare  search
221 Soshi House Guard Follower  Fixed  search
161 Soshi Yorimi Personality  Rare  search
348 Soul's Sacrifice Strategy  Common  search
239 Spiked Tetsubo Item  Common  search
349 Spinning Heel Kick Strategy  Common  search
52 Stables Holding  Fixed  search
222 Stalking Tiger Follower  Rare  search
350 Stay Put Strategy  Common  search
351 Steel on Steel Strategy  Common  search
421 Steel Soul Dojo Stronghold  Fixed  search
352 Strategic Strike Strategy  Rare  search
353 Strength in Terror Strategy  Uncommon  search
354 Strength of Purity Strategy  Common  search
23 Successful Bounty Event  Uncommon  search
Proxy-16 Suiteieru's Podling Proxy  Premium  search
184 Suiteiru no Oni Personality  Rare  search
411 Suitengu's Torch Stronghold  Fixed  search
257 Summon Swamp Spirits Spell  Uncommon  search
355 Summoned to Justice Strategy  Uncommon  search
356 Superior Opponent Strategy  Common  search
357 Surprise Attack Strategy  Common  search
24 Suspicions Event  Rare  search
Proxy-17 Swamp Spirit Proxy  Premium  search
223 Tamori House Guard Follower  Fixed  search
95 Tamori Kusugi Personality  Uncommon  search
96 Tamori Muzu Personality  Uncommon  search
97 Tamori Tomaru Personality  Common  search
358 Tell the Tale Strategy  Common  search
414 Temple of Purity Stronghold  Fixed  search
53 Temples of Gisei Toshi Holding  Rare  search
206 Ten Thousand Temples Region  Uncommon  search
176 Tetsuo Personality  Rare  search
399 The Aerie Stronghold  Fixed  search
359 The Compassion of the Unicorn Strategy  Fixed  search
360 The Courage of the Mantis Strategy  Fixed  search
361 The Courtesy of the Crane Strategy  Fixed  search
362 The Duty of the Crab Strategy  Fixed  search
363 The Empress' Address Strategy  Rare  search
364 The Fires of War Strategy  Rare  search
407 The Golden Plains Stronghold  Fixed  search
Draft-1 The Governor's Estate Stronghold  Premium  search
365 The Height of Courage Strategy  Common  search
366 The Honesty of the Phoenix Strategy  Fixed  search
367 The Honor of the Lion Strategy  Fixed  search
258 The Kami's Blessing Spell  Uncommon  search
427 The Khan's Estate Stronghold  Fixed  search
368 The Law's Strength Strategy  Uncommon  search
369 The Light of Justice Strategy  Uncommon  search
370 The Loyalty of the Scorpion Strategy  Fixed  search
419 The Otoro Estate Stronghold  Fixed  search
371 The Power of a Word Strategy  Uncommon  search
372 The Power of One Strategy  Uncommon  search
373 The Serpent's Deception Strategy  Uncommon  search
374 The Shadow Court Strategy  Uncommon  search
422 The Shadow's Lair Stronghold  Fixed  search
375 The Sincerity of the Dragon Strategy  Fixed  search
376 The Slow Death Strategy  Rare  search
423 The Spider's Web Stronghold  Fixed  search
377 The Strength of the Spider Strategy  Fixed  search
428 The Temple of Death Stronghold  Fixed  search
378 The Trap is Sprung! Strategy  Rare  search
Proxy-5 The Walking Dead Proxy  Premium  search
259 Thunder's Favor Spell  Uncommon  search
98 Togashi Korimi Personality  Uncommon  search
99 Togashi Torazu Personality  Fixed  search
100 Togashi Tsukagi Personality  Common  search
8 Togashi's Guidance Celestial  Fixed  search
379 Torch's Flame Flickers Strategy  Common  search
68 Toritaka Shishido Personality  Common  search
54 Traveling Peddler Holding  Rare  search
380 Treachery and Deceit Strategy  Uncommon  search
101 Tsai-tsu Personality  Common  search
Proxy-19 Tsi Weapon Proxy  Premium  search
240 Tsuruchi Daikyu Item  Uncommon  search
224 Tsuruchi House Guard Follower  Fixed  search
122 Tsuruchi Isas Personality  Common  search
123 Tsuruchi Kosoko Personality  Common  search
124 Tsuruchi Samuru Personality  Rare  search
125 Tsuruchi Tomaru Personality  Uncommon  search
381 Twist of Fate Strategy  Rare  search
185 Ugulu no Oni Personality  Rare  search
382 Undetectable Enemy Strategy  Uncommon  search
383 Unimpeachable Name Strategy  Uncommon  search
126 Unmei Personality  Rare  search
260 Unnatural Flood Spell  Rare  search
384 Unseen Assailant Strategy  Uncommon  search
385 Useful Connections Strategy  Rare  search
225 Utaku Elite Guard Follower  Uncommon  search
200 Utaku Ryoko Personality  Uncommon  search
201 Utaku Tsukiko Personality  Rare  search
386 Veiled Menace Strategy  Uncommon  search
55 Venerable Master Holding  Rare  search
Proxy-6 Venerated Sensei Proxy  Premium  search
226 Veteran Advisor Follower  Rare  search
227 Veteran Skirmishers Follower  Common  search
387 Vigilant Eyes Strategy  Common  search
228 Village Guardian Follower  Common  search
261 Walking the Way Spell  Uncommon  search
388 Wall of Honor Strategy  Rare  search
262 Warded Paths Spell  Uncommon  search
403 Watchful Eye Dojo Stronghold  Fixed  search
415 Waystation of the Path Stronghold  Fixed  search
389 Well Prepared Strategy  Common  search
56 Well-Tended Farm Holding  Uncommon  search
390 White Shore Plain Strategy  Uncommon  search
25 Wisdom Gained Event  Uncommon  search
Proxy-7 Witness Proxy  Premium  search
391 Words Have Strength Strategy  Uncommon  search
69 Yasuki Jekku Personality  Uncommon  search
395 Yasuki Palaces Stronghold  Fixed  search
70 Yasuki Tanimura Personality  Uncommon  search
71 Yasuki Tono Personality  Common  search
Proxy-20 Yasunori's Gift Proxy  Premium  search
127 Yoritomo Doho Personality  Common  search
128 Yoritomo Hama Personality  Rare  search
129 Yoritomo Hiromi Personality  Fixed  search
130 Yoritomo Nakoshi Personality  Fixed  search
131 Yoritomo Naoto Personality  Uncommon  search
9 Yoritomo's Guidance Celestial  Fixed  search
186 Yung Personality  Rare  search

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