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v1.0 Limited

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v1.0 Limited: 374 cards
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1 "Armadillo" Armored Road Home Hardware  Uncommon  search
2 "Drifter" Mobile Environment Hardware  Uncommon  search
3 "Green Knight" Surge Buffers Hardware  Common  search
4 Aardvark Upgrade  Rare  search
5 Access through Alpha Resource  Rare  search
6 Access to Arasaka Resource  Vital  search
7 Access to Kiribati Resource  Vital  search
8 Accounts Receivable Operation  Common  search
9 ACME Savings and Loan Node  Uncommon  search
10 Afreet Program  Uncommon  search
11 AI Boon Program  Rare  search
12 AI Chief Financial Officer Agenda  Rare  search
13 All-Nighter Prep  Common  search
14 Annual Reviews Operation  Uncommon  search
15 Anonymous Tip Prep  Rare  search
16 Antiquated Interface Routines Upgrade  Uncommon  search
17 Arasaka Owns You Prep  Rare  search
18 Arasaka Portable Prototype Hardware  Rare  search
19 Armored Fridge Hardware  Uncommon  search
20 Artemis 2020 Hardware  Uncommon  search
21 Artificial Security Directors Agenda  Rare  search
22 Asp Ice  Common  search
23 Audit of Call Records Operation  Common  search
24 Aujourd'Oui Resource  Rare  search
25 Back Door to Hilliard Resource  Common  search
26 Back Door to Orbital Air Resource  Vital  search
27 Baedeker's Net Map Program  Common  search
28 Bakdoor [TM] Program  Uncommon  search
29 Ball and Chain Ice  Uncommon  search
30 Banpei Ice  Common  search
31 Bartmoss Memorial Icebreaker Program  Rare  search
32 BBS Whispering Campaign Node  Common  search
33 Bioweapons Engineering Agenda  Rare  search
34 Bizarre Encryption Scheme Upgrade  Uncommon  search
35 Black Dahlia Program  Vital  search
36 Black Ice Quality Assurance Agenda  Rare  search
37 Blink Program  Uncommon  search
38 Blood Cat Node  Rare  search
39 Boardwalk Program  Uncommon  search
40 Bodyweight [TM] Data Crèche Hardware  Rare  search
41 Bodyweight [TM] Synthetic Blood Prep  Uncommon  search
42 Bolter Cluster Ice  Common  search
43 Braindance Campaign Node  Common  search
44 Broker Resource  Common  search
45 Butcher Boy Program  Uncommon  search
46 Canis Major Ice  Uncommon  search
47 Canis Minor Ice  Uncommon  search
48 Cascade Program  Uncommon  search
49 Cerberus Ice  Common  search
50 Chance Observation Operation  Common  search
51 Chester Mix Upgrade  Rare  search
52 Chicago Branch Node  Uncommon  search
53 Chimera Upgrade  Rare  search
54 Cinderella Ice  Uncommon  search
55 City Surveillance Node  Rare  search
56 Cloak Program  Common  search
57 Closed Accounts Operation  Uncommon  search
58 Clown Program  Common  search
59 Cockroach Program  Uncommon  search
60 Code Corpse Ice  Uncommon  search
61 Code Viral Cache Resource  Rare  search
62 Codecracker Program  Vital  search
63 Codeslinger Program  Vital  search
64 Core Command: Jettison Ice Prep  Uncommon  search
65 Corolla Speed Chip Hardware  Common  search
66 Corporate Ally Resource  Rare  search
67 Corporate Boon Agenda  Vital  search
68 Corporate Coup Agenda  Vital  search
69 Corporate Detective Agency Operation  Uncommon  search
70 Corporate Downsizing Agenda  Vital  search
71 Corporate Negotiating Center Node  Rare  search
72 Corporate Retreat Agenda  Vital  search
73 Corporate War Agenda  Vital  search
74 Corprunner's Shattered Remains Node  Uncommon  search
75 Cortical Scanner Ice  Rare  search
76 Cortical Scrub Ice  Common  search
77 Cowboy Sysop Node  Uncommon  search
78 Crash Everett, Inventive Fixer Resource  Common  search
79 Crybaby Upgrade  Rare  search
80 Crystal Palace Station Grid Upgrade  Uncommon  search
81 Crystal Wall Ice  Common  search
82 Custodial Position Prep  Common  search
83 Cyfermaster [TM] Program  Vital  search
84 D' Arc Knight Ice  Common  search
85 Danshi's Second ID Resource  Uncommon  search
86 Data Darts Ice  Uncommon  search
87 Data Fort Reclamation Agenda  Vital  search
88 Data Masons Node  Rare  search
89 Data Naga Ice  Uncommon  search
90 Data Raven Ice  Uncommon  search
91 Data Wall Ice  Common  search
