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Ken Mau Sekai

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Ken Mau Sekai: 90 cards
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83 Abrakadabra Magic/Burst  Common  search
42 Amazonis-Girl Spirit  Uncommon  search
44 Amazonis-Queen Spirit/Burst  Rare  search
73 Ardor Flame Spell  Common  search
3 Arjunas Spirit  Common  search
56 Aroundizar Brave/Burst  Rare  search
1 Bari-Burn Spirit  Common  search
74 Burst Sword Magic/Burst  Uncommon  search
38 Calmion-Cat Spirit  Common  search
11 Camelot Knight Spirit  Common  search
37 Capyppa Spirit  Common  search
14 Chainviper Spirit  Common  search
5 Drag-Krisnar Spirit/Burst  Rare  search
24 Elestera Spirit  Common  search
2 Fencer Dragon Spirit  Common  search
79 Freezing Parry Spell  Common  search
20 Giraffer Spirit  Common  search
57 Gyokuzeeg Brave/Burst  Master Rare  search
59 Horus-Jeter Brave  Uncommon  search
39 Irus-Bird Spirit  Common  search
26 Jadobaljar Spirit  Rare  search
60 Jinn-Arms Brave  Uncommon  search
23 Junebird Spirit  Common  search
36 King-Harald Spirit  Master Rare  search
80 Kveldúlfr Magic/Burst  Rare  search
29 Litten-Bikken Spirit  Common  search
54 Majin-Golem Spirit  Common  search
10 Mudoolo Spirit  Common  search
81 Nefer Uarbe Magic/Burst  Common  search
46 OryxThievs Spirit  Common  search
58 Osebering Brave/Burst  Common  search
21 Pixiefalco Spirit  Uncommon  search
25 Rai-Shuyu Spirit  Master Rare  search
33 Railgunfish Spirit  Uncommon  search
34 Red-Erik Spirit  Common  search
82 Reversible Spark Spell  Rare  search
50 Rhantegoth Spirit  Common  search
49 Roc-Aladdin Spirit/Burst  Master Rare  search
76 Round Table Knights Magic/Burst  Common  search
4 Ryu-Radha Spirit  Common  search
13 Smokujira Spirit  Common  search
75 Strangle Fog Spell  Rare  search
28 Stream-Caribou Spirit  Common  search
9 Swordmaster-Dragon Spirit  Master Rare  search
22 Tarzania Great Spirit/Burst  Rare  search
19 Terimuck Spirit  Common  search
18 The AmethystSnake Zaum Spirit  Uncommon  search
41 The Angelia Grayel Spirit  Common  search
52 The ArabianKnight Sind-Bird Spirit  Rare  search
X06 The ArabianNightEmpress Sahrzad Spirit  X Rare  search
47 The BattleBeast Camerune Spirit  Common  search
48 The BearMan Ratesied Spirit  Common  search
65 The Beast Paradise Nexus  Common  search
X05 The BeautyHero Cleopatras Spirit/Burst  X Rare  search
12 The DarkKnight Aglovale Spirit  Common  search
16 The DarkKnight Lancelot Spirit/Burst  Master Rare  search
15 The DarkKnight Palomides Spirit  Uncommon  search
35 The DiamondBattleship Drednorg Spirit  Uncommon  search
61 The Divine Flame Takamagahara Nexus  Rare  search
27 The EmeraldBird Aldeed Spirit  Uncommon  search
63 The Evil Grail Nexus  Common  search
X03 The FangEmperor Byakgalord-Sonken Spirit  X Rare  search
68 The Faraway Ground Nexus  Uncommon  search
31 The FertileGodess Gefion Spirit  Common  search
67 The Freezing Fjord Nexus  Common  search
66 The Fruit of Saint Tree Nexus  Common  search
17 The HellSoarBeast Fur-Fool Spirit  Common  search
X02 The KnightHero Swordius-Arthur Spirit/Burst  X Rare  search
64 The Lake of the Dead Nexus  Uncommon  search
72 The Lamp of Wish Nexus  Common  search
71 The Opened Rock Door Nexus  Common  search
51 The PantherMan Alibaba Spirit  Uncommon  search
69 The Range of Royal Crypts Nexus  Common  search
8 The RubyDragon Volgand Spirit  Uncommon  search
43 The SacredBeast Seg Spirit  Master Rare  search
53 The SapphireHydra Shtrodorm Spirit  Uncommon  search
40 The Shaman Rio Spirit  Common  search
X01 The SwordHero Sieg-Susano-Fried Spirit/Burst  X Rare  search
45 The TopazQueen Felneit Spirit  Uncommon  search
70 The Unexplored City in Jungle Nexus  Common  search
62 The Wandering Sky Temple Nexus  Common  search
X04 The WolfMachineDeity Ragna-Fenrir Spirit  X Rare  search
30 Todorl Spirit  Common  search
84 Triangle Ban Spell  Rare  search
6 Tsukuyomidragoon Spirit  Uncommon  search
7 Vajranga Spirit  Common  search
32 Viking-Leiv Spirit/Burst  Master Rare  search
78 War Cry Magic/Burst  Uncommon  search
77 Wild Wing Spell  Common  search
55 Yasakani-Wing Brave  Common  search

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