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The Accursed Dead

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The Accursed Dead: 20 cards
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44 Ancient Vengeance Support  search
57 Arcane Power Tactic  search
60 Beastman Incursion Quest  search
55 Bladesinger Unit  search
56 Drakenhof Castle Support  search
59 Hidden Operative Quest  search
54 Jealous Eyes Tactic  search
42 Kurt Helborg Legend  search
45 Lion Standard Unit  search
46 Purged By Flame Tactic  search
58 Rebuild the Hold Quest  search
43 Reckless Engineer Unit  search
50 Red Arrow Coach Support  search
52 Rift of Battle Support  search
49 Roaming Shaman Unit  search
51 Stricken Warrior Unit  search
41 The Liber Mortis Support  search
53 Treasure Thieves Unit  search
48 Valley of Many Eyes Support  search
47 War Boar Unit  search

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