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Return to Ravnica: 298 cards
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141 Abrupt Decay Instant  search
113 Aerial Predation Instant  search
1 Angel of Serenity Creature  search
85 Annihilating Fire Instant  search
29 Aquus Steed Creature  search
142 Archon of the Triumvirate Creature  search
142* Archon of the Triumvirate [Return to Ravnica Pre-Release] [Azorius] Creature  search
114 Archweaver Creature  search
143 Armada Wurm Creature  search
2 Armory Guard Creature  search
3 Arrest Enchantment  search
86 Ash Zealot Creature  search
T04 Assassin [Token] Creature Token  search
57 Assassin's Strike Sorcery  search
144 Auger Spree Instant  search
4 Avenging Arrow Instant  search
115 Axebane Guardian Creature  search
116 Axebane Stag Creature  search
210 Azor's Elocutors Creature  search
5 Azorius Arrester Creature  search
145 Azorius Charm Instant  search
237 Azorius Guildgate Land  search
6 Azorius Justiciar Creature  search
225 Azorius Keyrune Artifact  search
87 Batterhorn Creature  search
7 Bazaar Krovod Creature  search
88 Bellows Lizard Creature  search
T01 Bird [Token] Creature Token  search
211 Blistercoil Weird Creature  search
238 Blood Crypt Land  search
89 Bloodfray Giant Creature  search
30 Blustersquall Instant  search
117 Brushstrider Creature  search
146 Call of the Conclave Sorcery  search
31 Cancel Instant  search
147 Carnival Hellsteed Creature  search
147* Carnival Hellsteed [Return to Ravnica Pre-Release] [Rakdos] Creature  search
58 Catacomb Slug Creature  search
148 Centaur Healer Creature  search
T07 Centaur [Token] Creature Token  search
T1*Judge Centaur [Token] [Return to Ravnica League Judge] Creature Token  search
118 Centaur's Herald Creature  search
90 Chaos Imps Creature  search
149 Chemister's Trick Instant  search
119 Chorus of Might Instant  search
226 Chromatic Lantern Artifact  search
32 Chronic Flooding Enchantment  search
227 Civic Saber Artifact  search
91 Cobblebrute Creature  search
228 Codex Shredder Artifact  search
150 Collective Blessing Enchantment  search
151 Common Bond Instant  search
8 Concordia Pegasus Creature  search
33 Conjured Currency Enchantment  search
152 Corpsejack Menace Creature  search
152* Corpsejack Menace [Return to Ravnica Pre-Release] [Golgari] Creature  search
153 Counterflux Instant  search
154 Coursers' Accord Sorcery  search
59 Cremate Instant  search
34 Crosstown Courier Creature  search
212 Cryptborn Horror Creature  search
212* Cryptborn Horror [Return to Ravnica Gameday Prize] Creature  search
35 Cyclonic Rift Instant  search
60 Daggerdrome Imp Creature  search
61 Dark Revenant Creature  search
62 Dead Reveler Creature  search
120 Deadbridge Goliath Creature  search
120* Deadbridge Goliath [Return to Ravnica Launch] Creature  search
121 Death's Presence Enchantment  search
213 Deathrite Shaman Creature  search
63 Desecration Demon Creature  search
64 Destroy the Evidence Sorcery  search
155 Detention Sphere Enchantment  search
65 Deviant Glee Enchantment  search
36 Dispel Instant  search
37 Doorkeeper Creature  search
38 Downsize Instant  search
T05 Dragon [Token] Creature Token  search
66 Drainpipe Vermin Creature  search
156 Dramatic Rescue Instant  search
157 Dreadbore Sorcery  search
158 Dreg Mangler Creature  search
158* Dreg Mangler [Return to Ravnica Holiday Gift Box 2012] Creature  search
122 Drudge Beetle Creature  search
123 Druid's Deliverance Instant  search
214 Dryad Militant Creature  search
214* Dryad Militant [Return to Ravnica Gameday Participant] Creature  search
92 Dynacharge Instant  search
93 Electrickery Instant  search
T12 Elemental [Token] Creature Token  search
159 Epic Experiment Sorcery  search
160 Essence Backlash Instant  search
9 Ethereal Armor Enchantment  search
94 Explosive Impact Instant  search
