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Fragments of Power

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Fragments of Power: 20 cards
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33 Agent of Malekith Unit  search
25 Arachnarok Spider Unit  search
35 Arkayne Vampire Unit  search
27 Averheim Soldiers Unit  search
24 Blood Vengeance Support  search
26 Da Great Leader Tactic  search
37 Dance to Loec Tactic  search
36 Descendant of Gods Support  search
29 Ellyrian Patron Unit  search
28 Higher Learning Support  search
23 Master of Maps Unit  search
38 Snotling Invasion Quest  search
21 Star Crown Fragments Support  search
32 Stolen Skin Support  search
39 Summon the Reserves Quest  search
34 Swift-moving Storm Tactic  search
31 Sworn of Khorne Unit  search
30 Tor Elyr Support  search
22 Ungrim Baragor Legend  search
40 We Hates Them All Quest  search

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