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Rise of the Duel Masters

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Rise of the Duel Masters: 182 cards
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67 Acid-Tongue Chimera Creature  Uncommon  search
133 Ambush Scorpion Creature  Common  search
34 Aqua Commando Creature  Uncommon  search
35 Aqua Knight Creature  Rare  search
36 Aqua Seneschal Creature  Common  search
37 Aqua Soldier Creature  Common  search
1 Argus, Viligant Seer Creature  Common  search
2 Astinos, the Cloud Knight Creature  Rare  search
100 Badlands Lizard Creature  Uncommon  search
101 Barrage Spell  Uncommon  search
S13 Bestial Rage Tatsurion Creature  Super Rare  search
68 Black Feather of Shadow Abyss Creature  Rare  search
102 Blastforge Slaver Creature  Uncommon  search
103 Blaze Belcher Creature  Common  search
3 Blinder Beetle Creature  Common  search
104 Bolgash Dragon Creature  Very Rare  search
105 Bolshack Dragon Creature  Rare  search
106 Bolt-Tail Dragon Creature  Rare  search
69 Bone Blades Spell  Common  search
70 Brain Squirmer Creature  Common  search
134 Brave Giant Creature  Uncommon  search
135 Breach the Veil Spell  Uncommon  search
136 Bronze-Arm Tribe Creature  Common  search
38 Buoyant Blowfish Creature  Common  search
137 Carnivorous Dahlia Creature  Uncommon  search
107 Comet Missile Spell  Common  search
4 Covering Fire Spell  Common  search
S10 Crimson Wyvern Creature  Super Rare  search
39 Crystal Memory Spell  Rare  search
5 Current Charger Creature  Rare  search
71 Dark Return Spell  Uncommon  search
D1 Dark Scaradorable Creature  Super Rare  search
S7 Death Liger, Lion of Chaos Creature  Super Rare  search
72 Death Smoke Spell  Uncommon  search
138 Deathblade Beetle Creature  Very Rare  search
S8 Diabrost, Shadow Marshal Creature  Super Rare  search
108 Draglide the Swiftest Creature  Common  search
109 Drakon Weaponsmith Creature  Common  search
73 Draxar, the Soul Crusher Creature  Common  search
74 Dream Pirate Creature  Uncommon  search
139 Drifting Toadstool Creature  Uncommon  search
S14 Earthstomp Giant Creature  Super Rare  search
140 Essence Elf Creature  Uncommon  search
141 Fear Fang Creature  Common  search
40 Finbarr, Council of Logos Creature  Uncommon  search
110 Flame Aura Spell  Common  search
111 Flametropus Creature  Rare  search
41 Fluorogill Manta Creature  Common  search
142 Forest Hornet Creature  Common  search
42 Frogzooka Creature  Uncommon  search
75 Fumes Creature  Common  search
143 Gasbag Creature  Common  search
112 Gatling Skyterror Creature  Common  search
144 Gigahorn Charger Creature  Rare  search
76 Gigargon Creature  Rare  search
77 Gigastand Creature  Uncommon  search
113 Gilaflame the Assaulter Creature  Very Rare  search
78 Gorgeon, Shadow of Gluttony Creature  Uncommon  search
6 Grand Gure, Tower Keeper Creature  Very Rare  search
79 Grave Scrounger Creature  Common  search
80 Grave Worm Hatchling Creature  Common  search
7 Halon Creature  Uncommon  search
43 Hokira, Council of Logos Creature  Rare  search
81 Horrid Stinger Creature  Uncommon  search
S4 Hovercraft Glu-urrgle Creature  Super Rare  search
44 Hydro Spy Creature  Uncommon  search
45 Hydrobot Crab Creature  Uncommon  search
114 Hyperspeed Dragon Creature  Rare  search
46 Ice Blade Spell  Common  search
47 Ice Launcher Creature  Common  search
8 Jade Monitor Creature  Common  search
145 Karate Carrot Creature  Uncommon  search
9 Keeper of Clouds Creature  Uncommon  search
10 Keeper of Dawn Creature  Rare  search
11 Keeper of Twilight Creature  Rare  search
115 Kenina the Igniter Creature  Common  search
48 King Bullfang Creature  Rare  search
49 King Coral Creature  Rare  search
50 King Nautilus Creature  Very Rare  search
51 King Pontias Creature  Uncommon  search
S5 King Tsunami Creature  Super Rare  search
52 Knowledge Warden Creature  Common  search
82 Kronkos, General of Fear Creature  Rare  search
146 Launcher Locust Creature  Rare  search
116 Legionnaire Lizard Creature  Rare  search
117 Little Hissy Creature  Uncommon  search
12 Logic Cube Spell  Uncommon  search
53 Logos Scan Spell  Common  search
13 Luminar Creature  Common  search
