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Red Horizon: Tides of Vengeance

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Red Horizon: Tides of Vengeance: 171 cards
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33 13th Story Oblivion Attack  Super Rare  search
40 A Dying Craft Foundation  Common  search
66 A Heavenly Match Action  Rare  search
115 A Hero's Training Foundation  Common  search
22 A New Discovery Foundation  Common  search
97 A Warrior's Discipline Foundation  Starter Rare  search
58 Absolute Loyalty Foundation  Uncommon  search
160 Additional Knowledge Action  Rare  search
1 Alice* Character  Super Rare  search
11 Allahra* Character  Uncommon  search
170 An Apple a Day Foundation  Common  search
14 Animate Fusion Action  Rare  search
144 Ballistic Snap Kick Attack  Rare  search
108 BAM! Attack  Uncommon  search
15 Bane Slayer Attack  Uncommon  search
109 BANG! Attack  Rare  search
77 Best of Both Evils Foundation  Starter Rare  search
171 Bewitching Foundation  Common  search
7 Blessed Foundation  Common  search
51 Blindside Eruption Attack  Rare  search
90 Blitz Shuriken Attack  Starter Rare  search
151 Body Count Foundation  Starter Rare  search
116 Breakfast Foundation  Uncommon  search
23 Brotherhood in Arms Foundation  Common  search
126 Cascading Fear Attack  Starter Rare  search
70 Cataclysm Beam Attack  Starter Rare  search
133 Celestial Being Foundation  Uncommon  search
71 Chasm Buster Attack  Starter Rare  search
72 Choke Throw Attack  Common  search
32 Coltesti Fortress Asset  Super Rare  search
41 Continuous Research Foundation  Uncommon  search
117 Coolness! Foundation  Common  search
145 Counter Dragon Kick Attack  Common  search
73 Crescent Moon Hook Attack  Super Rare  search
118 Crime Fighter Foundation  Uncommon  search
24 Crossing Paths Foundation  Rare  search
4 Dark Corruption Attack  Uncommon  search
42 Dark Sanctuary Foundation  Common  search
52 Dark Tide Summon Attack  Super Rare  search
172 Deadly Precision Foundation  Rare  search
34 Death Valley Face Plant Attack  Rare  search
134 Devour Your Prey Foundation  Starter Rare  search
16 Divine Tribulation Attack  Super Rare  search
79 Don't Forget This Foundation  Uncommon  search
53 Dread Clangor Attack  Rare  search
5 Dual Blade Rapture Attack  Uncommon  search
80 Dual Persona Foundation  Starter Rare  search
81 Energetic Foundation  Starter Rare  search
152 Enki Tensions Foundation  Starter Rare  search
123 Entangle Action  Common  search
127 Eradicate Attack  Starter Rare  search
98 Escape Artist Foundation  Common  search
43 Eternal Remorse Foundation  Common  search
30 Evening the Odds Action  Uncommon  search
173 Familiar Faces Foundation  Super Rare  search
17 Final Judgment Attack  Super Rare  search
74 Flash Lightning Attack  Starter Rare  search
54 Flying Body Vice Attack  Common  search
166 Focus Charge Attack  Uncommon  search
128 Forsaken Berserker Attack  Common  search
153 Fortress Frame Foundation  Starter Rare  search
18 Forward Thrust Attack  Common  search
82 Friends in High Places Foundation  Starter Rare  search
29 Gabrek* Character  Rare  search
106 Gadget Belt Asset  Super Rare  search
163 Gale Blade Attack  Common  search
146 Gatling Knuckle Attack  Super Rare  search
31 Give Me Your Best Shot Action  Rare  search
129 Grasping Widow Attack  Starter Rare  search
19 Guard Crusher Attack  Uncommon  search
83 Guarded Secrets Foundation  Starter Rare  search
164 Gut Shot Attack  Uncommon  search
99 Held Captive Foundation  Common  search
119 Hero Salute Foundation  Uncommon  search
162 Hombrook Bach Asset  Rare  search
174 Household Chores Foundation  Uncommon  search
44 Incomparable Might Foundation  Rare  search
88 Inner Peace Asset  Rare  search
154 Inner Struggle Foundation  Starter Rare  search
155 Instability Foundation  Starter Rare  search
135 Into the Spider's Web Foundation  Starter Rare  search
136 Intoxicating Seduction Foundation  Starter Rare  search
147 Jackhammer Kick Attack  Starter Rare  search
91 Jigoku Banishment Attack  Starter Rare  search
