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Duel Decks: Venser vs. Koth

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Duel Decks: Venser vs. Koth: 79 cards
sort arrow Name sort arrow Type sort arrow Rarity sort arrow Average Price  
48 AEther Membrane Creature  search
27 Angelic Shield Enchantment  search
51 Anger Creature  search
64 Armillary Sphere Artifact  search
3 Augury Owl Creature  search
33 Azorius Chancery Land  search
62 Bloodfire Colossus Creature  search
54 Bloodfire Kavu Creature  search
18 Cache Raiders Creature  search
59 Chartooth Cougar Creature  search
14 Clone Creature  search
4 Coral Fighters Creature  search
52 Cosi's Ravager Creature  search
15 Cryptic Annelid Creature  search
69 Downhill Charge Instant  search
60 Earth Servant Creature  search
49 Fiery Hellhound Creature  search
34 Flood Plain Land  search
12 Galepowder Mage Creature  search
56 Geyser Glider Creature  search
61 Greater Stone Spirit Creature  search
41 Island Basic Land  search
42 Island Basic Land  search
43 Island Basic Land  search
72 Jaws of Stone Sorcery  search
20 Jedit's Dragoons Creature  search
65 Journeyer's Kite Artifact  search
13 Kor Cartographer Creature  search
44 Koth of the Hammer Planeswalker  search
T02 Koth of the Hammer Emblem  search
57 Lithophage Creature  search
5 Minamo Sightbender Creature  search
6 Mistmeadow Witch Creature  search
74 Mountain Basic Land  search
75 Mountain Basic Land  search
76 Mountain Basic Land  search
77 Mountain Basic Land  search
8 Neurok Invisimancer Creature  search
35 New Benalia Land  search
28 Oblivion Ring Enchantment  search
32 Overrule Instant  search
23 Path to Exile Instant  search
47 Pilgrim's Eye Artifact Creature  search
38 Plains Basic Land  search
39 Plains Basic Land  search
40 Plains Basic Land  search
45 Plated Geopede Creature  search
24 Preordain Sorcery  search
16 Primal Plasma Creature  search
46 Pygmy Pyrosaur Creature  search
26 Revoke Existence Sorcery  search
29 Safe Passage Instant  search
17 Sawtooth Loon Creature  search
7 Scroll Thief Creature  search
67 Searing Blaze Instant  search
70 Seismic Strike Instant  search
36 Sejiri Refuge Land  search
25 Sigil of Sleep Enchantment  search
10 Sky Spirit Creature  search
9 Slith Strider Creature  search
37 Soaring Seacliff Land  search
22 Sphinx of Uthuun Creature  search
71 Spire Barrage Sorcery  search
30 Steel of the Godhead Enchantment  search
55 Stone Giant Creature  search
21 Sunblast Angel Creature  search
58 Torchling Creature  search
31 Vanish into Memory Instant  search
1 Venser, the Sojourner Planeswalker  search
T01 Venser, the Sojourner Emblem  search
73 Volley of Boulders Sorcery  search
68 Vulshok Battlegear Artifact  search
53 Vulshok Berserker Creature  search
66 Vulshok Morningstar Artifact  search
50 Vulshok Sorcerer Creature  search
11 Wall of Denial Creature  search
63 Wayfarer's Bauble Artifact  search
2 Whitemane Lion Creature  search
19 Windreaver Creature  search
Total price for whole set:

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