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March of the Damned

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March of the Damned: 55 cards
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30 A Slave for Every Occasion Tactic  search
54 Beguile Tactic  search
27 Black Dragon Rider Unit  search
42 Blessed Spawning Tactic  search
39 Blood Shrine of Sotek Support  search
25 Blood Summoning Tactic  search
23 Bloodboil Fever Support  search
41 Born Predators Tactic  search
22 Bray Shaman Unit  search
36 Carnosaur Rider Unit  search
13 Citadel of Dusk Support  search
40 Cloak of Feathers Support  search
24 Cloying Quagmire Tactic  search
51 Corpse Cart Support  search
28 Corsair Raider Support  search
49 Countess Iseara Unit  search
43 Crypt Ghouls Unit  search
45 Drowned Zombies Unit  search
14 Elven Warship Support  search
47 Enraged Varghulf Unit  search
17 Forest Goblins Unit  search
15 From Beneath the Waves Tactic  search
9 Garden of Morr Support  search
6 Jade Acolyte Unit  search
55 Jezzail Team Unit  search
12 Keeper of the Flame Unit  search
2 Long Drong's Pirates Unit  search
37 Loqtza Unit  search
21 Lord of Change Unit  search
10 Manaan Take You! Tactic  search
5 Merciless Assault Tactic  search
50 Numberless Graves Support  search
3 Oathstone Support  search
53 Raise Dead Tactic  search
7 Rodrik's Raiders Unit  search
34 Saurus Warriors Unit  search
16 Savage Boyz Unit  search
38 Savage Rush Tactic  search
11 Sea Guard Captain Unit  search
26 Seasoned Corsair Unit  search
1 Serpent Slayer Unit  search
44 Skeletal Horde Unit  search
32 Skink Skirmishers Unit  search
31 Skinks of Sotek Unit  search
29 Slave Pen Support  search
33 Spawn of Itzl Unit  search
19 Spida Huntin' Tactic  search
46 Spirit Host Unit  search
35 Temple Guard Unit  search
52 The Screaming Banner Support  search
4 Tough as Nails Tactic  search
18 Troll Den Support  search
8 War Machine Emplacement Support  search
48 Wight Lord Unit  search
20 You's Bigga! Tactic  search

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