92 Data Wall 2.0 Ice  Common  search
93 Databroker Resource  Uncommon  search
94 Datapool(R) by Zetatech Operation  Uncommon  search
95 Day Shift Operation  Uncommon  search
96 Deal with Militech Prep  Rare  search
97 Dedicated Response Team Upgrade  Uncommon  search
98 Deep Thought Program  Rare  search
99 Department of Truth Enhancement Node  Uncommon  search
100 Dermatech Bodyplating Hardware  Uncommon  search
101 Desperate Competitor Prep  Rare  search
102 Detroit Police Contract Agenda  Vital  search
103 Dieter Esslin Upgrade  Rare  search
104 Diplomatic Immunity Resource  Rare  search
105 Disinfectant, Inc. Node  Rare  search
106 Dogcatcher Program  Uncommon  search
107 Dr. Dreff Upgrade  Uncommon  search
108 Dropp [TM] Program  Uncommon  search
109 Dupré Program  Rare  search
110 Dwarf Program  Common  search
111 Edgerunner, Inc., Temps Operation  Uncommon  search
112 Edited Shipping Manifests Prep  Common  search
113 Efficiency Experts Operation  Common  search
114 Emergency Self-Construct Program  Rare  search
115 Employee Empowerment Agenda  Vital  search
116 Encoder, Inc. Node  Rare  search
117 Encryption Breakthrough Agenda  Rare  search
118 Endless Corridor Ice  Rare  search
119 ESA Contract Node  Uncommon  search
120 Euromarket Consortium Node  Uncommon  search
121 Evil Twin Program  Rare  search
122 Executive Extraction Agenda  Rare  search
123 Executive Wiretaps Prep  Common  search
124 Experimental AI Node  Uncommon  search
125 Expert Schedule Analyzer Program  Uncommon  search
126 Fait Accompli Program  Uncommon  search
127 Fall Guy Resource  Vital  search
128 False Echo Program  Rare  search
129 Falsified-Transactions Expert Operation  Rare  search
130 Fang Ice  Common  search
131 Fang 2.0 Ice  Common  search
132 Fatal Attractor Ice  Rare  search
133 Fetch 4.0.1 Ice  Common  search
134 Field Reporter for Ice and Data Resource  Rare  search
135 Filter Ice  Common  search
136 Fire Wall Ice  Common  search
137 Flak Program  Uncommon  search
138 Floating Runner BBS Resource  Uncommon  search
139 Force Shield Program  Common  search
140 Forged Activation Orders Prep  Rare  search
141 Forgotten Backup Chip Prep  Common  search
142 Fortress Architects Node  Rare  search
143 Fortress Respecification Prep  Rare  search
144 Fragmentation Storm Ice  Uncommon  search
145 Full Body Conversion Hardware  Rare  search
146 Genetics-Visionary Acquisition Agenda  Rare  search
147 Gideon's Pawnshop Prep  Common  search
148 Gremlins Program  Uncommon  search
149 Grubb Program  Uncommon  search
150 Hacker Tracker Central Node  Uncommon  search
151 Hammer Program  Vital  search
152 Haunting Inquisition Ice  Rare  search
153 Hell's Run Resource  Uncommon  search
154 Holovid Campaign Node  Common  search
155 Homewrecker (TM) Ice  Common  search
156 Hostile Takeover Agenda  Vital  search
157 Hot Tip for WNS Prep  Rare  search
158 HQ Interface Hardware  Common  search
159 Hunt Club BBS Prep  Common  search
160 Hunter Ice  Uncommon  search
161 I Got a Rock Node  Rare  search
162 I Spy Program  Uncommon  search
163 Ice and Data's Guide to the Net Prep  Uncommon  search
164 Ice Pick Willie Ice  Common  search
165 Ice Transmutation Agenda  Vital  search
166 If You Want It Done Right... Prep  Common  search
167 Imp Program  Uncommon  search
168 Incubator Program  Rare  search
169 Information Laundering Node  Uncommon  search
170 Inside Job Prep  Uncommon  search
171 Investment Firm Node  Uncommon  search
172 Invisibility Program  Common  search
173 Jack 'n' Joe Prep  Common  search
174 Jack Attack Ice  Uncommon  search
175 Jackhammer Program  Vital  search
176 Japanese Water Torture Program  Rare  search
177 Jenny Jett Upgrade  Rare  search
178 Jerusalem City Grid Upgrade  Rare  search
179 Joan of Arc Program  Rare  search
180 Junkyard BBS Resource  Uncommon  search
181 Karl de Veres, Corporate Stooge Resource  Uncommon  search
182 Keeper Ice  Common  search
183 Kilroy Was Here Prep  Uncommon  search
184 Krash Program  Uncommon  search
185 Krumz Node  Rare  search
186 Laser Wire Ice  Rare  search
187 Leland, Corporate Bodyguard Resource  Common  search
