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Railgun Trial Deck

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Railgun Trial Deck: 19 cards
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RG-W10-T09 Aggressive Kuroko Character  TD  search
RG-W10-T02 Awatsuki, Swimming Club Character  TD  search
RG-W10-T06 Best Friends Climax  TD  search
RG-W10-T03 Kiyama, Developer of Level Upper Character  TD  search
RG-W10-T07 Kuroko Shirai Character  TD  search
RG-W10-T11 Kuroko, Mikoto's Partner Character  TD  search
RG-W10-105 Kuroko, Student of Tokiwadai Middle School Character  TD  search
RG-W10-T05 Mii Konori Character  TD  search
RG-W10-T08 Mikoto, Electro Master Character  TD  search
RG-W10-T12 Mikoto, Strongest and Invincible Electric Princess Character  TD  search
RG-W10-102 Mikoto, Student of Tokiwadai Middle School Character  TD  search
RG-W10-T13 Pool Cleaning Event  TD  search
RG-W10-104 Promise of Two Climax  TD  search
RG-W10-T14 Railgun Climax  TD  search
RG-W10-103 Saten, Student of Sakugawa Middle School Character  TD  search
RG-W10-T10 Skinship Mikoto & Kuroko Character  TD  search
RG-W10-T01 Uiharu with Flower Accessories Character  TD  search
RG-W10-T04 Uiharu, Kuroko's Partner Character  TD  search
RG-W10-101 Uiharu, Student of Sakugawa Middle School. Character  TD  search

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