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Chapter 6

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Chapter 6: 91 cards
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6-002S Ace (6-002) Forward  search
6-068R Adrammelech, the Wroth (6-068) Summon  search
6-083C Alchemist (6-083) Backup  search
6-016U Aldo (6-016) Forward  search
6-030U Alexander (6-030) Summon  search
6-059U Apururu (6-059) Backup  search
6-039C Archer (6-039) Backup  search
6-040C Archer (6-040) Backup  search
6-071U Ark Angel EV (6-071) Forward  search
6-043U Ark Angel GK (6-043) Forward  search
6-057U Ark Angel HM (6-057) Forward  search
6-029U Ark Angel MR (6-029) Forward  search
6-015U Ark Angel TT (6-015) Forward  search
6-058C Assassin (6-058) Forward  search
6-011C Babus (6-011) Forward  search
6-018C Bard (6-018) Backup  search
6-062U Black Knight (6-062) Monster  search
6-005C Black Mage (6-005) Backup  search
6-063C Black Mage (6-063) Backup  search
6-013U Brunhilde (6-013) Summon  search
6-025U Buccaboo (6-025) Monster  search
6-066C Bunkerbeast (6-066) Monster  search
6-085P Carbuncle (6-085) Eidolon  search
6-085R Carbuncle (6-085) Summon  search
6-006R Cater (6-006) Forward  search
6-086S Cecil (6-086) Forward  search
6-036C Chocobo (6-036) Forward  search
6-065C Cid Randell (6-065) Backup  search
6-049R Cinque (6-049) Forward  search
6-077U Clione (6-077) Monster  search
6-079R Deuce (6-079) Forward  search
6-022C Doned (6-022) Backup  search
6-088L Eald'narche (6-088) Forward  search
6-031S Edge (6-031) Forward  search
6-044R Eight (6-044) Forward  search
6-076R Famfrit, the Darkening Cloud (6-076) Summon  search
6-024C Fencer (6-024) Forward  search
6-090R Fenrir (6-090) Summon  search
6-012U Fickblix (6-012) Backup  search
6-061C Gadgeteer (6-061) Backup  search
6-020C Gesper (6-020) Monster  search
6-032U Giant (6-032) Monster  search
6-045C Gladiator (6-045) Forward  search
6-050C Gorgonzilla (6-050) Monster  search
6-046C Grav'iton (6-046) Backup  search
6-004U Grenade (6-004) Monster  search
6-047C Gumbah (6-047) Backup  search
6-052U Hecatoncheir (6-052) Summon  search
6-073U Hezel (6-073) Forward  search
6-051U Hill Giant (6-051) Monster  search
6-078R Jack (6-078) Forward  search
6-034C Jakoh Wahcondalo (6-034) Forward  search
6-048U Joker (6-048) Backup  search
6-017C Juggler (6-017) Backup  search
6-060S Kain (6-060) Forward  search
6-089S Kam'lanaut (6-089) Forward  search
6-003R King (6-003) Forward  search
6-014U Lion (6-014) Backup  search
6-056R Llednar (6-056) Forward  search
6-026R Machina (6-026) Forward  search
6-007C Manasvin Warmech (6-007) Monster  search
6-087R Marche (6-087) Forward  search
6-023R Mateus the Corrupt (6-023) Summon  search
6-027R Mewt (6-027) Backup  search
6-054C Monk (6-054) Backup  search
6-010C Naji (6-010) Forward  search
6-067R Nine (6-067) Forward  search
6-038C Nono (6-038) Backup  search
6-081C Paladin (6-081) Forward  search
6-074C Pirate Gilgamesh (6-074) Backup  search
6-019S Queen (6-019) Forward  search
6-069C Ranperre (6-069) Forward  search
6-041R Rem (6-041) Forward  search
6-028U Remedi (6-028) Forward  search
6-070U Ritz (6-070) Forward  search
6-084S Rosa (6-084) Forward  search
6-055S Rydia (6-055) Forward  search
6-075C Scholar (6-075) Backup  search
6-035R Seven (6-035) Forward  search
6-021C Shamonde (6-021) Backup  search
6-033U Shara (6-033) Forward  search
6-064R Sice (6-064) Forward  search
6-008C Soldier (6-008) Forward  search
6-042C Spiceacillian (6-042) Monster  search
6-009R Tellah (6-009) Backup  search
6-080C Tonberry (6-080) Monster  search
6-037R Trey (6-037) Backup  search
6-082U Verena (6-082) Backup  search
6-001C Warrior (6-001) Forward  search
6-053C White Monk (6-053) Forward  search
6-072C Yve'noil (6-072) Backup  search
Total price for whole set:

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