188 Liche Ice  Uncommon  search
189 Lifesaver [TM] Nanosurgeons Hardware  Rare  search
190 Livewire's Contacts Prep  Common  search
191 Loan from Chiba Resource  Uncommon  search
192 Loony Goon Program  Vital  search
193 Lucidrine [TM] Booster Drug Prep  Uncommon  search
194 Main-Office Relocation Agenda  Vital  search
195 Management Shake-Up Operation  Common  search
196 Mantis, Fixer-at-Large Prep  Common  search
197 Marine Arcology Agenda  Vital  search
198 Mastiff Ice  Uncommon  search
199 Mazer Ice  Uncommon  search
200 Microtech 'Trode Set Hardware  Rare  search
201 Microtech AI Interface Program  Rare  search
202 Microtech Backup Drive Hardware  Common  search
203 Militech MRAM Chip Hardware  Uncommon  search
204 misc.for-sale Prep  Rare  search
205 MIT West Tier Prep  Rare  search
206 Mouse Program  Uncommon  search
207 MRAM Chip Hardware  Uncommon  search
208 Mystery Box Program  Rare  search
209 N.E.T.O. Resource  Rare  search
210 Namatoki Plaza Upgrade  Uncommon  search
211 Nasuko Cycle Hardware  Vital  search
212 Nerve Labyrinth Ice  Rare  search
213 Netspace Inverter Program  Rare  search
214 Netwatch Credit Voucher Operation  Common  search
215 Netwatch Operations Office Agenda  Vital  search
216 Neural Blade Ice  Common  search
217 Nevinyrral Node  Rare  search
218 New Blood Operation  Rare  search
219 New Galveston City Grid Upgrade  Rare  search
220 Newsgroup Filter Program  Uncommon  search
221 Newsgroup Taunting Node  Uncommon  search
222 Night Shift Operation  Common  search
223 Nomad Allies Resource  Vital  search
224 Off-Site Backups Operation  Uncommon  search
225 Olivia Salazar Upgrade  Uncommon  search
226 Omni Kismet, Ph.D. Upgrade  Rare  search
227 Omniscience Foundation Node  Uncommon  search
228 On-Call Solo Team Agenda  Vital  search
229 Open-Ended(R) Mileage Program Prep  Common  search
230 Organ Donor Prep  Rare  search
231 Overtime Incentives Operation  Uncommon  search
232 Pacifica Regional AI Node  Rare  search
233 Pandora's Deck Hardware  Uncommon  search
234 Paris City Grid Upgrade  Uncommon  search
235 Parraline 5750 Hardware  Common  search
236 Pattel's Virus Program  Uncommon  search
237 Pi in the 'Face Ice  Common  search
238 Pile Driver Program  Vital  search
239 PK-6089a Hardware  Common  search
240 Planning Consultants Operation  Common  search
241 Playful AI Prep  Rare  search
242 Pocket Virtual Reality Ice  Uncommon  search
243 Political Coup Agenda  Vital  search
244 Political Overthrow Agenda  Rare  search
245 Poltergeist Program  Rare  search
246 Polymer Breakthrough Agenda  Vital  search
247 Power Grid Overload Operation  Uncommon  search
248 Pox Program  Uncommon  search
249 Preying Mantis Resource  Rare  search
250 Priority Requisition Agenda  Vital  search
251 Priority Wreck Prep  Rare  search
252 Private Cybernet Police Agenda  Vital  search
253 Private LDL Access Prep  Uncommon  search
254 Project Babylon Agenda  Vital  search
255 Project Consultants Operation  Uncommon  search
256 Punitive Counterstrike Operation  Uncommon  search
257 Quandary Ice  Common  search
258 Quest for Cattekin Resource  Rare  search
259 R&D Interface Hardware  Common  search
260 R&D-Protocol Files Program  Uncommon  search
261 Rabbit Program  Uncommon  search
262 Raffles Program  Vital  search
263 Ramming Piston Program  Vital  search
264 Raptor Program  Vital  search
265 Raven Microcyb Eagle Hardware  Common  search
266 Raven Microcyb Owl Hardware  Uncommon  search
267 Razor Wire Ice  Rare  search
268 Record Reconstructor Hardware  Rare  search
269 Red Herrings Upgrade  Uncommon  search
270 Reflector Program  Rare  search
271 Reinforced Wall Ice  Rare  search
272 Remote Facility Node  Uncommon  search
273 Replicator Program  Uncommon  search
274 Rescheduler Node  Uncommon  search
275 Restrictive Net Zoning Resource  Uncommon  search
276 Rex Ice  Common  search
277 Rigged Investments Resource  Common  search
278 Rio de Janeiro City Grid Upgrade  Uncommon  search
279 Rock Is Strong Ice  Uncommon  search
280 Rockerboy Promotion Node  Common  search
281 Romp through HQ Prep  Uncommon  search
