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Cultist's Storyline

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Cultist's Storyline: 23 cards
sort arrow Name sort arrow Type sort arrow Rarity sort arrow  
1 Cultist's .44 Magnum Equipment  search
2 Cultist's Aire of Elation Action Modifier  search
3 Cultist's Arms Dealer Ally  search
4 Cultist's Assault Rifle Equipment  search
5 Cultist's Atonement Action  search
6 Cultist's Awe Action Modifier  search
7 Cultist's Blood Feast Action  search
8 Cultist's Bomb Equipment  search
9 Cultist's Combat Shotgun Equipment  search
10 Cultist's Creation Rite Action  search
11 Cultist's Enchant Kindred Action  search
12 Cultist's Enhanced Senses Reaction  search
13 Cultist's Entrancement Action  search
14 Cultist's Esgrima Master  search
22 Cultist's Flamethrower Equipment  search
15 Cultist's Guardian Angel Master  search
16 Cultist's Mind Rape Action  search
17 Cultist's Precognition Reaction  search
18 Cultist's Protracted Investment Master  search
19 Cultist's Revelations Action  search
20 Cultist's Survivalist Ally  search
21 Cultist's Tribute to the Master Master  search
23 Reverend Adams, Millennium Cultist Vampire  search

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