118 Magma Madness Spell  Rare  search
14 Magris the Magnetizer Creature  Common  search
147 Mana Storm Spell  Rare  search
148 Manabind Spell  Rare  search
83 Marrow Ooze Creature  Common  search
S9 Megaria, the Collector Creature  Super Rare  search
54 Memory Swarm Creature  Common  search
S11 Meteor Dragon Creature  Super Rare  search
119 Meteosaur Creature  Uncommon  search
55 Midnight Crawler Creature  Very Rare  search
149 Mighty Shouter Creature  Very Rare  search
56 Milporo, Council of Logos Creature  Rare  search
120 Moorna, Gatling Dragon Creature  Very Rare  search
15 Nimbus Scout Creature  Common  search
121 Om Nom Nom Creature  Uncommon  search
16 Orbital Observer Creature  Uncommon  search
122 Overcharge Spell  Uncommon  search
17 Paladio, Patrol Leader Creature  Uncommon  search
18 Perimeter Drone Creature  Uncommon  search
19 Portal Tech Spell  Rare  search
150 Power Surge Spell  Uncommon  search
57 Predict Spell  Common  search
123 Pyro Trooper Creature  Common  search
84 Quakes the Unclean Creature  Common  search
58 Queen Orion Creature  Very Rare  search
S1 Ra-Vu, Seeker of Lightning Creature  Super Rare  search
S2 Radiant, the Lawbringer Creature  Super Rare  search
151 Raging Goliant Creature  Uncommon  search
20 Rally the Reserves Spell  Uncommon  search
152 Razorhide Creature  Common  search
85 Razorkinder Puppet Creature  Very Rare  search
21 Razorpine Tree Creature  Rare  search
153 Red-Eye Scorpion Creature  Rare  search
59 Reef Prince Glu-urrgle Creature  Rare  search
60 Reef-Eye Creature  Common  search
22 Regroup Spell  Uncommon  search
154 Return to the Soil Spell  Common  search
155 Roaming Bloodmane Creature  Very Rare  search
124 Rock Bite Spell  Common  search
156 Root Trap Spell  Rare  search
86 Roton the Destroyer Creature  Rare  search
157 Rumbling Terrasaur Creature  Common  search
87 Rupture Spider Creature  Uncommon  search
61 Rusalka, Aqua Chaser Creature  Uncommon  search
S3 Sasha, Channeler of Light Creature  Super Rare  search
88 Scaradorable of Gloom Hollow Creature  Rare  search
89 Scaradorable the Hunter Creature  Very Rare  search
23 Seer Serpent Creature  Very Rare  search
24 Shaw K'Naw Creature  Rare  search
158 Shell Dome Creature  Rare  search
125 Simian Trooper Grash Creature  Common  search
90 Skeeter Swarmer Creature  Common  search
91 Skull Cutter Creature  Common  search
92 Skull Shatter Spell  Rare  search
126 Skycrusher's Elite Creature  Rare  search
127 Snaptongue Lizard Creature  Uncommon  search
159 Sniper Mosquito Creature  Common  search
93 Specter Claw Spell  Common  search
160 Splinterclaw Wasp Creature  Rare  search
161 Sprout Spell  Common  search
62 Spy Mission Spell  Uncommon  search
25 Spyweb Scurrier Creature  Uncommon  search
26 Stalker Sphere Creature  Common  search
162 Stampeding Longhorn Creature  Rare  search
27 Starlight Strategist Creature  Rare  search
63 Steam Star Grapplog Creature  Common  search
128 Stonesaur Creature  Common  search
28 Stormspark Blast Spell  Rare  search
29 Strobe Flash Spell  Uncommon  search
30 Sun-Stalk Seed Creature  Common  search
31 Sunshock Spell  Common  search
129 Super Bazooka Volcanodon Creature  Uncommon  search
S12 Tatsurion the Unchained Creature  Super Rare  search
64 Teleport Spell  Uncommon  search
94 Terror Pit Spell  Rare  search
163 The Great Arena Creature  Uncommon  search
164 Thorny Creeper Creature  Common  search
65 Thought Probe Spell  Rare  search
165 Three-Eyed Dragonfly Creature  Common  search
32 Thunder Cruiser Creature  Common  search
130 Tornado Flame Spell  Rare  search
131 Tracer Rounds Spell  Rare  search
95 Trox, General of Destruction Creature  Very Rare  search
33 Urth, the Overlord Creature  Very Rare  search
66 Veil Vortex Spell  Rare  search
96 Venom Worm Creature  Common  search
97 Voidwing Creature  Rare  search
132 Vorg Creature  Common  search
S6 Waterspout Gargoyle Creature  Super Rare  search
D2 Wrist-Rockets Tatsurion Creature  Super Rare  search
98 Writhing Bone Ghoul Creature  Uncommon  search
S15 Xeno Mantis Creature  Super Rare  search
99 Zagaan, the Bone Knight " Creature  Rare  search

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