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Ghost Files

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Ghost Files: 211 cards
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87-176 "Lucky" Winners Event  search
94-176 A Man's Promise Event  ST  search
52-176 Abnormal Endurance Event  search
84-176 All For One and One For All Event  search
53-176 Alley Fight for Eikichi Event  search
20-22 Angel Blades Technique  TS  search
138-176 Armor of Clay Item  search
142-176 Armor of the Ape Technique  search
165-176 Armor of the Hyena Technique  ST  search
143-176 Axe-Blade Fist Technique  search
113-176 Backyard Dummy Item  search
1-22 Bakken Villain  TC  search
131-176 Bamboo Item  ST  search
140-176 Banshee Shriek Item  search
157-176 Banzai Missile Technique  search
128-176 Baseball Bat Item  ST  search
6-22 Batting Practice Event  TC  search
7-22 Befriend Event  TC  search
95-176 Botan's Healing Event  ST  search
129-176 Botan's Oar Item  ST  search
37-176 Bui Villain  ST  search
178-176 Burst of Power Event  search
104-176 Busted Event  search
12-22 Byakko Villain  TR  search
12-176 Chinpoh, the Wanderer Hero  search
6-176 Chu Villain/Team Leader  ST  search
10-176 Chu, the Team Captain Villain/Team Leader  search
167-176 Circles of Inferno Technique  ST  search
54-176 Climactic Finish Event  search
114-176 Combat Knives Item  search
116-176 Communication Mirror/Pocket Communicator Item  search
55-176 Deadly Attack Event  search
119-176 Deadly Ninja Throwing Stars Item  search
15-22 Death of a Hero Event  TR  search
175-176 Death Plant Technique  search
56-176 Defensive Posture Event  search
117-176 Demon Compass Item  search
108-176 Demonic Tricks Event  search
96-176 Desperate Decision Event  ST  search
144-176 Desperate Temper Technique  search
109-176 Double Teaming Event  search
7-176 Dr. Ichigaki Villain/Team Leader  ST  search
85-176 Dr. Ichigaki's Control Event  search
174-176 Dragon of the Darkness Flame Technique  search
57-176 Efflux Event  search
38-176 Elder Toguro Villain  ST  search
1-0 Epic Tales Event  search
58-176 Evil Tendencies Event  search
97-176 Feast of Souls Event  ST  search
59-176 Fervor of Fury Event  search
130-176 Fishing Pole Item  ST  search
158-176 Fists of the Mortal Flame Technique  search
60-176 Flurry of Blows Event  search
13-176 Gama Villain  search
15-176 Gatasubal Villain  search
2-22 Genbu Villain  TC  search
1-3 Genkai Hero  search
49-176 Genkai, The Young Hero  search
16-176 Gokumonki Villain  search
98-176 Good Ref Event  ST  search
3-22 Gouki Villain  TC  search
18-22 Grand Victory Event  TS  search
145-176 Grizzly Claw Technique  search
62-176 Guru of Engagement Event  search
179-176 Halt! Event  search
19-22 Headband of Love Item  TS  search
146-176 Headbutt Technique  search
63-176 Heroic Team Event  search
39-176 Hiei Hero  ST  search
64-176 Hiei's Sword Mastery Event  search
32-176 Hiei, the Swordsman Hero  search
17-176 Hirue Villain  search
122-176 Hospital Bed Item  search
180-176 I'm Callin' You Out! Event  search
21-22 Ice Blade Item  TU  search
147-176 Ice Dragon Technique  search
115-176 Idunn Box Item  search
14-176 Imajin Villain  search
65-176 Improvised Weapon Event  search
18-176 Inmaki Villain  search
99-176 Investigation Event  ST  search
148-176 Jagan Eye Technique  search
33-176 Jin Villain  search
19-176 Jyaki Villain  search
40-176 Karasu Villain  ST  search
22-22 Katana Item  TU  search
105-176 Kayko's Promise Event  search
20-176 Kazamaru Villain  search
21-176 Kibano Villain  search
66-176 Kidnapping Event  search
86-176 Kitty Love Event  search
100-176 Koenma's Opening Event  ST  search
41-176 Kurama Hero  ST  search
13-22 Kurama, Reformed Demon Hero  TR  search
34-176 Kuro Momotaru Villain  search
22-176 Kuroda, Contract Killer Villain  search
42-176 Kuwabara Hero  ST  search
35-176 Kuwabara, Street Fighter Hero  search
4-4 Life Threads Technique  search
16-22 Lost Event  TR  search
43-176 M1 Hero  ST  search
44-176 M2 Hero  ST  search
45-176 M3 Hero  ST  search
123-176 Makai Whistle Item  search
149-176 Make-up of Chains Technique  search
4-22 Makintaro Villain  TC  search
