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Legends: 55 cards
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29 Archaon Legend  search
14 Armed to Da Teef Tactic  search
9 Azhag the Slaughterer Legend  search
18 Battle Wizard Unit  search
41 Black Horror Tactic  search
42 Bladewind Tactic  search
7 Blasting Charge Tactic  search
20 Blessed Hammer Support  search
10 Blind River Goblin Unit  search
53 Blood Dragon Knight Unit  search
31 Bloodletter Unit  search
13 Boar Chariot Support  search
21 Call for Reserves Tactic  search
54 Curse of Years Support  search
39 Dark Elf Assassin Unit  search
5 Dwarf Thunderer Unit  search
24 Ellyrian Knight Unit  search
27 Elven Steed Support  search
12 Frenzied Big 'Un Unit  search
8 Grom the Paunch Legend  search
1 Grombrindal Legend  search
26 Judgement of Loec Support  search
30 Kairos Fateweaver Legend  search
15 Karl Franz Legend  search
44 Kroxigor Unit  search
36 Malekith Legend  search
33 Marauder Chieftain Unit  search
28 Master of the Earth Tactic  search
40 Monster of the Deep Unit  search
37 Morathi Legend  search
34 Oozing Eye Support  search
25 Peerless Swordmistress Unit  search
19 Priest of Verena Unit  search
51 Protective Spites Support  search
11 Red 'Ead Boyz Unit  search
6 Rune of Cleaving Support  search
47 Screaming Bell Support  search
35 Seductive Delusion Tactic  search
49 Shadow Sentinel Unit  search
46 Stormvermin Unit  search
52 Swarm of Bats Unit  search
23 Teclis Legend  search
43 Terradon Rider Unit  search
17 The Black Guard Unit  search
38 Thief of Essence Unit  search
2 Thorgrim Grudgebearer Legend  search
45 Track the Prey Tactic  search
22 Tyrion Legend  search
4 Veteran Quarreler Unit  search
3 Veteran Slayer Unit  search
16 Volkmar the Grim Legend  search
32 Warhounds Unit  search
48 Warpstone Experiments Tactic  search
55 Watchtower Support  search
50 Wild Rider Unit  search

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