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Lost Rites

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Lost Rites: 20 cards
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72 Abhorrent Spore Support  search
63 Brother James Xavier, The Jesuit Character  search
70 Combing the Archives Conspiracy  search
62 Daemonolatreia, Witchhunter's Guide Support  search
66 Danni Devine, Mercurial and Mischievous Character  search
64 Descendent of Yig Character  search
75 Fence Character  search
78 Feral Elder Thing Character  search
71 Into The Woods Conspiracy  search
61 Jenica Capra, Police Psychic Character  search
79 Library of Ebla, The First Library of Man Support  search
73 Lodge Neophyte Character  search
76 Lookout Character  search
67 Maureen de Garmeaux, Method Actress Character  search
74 O.E.S. Ring Support  search
80 Professor Zeus, Shrewd Archivist Character  search
77 Servant to the Elder Things Character  search
68 The King In Yellow Folio, Cursed Manuscript Support  search
65 The Warrens, Despair-ridden Tenement Support  search
69 Watchful Naturalist Character  search

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