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Assault on Ulthuan

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Assault on Ulthuan: 60 cards
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36 Altar of Khaine Support  search
56 Ancient Map Tactic  search
19 Asuryan's Cleansing Tactic  search
40 Bathe in Blood Tactic  search
47 Battle Standard Support  search
53 Blood Frenzy Support  search
58 Boar Attack Tactic  search
CB6 Capital Board - Dark Elf Capital Board  search
CB5 Capital Board - High Elf Capital Board  search
5 Caradryan Unit  search
39 Chillwind Tactic  search
26 Cold One Knight Unit  search
29 Corsairs of Ghrond Unit  search
22 Dark Initiate Unit  search
28 Dark Sorceress Unit  search
38 Dark Visions Tactic  search
11 Defend Tor Aendris Quest  search
12 Dragon Mage Wakening Support  search
9 Dragon Prince Unit  search
1 Envoy from Averlorn Unit  search
17 Flames of the Phoenix Tactic  search
51 Foot of Gork Tactic  search
18 For Ulthuan! Tactic  search
20 Gift of Life Tactic  search
46 Gold Wizard Acolyte Unit  search
35 Har Ganeth Support  search
24 Harpies Unit  search
4 High Elf Spearmen Unit  search
21 High Elf's Disdain Tactic  search
8 Illyriel Unit  search
6 Initiate of Saphery Unit  search
57 Innovation Tactic  search
42 Invoke Khaine's Wrath Tactic  search
37 Lash the Prisoner! Tactic  search
30 Lokhir Fellheart Unit  search
7 Loremaster of Hoeth Unit  search
45 Lure Them Out Tactic  search
52 Maledictor of Tzeentch Unit  search
33 Mind Killer Support  search
27 Mortella Unit  search
44 Mountain Barracks Support  search
31 Night Raids Quest  search
32 Sack Tor Aendris Quest  search
50 Scrap Heap Support  search
25 Shades Unit  search
2 Shadow Warrior Unit  search
14 Shrine of Asuryan Support  search
43 Slayers of Karak Kadrin Unit  search
48 Surrender! Tactic  search
3 Sword Masters of Hoeth Unit  search
41 Take Captive! Tactic  search
16 Tear of Isha Tactic  search
15 Temple of Vaul Support  search
13 The Glittering Tower Support  search
55 Treasure Vaults Support  search
54 Tzeentch's Firestorm Tactic  search
10 Wake the Dragons Quest  search
23 Walking Sacrifice Unit  search
34 Word of Pain Support  search
49 Wyvern Rider Unit  search

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