88-176 Masterful Speed Event  search
68-176 Maze Castle Event  search
159-176 Meteor Charge Technique  search
69-176 Mistaken Fatality Event  search
23-176 Miyuki Villain  search
24-176 Mushashi Hero  search
101-176 No Mercy Event  ST  search
141-176 Ogre Killer Item  search
23-22 Orb of Baast Item  TG  search
71-176 Overexertion Event  search
61-176 Overpowered Event  search
89-176 Overwhelming Kill Event  search
106-176 Party Time Event  search
2-4 Perfect Balance Event  search
72-176 Physical Intensification Event  search
168-176 Power of Love Technique  ST  search
132-176 Power Serum Item  ST  search
166-176 Power Slam Technique  ST  search
110-176 Power Strike Event  search
150-176 Prism of Seven Technique  search
10-22 Prism Storm of Torment Technique  TC  search
73-176 Protective Restraint Event  search
118-176 Psychic Spyglass Item  search
36-176 Rando Villain  search
102-176 Rando Appears Event  ST  search
90-176 Rash Brawling Event  search
133-176 Really Big Axe Item  ST  search
111-176 Recuperation Event  search
151-176 Reduction Technique  search
160-176 Renkinyoujutsu Technique  search
161-176 Reversal Technique  search
46-176 Rinku Villain  ST  search
1-176 Risho Villain/Team Leader  search
4-176 Risho, Butajiri's Henchman Villain/Team Leader  search
74-176 Rokuyukai Advantage Event  search
134-176 Rose Whip Item  ST  search
17-22 Rose Whip Thorn Wheel Technique  TR  search
152-176 Rose Whiplash Technique  search
47-176 Roto Villain  ST  search
25-176 Rugby Villain  search
75-176 Sabotage Event  search
2-3 Sacrifice of Life Event  search
139-176 School Girl Outfit Item  search
5-22 Seiryu Villain  TC  search
135-176 Senseless Helmet Item  ST  search
136-176 Serpent Yo-Yos Item  ST  search
124-176 Shadow Sword Item  search
169-176 Shards of Winter Technique  ST  search
170-176 Shibattou Shining Sword Technique  ST  search
70-176 Shinobi Disguise Event  search
8-22 Shinobi of the Spirit World Event  TC  search
26-176 Shishi Wakamaru Villain  search
50-176 Shishi Wakamaru, Soul Stealer Villain  search
27-176 Shorin Villain  search
153-176 Shotgun Technique  search
91-176 Signature Moves Event  search
1-4 Singing Potential Event  search
11-22 Slice, Dice, and Incise Technique  TC  search
28-176 Spider Demon Villain  search
125-176 Spirit Beast Egg Item  search
126-176 Spirit Cuffs Item  search
76-176 Spirit Dump Event  search
171-176 Spirit Fist Technique  ST  search
154-176 Spirit Gun Double Technique  search
155-176 Spirit Gun Focus Technique  search
172-176 Spirit Palm Blast Technique  ST  search
137-176 Spirit Ring Item  ST  search
162-176 Spirit Sword Double Technique  search
173-176 Spirit Sword Monster Beast Donut Technique  ST  search
163-176 Spirit Wave Technique  search
77-176 Spiritual Safeguard Event  search
127-176 Steaming Sphere Item  search
156-176 Storm of Torment Technique  search
103-176 Stunned Event  ST  search
112-176 Substitute Event  search
2-176 Suzaku Villain/Team Leader  search
11-176 Suzaku, Makai Master Villain/Team Leader  search
3-176 Suzuka Villain/Team Leader  search
176-176 Sword of the Darkness Flame Technique  search
120-176 Tape of the Mission Item  search
78-176 Teamwork Event  search
79-176 Tears of Blood Event  search
80-176 The Best Defense is... Event  search
107-176 The Genkai Bunch Event  search
29-176 The Minotaur Villain  search
14-22 The White Mist Event  TR  search
81-176 Theft in the Dark Event  search
82-176 Time Out Event  search
164-176 Tornado Fists Technique  search
30-176 Touya Villain  search
51-176 Touya, the Ice Master Villain  search
121-176 Trace-Eyes Item  search
92-176 Transcendent Might Event  search
93-176 Ultimate Test Event  search
9-22 Unconsious Event  TC  search
3-4 Under Pressure Event  search
31-176 Ura Urashima Villain  search
3-3 Verruca Item  search
83-176 Weapons Master Event  search
8-176 Younger Toguro Villain/Team Leader  ST  search
177-176 Younger Toguro, Latent Warrior Villain/Team Leader  search
9-176 Yusuke Hero/Team Leader  ST  search
5-176 Yusuke, Resurrected Hero/Team Leader  search
48-176 Zeru Villain  ST  search
67-176 Zombies on the Hunt Event  search

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