10 Eyes in the Skies Instant  search
39 Faerie Impostor Creature  search
161 Fall of the Gavel Instant  search
11 Fencing Ace Creature  search
162 Firemind's Foresight Instant  search
270 Forest Basic Land  search
271 Forest Basic Land  search
272 Forest Basic Land  search
273 Forest Basic Land  search
274 Forest Basic Land  search
215 Frostburn Weird Creature  search
124 Gatecreeper Vine Creature  search
125 Giant Growth Instant  search
126 Gobbling Ooze Creature  search
163 Goblin Electromancer Creature  search
95 Goblin Rally Sorcery  search
T06 Goblin [Token] Creature Token  search
164 Golgari Charm Instant  search
127 Golgari Decoy Creature  search
239 Golgari Guildgate Land  search
229 Golgari Keyrune Artifact  search
216 Golgari Longlegs Creature  search
96 Gore-House Chainwalker Creature  search
67 Grave Betrayal Enchantment  search
68 Grim Roustabout Creature  search
165 Grisly Salvage Instant  search
240 Grove of the Guardian Land  search
240* Grove of the Guardian [Return to Ravnica Pre-Release] [Selesnaya] Land  search
217 Growing Ranks Enchantment  search
97 Guild Feud Enchantment  search
98 Guttersnipe Creature  search
241 Hallowed Fountain Land  search
166 Havoc Festival Enchantment  search
167 Hellhole Flailer Creature  search
168 Heroes' Reunion Instant  search
128 Horncaller's Chant Sorcery  search
40 Hover Barrier Creature  search
169 Hussar Patrol Creature  search
170 Hypersonic Dragon Creature  search
170* Hypersonic Dragon [Return to Ravnica Pre-Release] [Izzet] Creature  search
41 Inaction Injunction Sorcery  search
42 Inspiration Instant  search
255 Island Basic Land  search
256 Island Basic Land  search
257 Island Basic Land  search
258 Island Basic Land  search
259 Island Basic Land  search
43 Isperia's Skywatch Creature  search
171 Isperia, Supreme Judge Legendary Creature  search
172 Izzet Charm Instant  search
242 Izzet Guildgate Land  search
230 Izzet Keyrune Artifact  search
173 Izzet Staticaster Creature  search
44 Jace, Architect of Thought Planeswalker  search
175 Jarad's Orders Sorcery  search
174 Jarad, Golgari Lich Lord Legendary Creature  search
218 Judge's Familiar Creature  search
12 Keening Apparition Creature  search
T02 Knight [Token] Creature Token  search
T1*League Knight [Token] [Return to Ravnica League] Creature Token  search
13 Knightly Valor Enchantment  search
176 Korozda Guildmage Creature  search
129 Korozda Monitor Creature  search
69 Launch Party Instant  search
99 Lobber Crew Creature  search
177 Lotleth Troll Creature  search
178 Loxodon Smiter Creature  search
179 Lyev Skyknight Creature  search
130 Mana Bloom Enchantment  search
14 Martial Law Enchantment  search
180 Mercurial Chemister Creature  search
70 Mind Rot Sorcery  search
100 Minotaur Aggressor Creature  search
101 Mizzium Mortars Sorcery  search
45 Mizzium Skin Instant  search
265 Mountain Basic Land  search
266 Mountain Basic Land  search
267 Mountain Basic Land  search
268 Mountain Basic Land  search
269 Mountain Basic Land  search
71 Necropolis Regent Creature  search
181 New Prahv Guildmage Creature  search
183 Niv-Mizzet, Dracogenius Legendary Creature  search
182 Nivix Guildmage Creature  search
219 Nivmagus Elemental Creature  search
131 Oak Street Innkeeper Creature  search
72 Ogre Jailbreaker Creature  search
T08 Ooze [Token] Creature Token  search
243 Overgrown Tomb Land  search
73 Pack Rat Creature  search
15 Palisade Giant Creature  search
46 Paralyzing Grasp Enchantment  search
74 Perilous Shadow Creature  search
16 Phantom General Creature  search
231 Pithing Needle Artifact  search
250 Plains Basic Land  search
251 Plains Basic Land  search
252 Plains Basic Land  search
253 Plains Basic Land  search
254 Plains Basic Land  search
17 Precinct Captain Creature  search
47 Psychic Spiral Instant  search
102 Pursuit of Flight Enchantment  search
