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Chapter 7

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Chapter 7: 126 cards
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7-100C Adrammelech, the Wroth (7-100) Eidolon  search
7-101C Aleria (7-101) Backup  search
7-082R Alhanalem (7-082) Backup  search
7-021U Aloeidai (7-021) Monster  search
7-062U Antlion (7-062) Monster  search
7-001R Auron (7-001) Forward  search
7-053U Barbariccia (7-053) Forward  search
7-076C Beastmaster (7-076) Backup  search
7-017C Belias, the Giant (7-017) Eidolon  search
7-027C Black Mage (7-027) Forward  search
7-090C Black Mage (7-090) Backup  search
7-075R Borghen (7-075) Forward  search
7-104U Cagnazzo (7-104) Forward  search
7-124R Chaos (7-124) Backup  search
7-049U Chelinka (7-049) Backup  search
7-050C Chocobo (7-050) Monster  search
7-033C Chocobo Eater (7-033) Monster  search
7-045C Cid Haze (7-045) Backup  search
7-097U Cid Kramer (7-097) Backup  search
7-046R Cid Pollendina (7-046) Backup  search
7-105R Cloud of Darkness (7-105) Forward  search
7-068U Cockatrice (7-068) Summon  search
7-024U Coeurl (7-024) Monster  search
7-121R Cosmos (7-121) Backup  search
7-117C Counterfeit Wraith (7-117) Forward  search
7-056C Counterfeit Youth (7-056) Forward  search
7-025R Cu Chaspel (7-025) Backup  search
7-115C Cuchulainn the Impure (7-115) Eidolon  search
7-051U Deathgaze (7-051) Monster  search
7-107C Defender (7-107) Backup  search
7-085C Delusory Dragoon (7-085) Forward  search
7-087U Dusk Odin (7-087) Monster  search
7-023R Edward (7-023) Backup  search
7-028U Emperor (7-028) Forward  search
7-086U Exdeath (7-086) Forward  search
7-096C Fachan (7-096) Monster  search
7-002C False Hero (7-002) Forward  search
7-114U Faris (7-114) Forward  search
7-016L Firion (7-016) Forward  search
7-099C Flanborg (7-099) Monster  search
7-054U Floating Eye (7-054) Monster  search
7-065C Gabranth (7-065) Forward  search
7-125R Galdes (7-125) Forward  search
7-088R Garland (7-088) Forward  search
7-106C Geosgaeno (7-106) Monster  search
7-052C Gnash (7-052) Forward  search
7-092L Golbeza (7-092) Forward  search
7-067R Gordon (7-067) Forward  search
7-008C Gorgonzola (7-008) Monster  search
7-089C Gramis (7-089) Backup  search
7-071C Hashmal, Bringer of Order (7-071) Eidolon  search
7-003U Ifrit (7-003) Eidolon  search
7-007C Illusionist (7-007) Backup  search
7-004C Illuyankas (7-004) Monster  search
7-084U Ixion (7-084) Summon  search
7-010R Jecht (7-010) Forward  search
7-066U Kefka (7-066) Forward  search
7-042C Killer Bee (7-042) Monster  search
7-091C Kolka (7-091) Backup  search
7-026R Kuja (7-026) Forward  search
7-063C Lady of Antiquity (7-063) Backup  search
7-039R Laguna (7-039) Forward  search
7-040C Lancer (7-040) Monster  search
7-119C Larsa (7-119) Backup  search
7-018U Latov (7-018) Backup  search
7-120U Leviathan (7-120) Summon  search
7-060C Locke (7-060) Forward  search
7-072C Luminous Puma (7-072) Monster  search
7-058R Magus Sisters (7-058) Forward  search
7-036C Mateus the Corrupt (7-036) Summon  search
7-077R Meeth (7-077) Backup  search
7-037U Mindflayer (7-037) Summon  search
7-118C Mingwu (7-118) Backup  search
7-078C Monk (7-078) Forward  search
7-006U Mutantomato (7-006) Monster  search
7-035C Nag'molada (7-035) Backup  search
7-064C Ondore (7-064) Backup  search
7-103U Ozma (7-103) Monster  search
7-014S Palom (7-014) Forward  search
7-055R Paul (7-055) Forward  search
7-038C Phantasmal Girl (7-038) Forward  search
7-116S Porom (7-116) Forward  search
7-113R Princess Hilda (7-113) Backup  search
7-111U Princess Sarah (7-111) Backup  search
7-073S Prishe (7-073) Forward  search
7-074U Prishe (7-074) Forward  search
7-080C Rasler (7-080) Forward  search
7-020U Red Cap (7-020) Monster  search
7-081C Red Mage (7-081) Backup  search
7-059U Reks (7-059) Forward  search
7-019U Rubicante (7-019) Forward  search
7-070U Scarmiglione (7-070) Forward  search
7-108C Schrodinger (7-108) Monster  search
7-093S Seifer (7-093) Forward  search
7-094C Seifer (7-094) Forward  search
7-011R Selh'teus (7-011) Backup  search
7-032U Sephiroth (7-032) Forward  search
7-095R Seymour (7-095) Forward  search
7-057C Shemhazai, the Whisperer (7-057) Eidolon  search
7-048U Shikaree X (7-048) Forward  search
7-029U Shikaree Y (7-029) Forward  search
7-098U Shikaree Z (7-098) Forward  search
7-126S Sin (7-126) Forward  search
7-031C Snow (7-031) Forward  search
7-110U Sprite (7-110) Monster  search
7-030S Squall (7-030) Forward  search
7-047R Sylph (7-047) Summon  search
7-013C Tenzen (7-013) Forward  search
7-043C Thief (7-043) Backup  search
7-044C Thief (7-044) Backup  search
7-112L Tidus (7-112) Forward  search
7-034C Time Mage (7-034) Backup  search
7-022C Ulmia (7-022) Backup  search
7-061U Ultima Weapon (7-061) Monster  search
7-102R Ultimecia (7-102) Forward  search
7-041S Vaan (7-041) Forward  search
7-015C Vivi (7-015) Backup  search
7-005C Vossler (7-005) Forward  search
7-012C Warrior (7-012) Forward  search
7-109C White Mage (7-109) Forward  search
7-009U Xande (7-009) Forward  search
7-079R Yang (7-079) Forward  search
7-083U Yellow Jelly (7-083) Monster  search
7-122S Yuna (7-122) Forward  search
7-123R Yuri (7-123) Forward  search
7-069C Zaghnal (7-069) Monster  search
Total price for whole set:

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