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Realm of the Phoenix King

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Realm of the Phoenix King: 20 cards
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23 Clockwork Horse Support  search
24 Dragon Caller Unit  search
32 Eataine War Room Support  search
38 For Us the Bell Tolls Tactic  search
27 Herald of Morai-Heg Unit  search
34 Horrific Favour Support  search
29 Ilthilmar Arrows Support  search
33 Inflame Tactic  search
21 Master Rune of Disguise Support  search
22 Mushroom Hunters Unit  search
31 Phoenix Ward Unit  search
40 Planning for War Quest  search
25 Sea Lord Aislinn Unit  search
36 Skavenslaves Unit  search
35 Spawn of Kintearer Unit  search
39 Spoils of War Support  search
37 Stag of the Sacred Glade Support  search
28 Star Dragon Unit  search
30 Straits of Lothern Support  search
26 White Lion Champion Unit  search

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