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Exile: 218 cards
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74 Abide Event  search
144 Aerial Kick Technique  search
11 All You Need is the Ground Event  search
122 Amanuma, Resurrected Hero  search
75 Amidst Event  search
T-7 An Old Demon Rises Event  TR  search
25 Angelic Embrace Event  search
145 Arm Blast Technique  search
26 Awaken Event  search
T-8 Awestruck Event  TR  search
63 Ayame, King Yama's Messenger Hero  search
158 Baldok, Winged Fiend Villain  search
P-3 Banished Event  search
76 Bizarre! Event  search
180 Black Inferno Technique  ST  search
135 Botan's Orb Item  search
27 Breaking Point Event  search
47 Bu-Wha-Ha-Ha-Ha! Event  search
77 Bui's Fighting Stance Event  search
28 Bui's Final Strike Event  search
T-21 Byakko, Feline Warrior Villain  TC  search
29 Carnage Event  search
146 Cataclysmic Slam Technique  search
30 Challenge of Wills Event  search
T-9 Chaos Event  TR  search
147 Choke Hold Technique  search
174 Chu, 13th Fighter Hero/Villain/Team Leader  ST  search
P-5 Coalition Event  search
L-1 Code Event  search
T-2 Concealed Darkness Event  TU  search
78 Concealed Spirit Energy Event  search
31 Congregate Event  search
T-10 Consumed Event  TR  search
48 Continue? Event  search
79 Counterparts Event  search
32 Crucial Encounter Event  search
80 Dark Artifacts Event  search
136 Deleterious Bomb Item  search
33 Delude Event  search
49 Demon Gene Event  search
81 Demon Unleashed Event  search
82 Demonic Clash Event  search
34 Demonic Presence Event  search
83 Demonic Resurrection Event  search
148 Demonic Spirit Gun Technique  search
T-4 Demoralized Event  TS  search
84 Denied! Event  search
85 Destined Gathering Event  search
35 Destructive Lust Event  search
149 Devastating Slash Technique  search
86 Disintegrate Event  search
T-18 Double Finger Block Technique  TC  search
87 Double Slash Event  search
T-5 Dragon's Victory Event  TS  search
137 Emotional Shackles Item  search
L-9 Energy Spiral Technique  search
88 Evolution Stage 1 Event  search
89 Evolution Stage 2 Event  search
150 Fatal Blow Technique  search
90 Feeding Frenzy Event  search
91 Final Charge Event  search
168 Fire Seal Item  ST  search
151 Fist of Fury Technique  search
152 Flames of Power Technique  search
12 Flee Event  search
153 Flying Kick Technique  search
169 Fruit of the Previous Life Item  ST  search
123 Fubuki Satou Hero  search
67 Gama, Devoted Artist Hero/Villain  search
T-14 Game Machine Item  TC  search
68 Genkai, Fighter in Love Hero/Villain  search
175 Genkai, Spirit Guide Hero/Team Leader  ST  search
92 Glaring Evil Event  search
13 Gloom Event  search
93 Good Times Event  search
14 Grand Entrance Event  search
22 Hasty Slash Technique  search
P-2 Hatred Event  search
94 Hiei's Emotional Slash Event  search
L-4 Hiei, Arrogant Demon Hero  search
142 Hiei, Charming Goth Hero/Team Leader  search
177 Hiei, the Vanquisher Villain/Team Leader  ST  search
159 Hiei, Villain Demon Villain  search
160 Himatsubushi, Evil Spirit Villain  search
1 Horrified Event  search
154 Improvised Attack Technique  search
155 Improvised Defense Technique  search
2 In Shadow Event  search
95 Insect Invasion Event  search
36 Intensive Training Event  search
37 Intimidate Event  search
139 Invincible Bombs Item  search
161 Itsuki, Distressed Lover Villain  search
64 Kaisei Satou Hero  search
176 Kayko, Mature Beauty Hero/Team Leader  ST  search
96 Kazuya's Malevolent Glare Event  search
97 King's Conflict Event  search
162 Kirin, Loyal Sentinal Villain  search
50 Kiss of Legend Event  search
L-5 Koenma, Loyal Friend Hero  search
L-6 Kurama, Gloomy Shadow Hero  search
T-12 Kurama, Loving Friend Hero/Team Leader  TR  search
124 Kurama, Prepared Fighter Hero  search
98 Kuroko's Power Strike Event  search
T-17 Kuroko, Former Spirit Detective Hero/Team Leader  TC  search
99 Kuwabara's Emotional Slash Event  search
171 Kuwabara, Charming Lackey Hero/Team Leader  ST  search
L-7 Kuwabara, Old Rival Hero  search
125 Kuwabara, Young Friend Hero  search
38 Later Event  search
71 Lu, Brute Mercenary Villain  search
138 Magical Drink Item  search
100 Making the News Event  search
