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Seekers of Knowledge

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Seekers of Knowledge: 55 cards
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29 A Voros Hal'l Jon, Prophecy of the Lost Event  search
39 Aliki Zoni Uperetria, Resourceful Servant Character  search
15 Alternative Historian Character  search
40 Amaranth, Opener of Ways Character  search
28 Apocalyptic Visions, Prophecies of the Ancients Support  search
13 Arctic Ethnologist Character  search
25 Atlantis, Came to a Catastrophic End Support  search
1 Board of Trustees, Overseeing the Future Character  search
5 Brette Wulffsen, Nothing but Trouble Character  search
18 Campus Security Guard Character  search
51 Carl Stanford, Sinister, not necessarily Evil Character  search
12 Catacombs Docent Character  search
19 College Prospect Character  search
45 Cthylla, Secret Spawn of Cthulhu Character  search
14 Cub Reporter Character  search
23 Cylinders of Kadatheron, Knowledge of Ib Support  search
31 Daring Buju Event  search
6 Doctor Bancroft, Military Historian Character  search
41 Er'nrawr, Death and Entropy Manifest Character  search
11 Eschatologist Character  search
36 Expert Testimony Event  search
37 Fraternal Ties Event  search
16 Ghost Hunter Character  search
42 Hamu IV 1:13, "The heavens speak the Truth..." Event  search
46 Hamu XX 15:14, "The Chimes of Bedlam mark the hour." Event  search
52 Hanyatl's 12:3, "The horn blew and the hordes came." Event  search
50 Hanyatl's 1:9, "The young shall replace the old." Event  search
48 Hanyatl's 7:13, She will give birth to madness... Event  search
27 Ipiutak, The Bone CIty Support  search
8 James "Cookie" Fredericks, Controversial Explorer Character  search
54 Lev'l 15:13, "The secrets were written in the stars." Event  search
9 Lucas Tetlow, Eternal Curator Character  search
7 Matthew Alexander, Dark Companion Character  search
10 Maurice Diggs, Eldritch Theorist Character  search
24 Mu, The Cradle of Civilization Support  search
47 N'yog-Sothep, The Nameless Mist Character  search
49 Nug, Blasphemy in the Night Sky Character  search
17 Overworked Graduate Student Character  search
53 Peter Clover, Playing the Odds Character  search
35 Plan "B" Event  search
32 Por V 1:20, "...and they shall fall to their knees..." Event  search
44 Por XV 14:19, "... drowned upon the altar..." Event  search
21 Protected by the Elder Sign Support  search
34 Protecting the Anirniq Event  search
30 Reading the Star Signs Event  search
3 Richard Pike, Here to Help Character  search
4 Roald Ellsworth, Intrepid Explorer Character  search
20 Sports Scholarship Support  search
22 Station Eismitte, Mid-Ice Polar Station Support  search
38 The Claret Knight, Her Sworn Champion Character  search
43 The Company, Arm of the Shadow Government Character  search
26 Ultima Thule, Beyond the Known World Support  search
55 Umr at-Tawil, Most Ancient Character  search
2 Whitton Greene, Restricted Collection Bookhunter Character  search
33 Zero Visibility Event  search

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