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Shana Trial Deck

Use the 'search' link for the card you're interested in, to find those users who have or want that card:
Shana Trial Deck: 19 cards
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SS-W14-105 "Flame Haze" Shana Character  TD  search
SS-W14-T07 "Improvisational Poem of Slaughter" Margery Character  TD  search
SS-W14-T09 "Manipulator of Objects" Wilhelmina Carmel Character  TD  search
SS-W14-T11 "Mobilizer of Ceremonial Equipment" Khamsin Nbh'w Character  TD  search
SS-W14-T14 Anything is Possible Climax  TD  search
SS-W14-102 Educator Wilhelmina Character  TD  search
SS-W14-T05 Margery Daw Character  TD  search
SS-W14-T13 Power of Will Climax  TD  search
SS-W14-T02 Puzzled Shana Character  TD  search
SS-W14-T01 Shana who Loves Melon Bread Character  TD  search
SS-W14-101 Shana, Bearer of the Vairocana of the Offering Room Character  TD  search
SS-W14-T10 Shana, Contractor of Alastor Character  TD  search
SS-W14-T06 Shana, Flame-Haired Blazing-Eyed Hunter Character  TD  search
SS-W14-104 Shana, Fluttered and Black-clothed Character  TD  search
SS-W14-T08 Shana, Something to Protect Character  TD  search
SS-W14-103 Shana, Student of the Misaki High School Character  TD  search
SS-W14-T03 The Feeling that Nothing Can Be Done Climax  TD  search
SS-W14-T12 Torch and Flame Haze Event  TD  search
SS-W14-T04 Wilhelmina Carmel Character  TD  search

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