P-1 Malefic Grenade Item  search
101 Malevolent Apprentice Event  search
39 Malevolent Influence Event  search
102 Malevolent Strike Event  search
103 Malicious Children Event  search
104 Meltdown Event  search
3 Meow Event  search
126 Minori Kamiya, Body Shifter Hero  search
105 Misguided Bandits Event  search
106 Mock Event  search
107 Mourn Event  search
L-8 Mr. Yukimura, Friendly Chef Hero  search
40 Mukuro's Unforgiving Glare Event  search
18 Mukuro, Enslaved Soul (Lower Left) Hero/Villain/Team Leader  search
19 Mukuro, Enslaved Soul (Lower Right) Hero/Villain/Team Leader  search
T-1 Mukuro, Enslaved Soul (Upper Left) Hero/Villain/Team Leader  TG  search
9 Mukuro, Enslaved Soul (Upper Right) Hero/Villain/Team Leader  search
108 Narrow Escape Event  search
109 Nausea Event  search
140 Nekotama, Fierce Tiger Neutral  search
141 Ookii Kouckuu, Indestructible Goliath Neutral  search
170 Ootake, Captain Hero/Team Leader  ST  search
P-4 Peek! Event  search
41 Perfect Timing Event  search
L-10 Piercing Beam Technique  search
5 Powerful Demons Event  search
T-6 Purgatory Event  TS  search
110 Raise Your Team IQ Event  search
163 Rando, Demonic Spirit Villain  search
15 Reckless Charge Event  search
6 Regeneration Event  search
T-3 Rejected! Event  TU  search
T-11 Remember Us? Event  TR  search
L-2 Remembrance Event  search
111 Renounce Event  search
T-13 Resurgence of Power Event  TC  search
127 Rinbai Hero  search
112 Rinku's Rush Event  search
42 Rose Petal Shower Event  search
T-15 Rose Petals Item  TC  search
128 Ryuuhi Hero  search
164 Sakyo, Sadistic Creature Villain  search
T-19 Scatter Shot Technique  TC  search
156 Sensui's Spirit Sphere Technique  search
143 Sensui, Resshuuken Armor Villain/Team Leader  search
178 Sensui, Sacred Armor Villain/Team Leader  ST  search
T-16 Shackles Item  TC  search
166 Shigure, Cool Mercenary Villain  search
165 Shigure, Skilled Slayer Villain  search
72 Shishi, Cute Devil Villain  search
130 Shizuru, Gifted Seer Hero  search
131 Shougo Satou, Palm Reader Hero  search
167 Shoutenki, Green Demon Villain  search
65 Shunjun Hero  search
179 Shura, Loving Son Villain/Team Leader  ST  search
129 Sourai Hero  search
23 Spin Kick Technique  search
113 Spirit Absorption Event  search
24 Spirit Dragon Technique  search
T-20 Spirit Flare Technique  TC  search
43 Spirit Force Emerges Event  search
44 Spirit Force Starter Event  search
114 Stalk Event  search
181 Stone Toss Technique  ST  search
51 Surrender Event  search
73 Suzaku, Lightning Master Villain  search
115 Swift Moves Event  search
116 Take Me! Event  search
52 Team Genkai's Support Event  search
53 Team Ichigaki's Devastation Event  search
54 Team Koenma's Support Event  search
55 Team Kurama's Support Event  search
56 Team Masho's Overwhelming Power Event  search
57 Team Raizen's Support Event  search
58 Team Rokuyukai's Hidden Power Event  search
59 Team Saint Beasts Advantage Event  search
60 Team Toguro's Surprise Event  search
61 Team Urameshi's Support Event  search
62 Team Uraotogi on the Hunt Event  search
117 Test of Endurance Event  search
TP-3 The End Event  TP  search
45 Time Freeze! Event  search
118 Uncontrollable Power Event  search
119 Unity Event  search
16 Unknown Allies Event  search
120 Very Bizarre! Event  search
L-3 Villainous Energy Event  search
7 Villionaire Wages Event  search
157 Vine Thrust Technique  search
121 Wicked Influence Event  search
172 Yoko, Charming Fox Hero/Team Leader  ST  search
69 Yoko, Legendary Bandit Hero/Villain  search
132 Younger Toguro, Tormented Sensei Hero/Villain  search
17 Yukina's Tears Item  search
133 Yukina, Happy Girl Hero  search
66 Yukina, Welcoming Child Hero  search
46 Yusuke's Alliance Event  search
8 Yusuke's Altar Item  search
173 Yusuke, Charming Devil Hero/Team Leader  ST  search
20 Yusuke, The Raver (Lower Left) Hero/Villain/Team Leader  search
21 Yusuke, The Raver (Lower Right) Hero/Villain/Team Leader  search
4 Yusuke, The Raver (Upper Left) Hero/Villain/Team Leader  search
10 Yusuke, The Raver (Upper Right) Hero/Villain/Team Leader  search
70 Yusuke, Tribal Fighter Hero/Team Leader  search
134 Yusuke, Young Punk Hero  search

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