103 Pyroconvergence Enchantment  search
104 Racecourse Fury Enchantment  search
220 Rakdos Cackler Creature  search
184 Rakdos Charm Instant  search
244 Rakdos Guildgate Land  search
232 Rakdos Keyrune Artifact  search
185 Rakdos Ragemutt Creature  search
186 Rakdos Ringleader Creature  search
221 Rakdos Shred-Freak Creature  search
188 Rakdos's Return Sorcery  search
187 Rakdos, Lord of Riots Legendary Creature  search
18 Rest in Peace Enchantment  search
T09 Rhino [Token] Creature Token  search
189 Righteous Authority Enchantment  search
190 Risen Sanctuary Creature  search
191 Rites of Reaping Sorcery  search
192 Rix Maadi Guildmage Creature  search
245 Rogue's Passage Land  search
19 Rootborn Defenses Instant  search
132 Rubbleback Rhino Creature  search
48 Runewing Creature  search
T10 Saproling [Token] Creature Token  search
133 Savage Surge Instant  search
49 Search the City Enchantment  search
193 Search Warrant Sorcery  search
20 Security Blockade Enchantment  search
134 Seek the Horizon Sorcery  search
194 Selesnya Charm Instant  search
246 Selesnya Guildgate Land  search
233 Selesnya Keyrune Artifact  search
21 Selesnya Sentry Creature  search
22 Seller of Songbirds Creature  search
75 Sewer Shambler Creature  search
76 Shrieking Affliction Enchantment  search
195 Skull Rend Sorcery  search
50 Skyline Predator Creature  search
196 Skymark Roc Creature  search
197 Slaughter Games Sorcery  search
135 Slime Molding Sorcery  search
222 Slitherhead Creature  search
198 Sluiceway Scorpion Creature  search
77 Slum Reaper Creature  search
T03 Soldier [Token] Creature Token  search
23 Soul Tithe Enchantment  search
51 Soulsworn Spirit Creature  search
199 Spawn of Rix Maadi Creature  search
24 Sphere of Safety Enchantment  search
52 Sphinx of the Chimes Creature  search
200 Sphinx's Revelation Instant  search
105 Splatter Thug Creature  search
78 Stab Wound Enchantment  search
53 Stealer of Secrets Creature  search
247 Steam Vents Land  search
136 Stonefare Crocodile Creature  search
106 Street Spasm Instant  search
234 Street Sweeper Artifact Creature  search
223 Sundering Growth Instant  search
25 Sunspire Griffin Creature  search
201 Supreme Verdict Sorcery  search
201* Supreme Verdict [Return to Ravnica Buy A Box] Sorcery  search
107 Survey the Wreckage Sorcery  search
260 Swamp Basic Land  search
261 Swamp Basic Land  search
262 Swamp Basic Land  search
263 Swamp Basic Land  search
264 Swamp Basic Land  search
26 Swift Justice Instant  search
54 Syncopate Instant  search
235 Tablet of the Guilds Artifact  search
79 Tavern Swindler Creature  search
202 Teleportal Sorcery  search
248 Temple Garden Land  search
108 Tenement Crasher Creature  search
80 Terrus Wurm Creature  search
203 Thoughtflare Instant  search
81 Thrill-Kill Assassin Creature  search
55 Tower Drake Creature  search
137 Towering Indrik Creature  search
27 Trained Caracal Creature  search
109 Traitorous Instinct Sorcery  search
249 Transguild Promenade Land  search
204 Treasured Find Sorcery  search
205 Trestle Troll Creature  search
28 Trostani's Judgment Instant  search
206 Trostani, Selesnya's Voice Legendary Creature  search
82 Ultimate Price Instant  search
83 Underworld Connections Enchantment  search
138 Urban Burgeoning Enchantment  search
110 Utvara Hellkite Creature  search
111 Vandalblast Sorcery  search
224 Vassal Soul Creature  search
112 Viashino Racketeer Creature  search
207 Vitu-Ghazi Guildmage Creature  search
56 Voidwielder Creature  search
236 Volatile Rig Artifact Creature  search
208 Vraska the Unseen Planeswalker  search
209 Wayfaring Temple Creature  search
139 Wild Beastmaster Creature  search
140 Worldspine Wurm Creature  search
T11 Wurm [Token] Creature Token  search
84 Zanikev Locust Creature  search
Total price for whole set:

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