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Masks of Nyarlathotep

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Masks of Nyarlathotep: 145 cards
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C63 Adoration of Apep Event  Common  search
C117 Adoration of Hetheru Event  Common  search
C9 Adoration of Ma'at Event  Common  search
C45 Adoration of Maahes Event  Common  search
C27 Adoration of Thoth Event  Common  search
C99 Adoration of Upuaut Event  Common  search
C81 Adoration of Yhtill Event  Common  search
C100 Aklo Sabaoth Event  Common  search
R93 Alchemist Character  Rare  search
C21 American Ambassador Character  Common  search
R16 Ammo Dump Support  Rare  search
U82 Ancestral Voices Event  Uncommon  search
R10 Back to Basics Event  Rare  search
U111 Black Wind Character  Uncommon  search
U131 Black Wind Zealot Character  Uncommon  search
U75 Book Publisher Character  Uncommon  search
U112 Bright Young Thing Character  Uncommon  search
C94 Brotherhood Acolyte Character  Common  search
C39 Brotherhood Interrogator Character  Common  search
C113 Brotherhood Procurer Character  Common  search
C22 Brotherhood Researcher Character  Common  search
C3 Brotherhood Street Runner Character  Common  search
C57 Brotherhood Torturer Character  Common  search
C76 Brotherhood Visionary Character  Common  search
R52 Calling in Favors Support  Rare  search
C95 Cannibal Ghast Character  Common  search
R1 Captain Isoge Taro, Imperial Japanese Captain * Character  Rare  search
U124 Caressed by Y'Golonac Support  Uncommon  search
R55 Carl Stanford, Deathless Fanatic * Character  Rare  search
R135 Carne Vale Character  Rare  search
R40 Chemist Character  Rare  search
U139 City of the Great Race Support  Uncommon  search
U23 Classicist Character  Uncommon  search
C46 Cooking the Books Event  Common  search
R58 Cora Infection Character  Rare  search
C77 Court Jester Character  Common  search
U118 Cuttings from the Same Branch Event  Uncommon  search
C70 Deathless Mask Support  Common  search
U17 Deathtrap Support  Uncommon  search
C4 Decommissioned Officer Character  Common  search
U78 Demon Lover Character  Uncommon  search
C83 Despair Event  Common  search
C64 Driven to Destruction Event  Common  search
C119 Ever Growing Event  Common  search
R107 Expectancy Support  Rare  search
U47 Eye for an Eye Event  Uncommon  search
C92 Fishers from Outside Character  Common  search
U41 Fixer Character  Uncommon  search
C88 Flayed Mask Support  Common  search
R79 Forgotten Ones Character  Rare  search
R125 Fungal Colony Support  Rare  search
U42 Gang Boss Character  Uncommon  search
R140 Gray Dragon Island Support  Rare  search
R101 Haunted Mists Event  search
R24 Heterodox Physicist Character  Rare  search
R73 Hildred Castaigne * Character  Rare  search
R91 Ho Fong * Character  Rare  search
R34 Hotel Chelsea Support  Rare  search
U132 Independent Operator Character  Uncommon  search
U96 Insubstantial Insect Character  Uncommon  search
R114 Interstellar Visitor Character  Rare  search
R65 Into the Deep Event  Rare  search
U89 Irrational Means Support  Uncommon  search
U25 Itinerant Scholar Character  Uncommon  search
R37 Jack 'Brass' Brady, Steeped in Violence * Character  Rare  search
R127 Jackson Elias * Character  Rare  search
R126 Lake of Glaaki Support  Rare  search
U80 Language Virus Character  Uncommon  search
U59 Leech Mother Character  Uncommon  search
R141 Limehouse Docks Support  Rare  search
R49 Livre d'Ivon, Eibon in du Nord's Translation * Support  Rare  search
R109 M'weru * Character  Rare  search
U133 Magus Character  Uncommon  search
C51 Mask of Coin Support  Common  search
C15 Mask of Law Support  Common  search
C33 Mask of Wisdom Support  Common  search
R84 Mass Hallucination Event  Rare  search
R142 Massa di Requiem per Shuggay Support  Rare  search
R28 Measureless to Man Event  Rare  search
U136 Moving the Scenery Event  Uncommon  search
R19 Mu Hsein, Classical Scholar * Character  Rare  search
C20 Natural Philosopher Character  Common  search
R35 New Research Support  Rare  search
R130 Nyarlathotep * Character  Rare  search
C115 Obscene Polyp Character  Common  search
U60 Ocean Crawlers Character  Uncommon  search
U36 Open for Inspection Support  Uncommon  search
C43 Patsy Character  Common  search
U5 Peeler Character  Uncommon  search
C106 Pharaoic Mask Support  Common  search
R68 R'lyeh Text * Support  Rare  search
U44 Rambling Man Character  Uncommon  search
R86 Revelations of Hali * Support  Rare  search
R11 Scouring the Earth Event  Rare  search
U66 Sea Change Event  Uncommon  search
R71 Secret Murders Support  Rare  search
C134 Serpent from Yoth Character  Common  search
R31 Seven Cryptical Books of Hsan, Lost Masterpiece * Support  Rare  search
U97 Shantak Mount Character  Uncommon  search
C61 Shoggoth-Twsha Character  Common  search
U128 Shugoron * Character  Uncommon  search
U137 Simple Kindness Event  Uncommon  search
U62 Skin Weed Character  Uncommon  search
U72 Sleep of Reason Support  Uncommon  search
R48 Sleight of Hand Event  Rare  search
C29 Slumming Event  Common  search
C110 Small Ghouls Character  Common  search
U26 Soothsayer Character  Uncommon  search
R90 Spreading the Disease Support  Rare  search
U102 Stone of the Heart Event  Uncommon  search
R138 Strange Aeons Event  Rare  search
C38 Street Preacher Character  Common  search
C2 T-Men Character  Common  search
C12 Taking No Chances Event  Common  search
U98 Teller of Tales Character  Uncommon  search
R67 Terrible Beauty Event  Rare  search
R120 Thanks Be to Shudd-M'ell Event  Rare  search
R85 That Which is Not Event  Rare  search
U129 The Dweller in Darkness * Character  Uncommon  search
R104 The Goddess of the Black Fan * Support  Rare  search
R143 The Ju-Ju House Support  Rare  search
R121 The Mother's Bounty Event  Rare  search
R18 The Old Neighborhood Support  Rare  search
C56 The Thing in the Fog Character  Common  search
C144 The Unreflecting Mirror Support  Common  search
R103 The Wave Function Event  Rare  search
U13 Time Bomb Event  Uncommon  search
U6 Tribal Elder Character  Uncommon  search
C123 Triune Mask Support  Common  search
C74 Twin of You Character  Common  search
U30 Unavoidable Delay Event  Uncommon  search
U7 Undercover Agent Character  Uncommon  search
R8 Unexpected Ally Character  Rare  search
R53 Unlicensed Garage Support  Rare  search
U122 Unmasking Corruption Support  Uncommon  search
U14 Unmasking Cowardice Support  Uncommon  search
U69 Unmasking Cruelty Support  Uncommon  search
U105 Unmasking Hubris Support  Uncommon  search
U87 Unmasking Idiocy Support  Uncommon  search
U50 Unmasking Shame Support  Uncommon  search
U32 Unmasking Treachery Support  Uncommon  search
U108 Unstable Energies Support  Uncommon  search
U54 Up for Grabs Support  Uncommon  search
U116 Worms of the Earth Character  Uncommon  search
C145 Yithian Rifle Support  Common  search

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