110 KABLAMMO! Attack  Super Rare  search
50 Kaden's Blindfold Asset  Rare  search
47 Kaden** Character  Super Rare  search
125 Kalahntra Asset  Starter Rare  search
111 KAPLOW!! Attack  Super Rare  search
25 Keepers of the Gate Foundation  Common  search
59 Keeping Order Foundation  Uncommon  search
137 Left for Dead Foundation  Uncommon  search
55 Leg Ram Attack  Common  search
161 Legendary Accomplice Action  Rare  search
105 Luck Action  Rare  search
35 Lunar Catapult Attack  Uncommon  search
138 Man Hunt Foundation  Starter Rare  search
167 Maori Defender Attack  Uncommon  search
142 Military Uniform Asset  Super Rare  search
26 Mortal Bodies Foundation  Rare  search
148 Mythic Fire Storm Attack  Starter Rare  search
69 Nehtali's Pennate Guard Asset  Starter Rare  search
65 Nehtali** Character  Starter Rare  search
45 No Sympathy Foundation  Uncommon  search
84 Observing the Fight Foundation  Common  search
12 Omniel* Character  Super Rare  search
92 Oni High Slash Attack  Starter Rare  search
93 Oni Low Slash Attack  Starter Rare  search
67 Out of Your League Action  Super Rare  search
130 Paralyzing Touch Attack  Super Rare  search
27 Peaceful Messenger Foundation  Rare  search
100 Perfect Accuracy Foundation  Starter Rare  search
149 Phoenix Revival Attack  Starter Rare  search
120 Pick on Someone Your Own Size! Foundation  Uncommon  search
56 Plummeting Doom Attack  Uncommon  search
94 Poison Dart Attack  Starter Rare  search
143 Power Vambraces Asset  Starter Rare  search
156 Pride and Glory Foundation  Uncommon  search
157 Pride and Glory Foundation  Uncommon  search
150 Psychic Upper Attack  Starter Rare  search
175 Rejuvenation Foundation  Common  search
8 Remember Your Masters Foundation  Uncommon  search
36 Reverse Shoulder Launch Attack  Super Rare  search
131 Reverse Spider Uppercut Attack  Starter Rare  search
57 Rising Host Attack  Common  search
37 Rolling Ankle Grab Attack  Common  search
75 Ruthless Advance Attack  Starter Rare  search
2 Saint Rose Orphanage Asset  Common  search
85 Satoshi* Character  Starter Rare  search
9 Scouting The Enemy Foundation  Common  search
76 Searing Inferno Attack  Starter Rare  search
95 Segaki Offering Attack  Super Rare  search
20 Shield Strike Attack  Common  search
60 Sole Purpose Foundation  Common  search
38 Spinning Necro Driver Attack  Uncommon  search
112 SPLAM! Attack  Common  search
132 Sting Kick Attack  Starter Rare  search
48 Stopped in its Tracks Action  Rare  search
121 Super Fast Disguise Foundation  Common  search
107 Super Hero Know-How Asset  Rare  search
104 Super Skull Man 33* Character  Rare  search
101 Superior Assailant Foundation  Starter Rare  search
86 Superior Technique Action  Super Rare  search
158 Support of a Nation Foundation  Starter Rare  search
165 Sure You Can! Attack  Rare  search
6 Surprise Punishment Attack  Super Rare  search
102 Swift & Nimble Foundation  Starter Rare  search
13 Syrithe* Character  Uncommon  search
89 Tenbatsu Asset  Starter Rare  search
61 Terrifying Opponent Foundation  Rare  search
62 The Bell's Toll Foundation  Common  search
63 The Bell's Toll Foundation  Common  search
141 Too Fast for You Action  Super Rare  search
124 Transfix Action  Rare  search
168 Tsunami Slicer Attack  Common  search
21 Twin Banishment Attack  Rare  search
49 Uncontrollable Power Action  Super Rare  search
64 United We Stand Foundation  Uncommon  search
122 Vespera* Character  Starter Rare  search
140 Vincent Grey* Character  Starter Rare  search
176 Warm Wishes Foundation  Uncommon  search
28 Watch From Afar Foundation  Uncommon  search
103 Weapon Master Foundation  Starter Rare  search
46 Weight of Memory Foundation  Common  search
39 Whiplash Buster Attack  Rare  search
10 Worthy Initiate Foundation  Common  search
96 Yokai Fury Attack  Uncommon  search
113 ZAAAAP!!! Attack  Uncommon  search
114 ZING! Attack  Rare  search
169 Zoey's Neo Cosmic Flare Attack  Super Rare  search
159 Zoey* Character  Super Rare  search

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