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Words of Power

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Words of Power: 20 cards
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29 Black Dog Character  search
22 Cover Me! Event  search
25 Deranged Diva Character  search
24 Dragged into the Deep Event  search
38 Eltdown Shards, Book of Hidden Things Support  search
36 George Rogers, Obsessed Devotee Character  search
37 Houngan Seydou, Remover of Obstacles Character  search
28 Infirmary Support  search
32 Knight of the Eclipse Character  search
39 Library of Pergamum, Place of Ancient Wisdom Support  search
30 Maleficium Event  search
40 Marcus Jamburg, Finder of Lost Things Character  search
33 Miranda Keeper, Antiquities Trader Character  search
35 O'Bannion's Ledger, Keeping Score Support  search
27 Research Assistant Character  search
31 Sarah Van Shaw, Lodge Warden Character  search
34 Sergeant Donnelly, Corrupt Cop Character  search
23 Shadowy Figure Character  search
26 Song of Suffering Support  search
21 Teodor Corvin, Guardian of the Faith Character  search

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