282 Ronin Around Resource  Rare  search
283 Roving Submarine Upgrade  Rare  search
284 Rustbelt HQ Branch Node  Uncommon  search
285 Scatter Shot Program  Rare  search
286 Schlaghund Node  Rare  search
287 Scorched Earth Operation  Uncommon  search
288 Score! Prep  Common  search
289 Scramble Ice  Common  search
290 Security Code WORM Chip Prep  Uncommon  search
291 Security Net Optimization Agenda  Vital  search
292 Security Purge Agenda  Rare  search
293 SeeYa Program  Common  search
294 Self-Modifying Code Program  Rare  search
295 Sentinels Prime Ice  Uncommon  search
296 Setup! Node  Common  search
297 Shaka Program  Vital  search
298 Shield Program  Common  search
299 Shock.r Ice  Uncommon  search
300 Short-Term Contract Resource  Common  search
301 Shotgun Wire Ice  Rare  search
302 Shredder Uplink Protocol Program  Uncommon  search
303 Signpost Program  Uncommon  search
304 Silicon Saloon Franchise Resource  Rare  search
305 Silver Lining Recovery Protocol Operation  Rare  search
306 Singapore City Grid Upgrade  Rare  search
307 Skalderviken SA Beta Test Site Node  Rare  search
308 Skivviss Program  Uncommon  search
309 Sleeper Ice  Common  search
310 Smarteye Program  Common  search
311 Smith's Pawnshop Resource  Uncommon  search
312 Sneak Preview Prep  Rare  search
313 Snowball Program  Rare  search
314 Social Engineering Prep  Uncommon  search
315 Solo Squad Node  Uncommon  search
316 South African Mining Corp Node  Uncommon  search
317 Speed Trap Program  Uncommon  search
318 Spinn(R) Public Relations Node  Common  search
319 Startup Immolator Program  Uncommon  search
320 Strike Force Kali Agenda  Rare  search
321 Stumble through Wilderspace Prep  Rare  search
322 Submarine Uplink Resource  Uncommon  search
323 Subsidiary Branch Agenda  Vital  search
324 Succubus Program  Rare  search
325 Superior Net Barriers Agenda  Rare  search
326 Synchronized Attack on HQ Prep  Rare  search
327 Systematic Layoffs Operation  Common  search
328 Team Restructuring Operation  Uncommon  search
329 Technician Lover Resource  Uncommon  search
330 Techtronica [TM] Utility Suit Hardware  Uncommon  search
331 Temple Microcode Outlet Prep  Common  search
332 Terrorist Reprisal Prep  Rare  search
333 Tesseract Fort Construction Upgrade  Rare  search
334 The Shell Traders Resource  Rare  search
335 The Short Circuit Resource  Common  search
336 The Springboard Resource  Common  search
337 Tinweasel Program  Vital  search
338 TKO 2.0 Ice  Common  search
339 Tokyo-Chiba Infighting Upgrade  Rare  search
340 Too Many Doors Ice  Rare  search
341 Top Runners' Conference Resource  Rare  search
342 Total Genetic Retrofit Prep  Rare  search
343 TRAP! Node  Uncommon  search
344 Trauma Team [TM] Resource  Uncommon  search
345 Triggerman Ice  Common  search
346 Trojan Horse Operation  Common  search
347 Turbeau Delacroix Upgrade  Uncommon  search
348 Tutor Ice  Rare  search
349 Twenty-Four-Hour Surveillance Upgrade  Rare  search
350 Tycho Extension Agenda  Vital  search
351 Tycho Mem Chip Hardware  Common  search
352 Umbrella Policy Resource  Uncommon  search
353 Urban Renewal Operation  Common  search
354 Vacant Soulkiller Node  Uncommon  search
355 Vacuum Link Ice  Rare  search
356 Valu-Pak Software Bundle Prep  Uncommon  search
357 Vapor Ops Node  Uncommon  search
358 Vewy Vewy Quiet Program  Common  search
359 Viral 15 Ice  Uncommon  search
360 Virizz Ice  Uncommon  search
361 Virus Test Site Node  Uncommon  search
362 Wall of Ice Ice  Rare  search
363 Wall of Static Ice  Common  search
364 Washington, D.C., City Grid Upgrade  Rare  search
365 Weather-to-Finance Pipe Prep  Uncommon  search
366 Wild Card Program  Vital  search
367 Wilson, Weeflerunner Apprentice Resource  Uncommon  search
368 Wizard's Book Program  Vital  search
369 Worm Program  Vital  search
370 WuTech Mem Chip Hardware  Common  search
371 Zetatech Mem Chip Hardware  Common  search
372 Zetatech Software Installer Program  Uncommon  search
373 Zombie Ice  Common  search
374 ZZ22 Speed Chip Hardware  Common  search

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