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Alliance: 121 cards
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69 110% Event  search
70 Ambush Event  search
87 Armor of Containment Item  search
18 Audience Participation Event  search
88 Blue Seal Item  search
105 Body Manipulation Technique  search
46 Botan, Detective's Assistant Hero  search
28 Can I Draw On Him Event  search
29 Chant of Recollection Event  search
12 Chu, Rugged Assailant Hero  search
19 Darkness Within Event  search
106 Death Plant Efflorescence Technique  search
89 Desu Button Item  search
71 Devastating Blow Event  search
30 Devastation Event  search
90 Double-Bladed Knives Item  search
47 Enki, The Champion Hero  search
91 Event Ticket Item  search
31 Excitement Event  search
72 Extortion Event  search
107 Finger Extension Technique  search
73 Force Field Event  search
74 Gale Force Event  search
10 Game Cartridge Item  search
48 Genkai, Wise Master Hero/Team Leader  search
108 Hair Whip Technique  search
32 Heroes United Event  search
50 Hiei, Fearless Hero Hero  search
49 Hiei, The Demon World's Protector Hero  search
33 Hope Lost Event  search
34 Influence Event  search
35 Innocence Event  search
36 Interrogation Event  search
51 Jin, Carefree Spirit Hero  search
52 Jorge, The Narrator Hero  search
22 Joystick Item  search
23 Juri, The Impartial Neutral  search
20 Kaitou's Rules Item  search
53 Kayko, The Independent Hero  search
92 Kekkai Barrier Item  search
37 Koenma's Protection Event  search
93 Koenmatron 5000 Item  search
54 Kokuo, The Broken Hearted Hero  search
55 Kujoo Hero  search
56 Kurama, Devoted Hero Hero  search
57 Kurama, The Uniting Hero/Team Leader  search
58 Kuwabara, Honarable Hero Hero  search
109 Left Pivot Kick Technique  search
94 Manacles Item  search
75 Manipulate Event  search
95 Mask of Restriction Item  search
24 Miyuki, of the Triad Villain  search
96 Molotov Cocktail Item  search
76 Morbid Beauty Event  search
21 Mourning Event  search
59 Mukuro, Fugitive Thrall Hero/Villain/Team Leader  search
110 Murota's Territory Technique  search
13 Murugu, The Cunning Villain  search
60 Natsume, The Fearless Hero  search
77 Nightmare Event  search
2 NO! Event  search
97 Paintbrush Item  search
44 Pairing Dice Item  search
111 Pinkie String of Love Technique  search
98 Pit Trap Item  search
45 Psychic Scapel Technique  search
38 Quick Freeze Event  search
61 Raizen, Fasting Devourer Hero/Villain/Team Leader  search
6 Raizen, Thunder God (Bottom Left) Hero/Villain/Team Leader  search
14 Raizen, Thunder God (Bottom Right) Hero/Villain/Team Leader  search
1 Raizen, Thunder God (Top Left) Hero/Villain/Team Leader  search
5 Raizen, Thunder God (Top Right) Hero/Villain/Team Leader  search
78 Recruit Event  search
99 Red Seal Item  search
39 Regression Event  search
3 Replay Event  search
40 Resurrection Event  search
62 Rinku, Acrobatic Fighter Hero  search
15 Ruka, The Captivating Villain  search
63 Saizou Hero  search
100 Scythe Item  search
41 Self-Preservation Event  search
11 Sensui's TV Item  search
112 Shadow Control Technique  search
7 Shishi Wakamaru, Summoner of a Thousand Souls Hero  search
79 Shrouded Evil Event  search
64 Shu Hero  search
113 Smelly Foot Technique  search
80 Snatch Event  search
4 Solitaire Event  search
65 Souketsu Hero  search
81 Soul Extraction Event  search
114 Spirit Orb Technique  search
115 Spirit Wave Orb Technique  search
82 Squash Event  search
116 Stomp Technique  search
83 Submission Event  search
66 Suzuka Hero  search
117 Sword Extension Technique  search
101 Tanker Truck Item  search
102 Tasty Beverages Item  search
67 Tetsuzam Hero  search
42 The Game is Afoot! Event  search
8 The Legacy of One Event  search
118 Thumb Block Technique  search
119 Tiger Breath Technique  search
103 Tombstone Item  search
25 Touya Hero  search
84 Truce Event  search
120 Twin Energy Punch Technique  search
121 Two-Fingered Poke Technique  search
85 Upsurge Event  search
86 Vulnerable Event  search
43 Wait! Event  search
9 Winner Event  search
104 Yellow Seal Item  search
16 Yomi, the Reformed Hero/Villain/Team Leader  search
68 Younger Toguro, Soul Taker Villain/Team Leader  search
26 Yukina, Ice Apparition Hero  search
17 Yusuke, Champion of the People Hero/Team Leader  search
27 Yusuke, Human World's Hero Hero/Team Leader  search

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