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Da Capo III Booster Pack

Da Capo III Booster Pack: 124 cards
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DC3-W18-009 "Eto's Wish" Charles Character  search
DC3-W18-024 "Magician of Justice" Himeno Character  search
DC3-W18-24S "Magician of Justice" Himeno Character  SR  search
DC3-W18-039 "Proof" of Love Climax  CR  search
DC3-W18-39R "Proof" of Love Climax  RRR  search
DC3-W18-006 "Santa's First Love" Charles Character  search
DC3-W18-072 Aoi, A Future We Are Heading Towards Character  RR  search
DC3-W18-72S Aoi, A Future We Are Heading Towards Character  SP  search
DC3-W18-090 Aoi, Energetic Character  search
DC3-W18-071 Aoi, Flowers Is Busy! Character  RR  search
DC3-W18-71S Aoi, Flowers Is Busy! Character  SR  search
DC3-W18-092 Aoi, Getting Out of Bath Character  search
DC3-W18-081 Aoi, Important Time Character  search
DC3-W18-075 Aoi, Midnight Date Character  search
DC3-W18-080 Aoi, Pacing Character  search
DC3-W18-076 Aoi, Pampered Mode Character  search
DC3-W18-76S Aoi, Pampered Mode Character  SR  search
DC3-W18-093 Aoi, Sickly Dog-like Girl Character  search
DC3-W18-086 Aoi, Sunny Girl Character  search
DC3-W18-078 Aoi, True Feeligns Character  search
DC3-W18-083 Aoi, Under Starlit Sky Character  search
DC3-W18-094 Aoi, Working Girl Character  search
DC3-W18-017 Category 5 Event  search
DC3-W18-067 Cattleya of Pride Climax  CR  search
DC3-W18-67R Cattleya of Pride Climax  RRR  search
DC3-W18-063 Charles in Gymnastics Clothes Character  search
DC3-W18-051 Charles, After the First Date Character  search
DC3-W18-011 Charles, At Ease Character  search
DC3-W18-001 Charles, Causing Commotion Character  RR  search
DC3-W18-01S Charles, Causing Commotion Character  SR  search
DC3-W18-015 Charles, Heart-Thumping Bath Cleaning Character  search
DC3-W18-052 Charles, Irremovable Past Character  search
DC3-W18-057 Charles, Light Pranks Character  search
DC3-W18-058 Charles, Morning Accident Character  search
DC3-W18-041 Charles, On Top of Lap Pillow Character  RR  search
DC3-W18-41S Charles, On Top of Lap Pillow Character  SR  search
DC3-W18-048 Charles, Smiles to Protect Character  search
DC3-W18-48S Charles, Smiles to Protect Character  SP  search
DC3-W18-005 Charles, Student Council President of Kazemidori Character  search
DC3-W18-016 Elizabeth, Academy President of Kazamidori Character  search
DC3-W18-068 Farewell Present Climax  CC  search
DC3-W18-098 Fir~st Lesson Climax  CC  search
DC3-W18-020 Flwers that Keep Blooming Climax  CC  search
DC3-W18-20R Flwers that Keep Blooming Climax  RRR  search
DC3-W18-037 For My Beloved Lover Event  search
DC3-W18-055 Himeno, Bad-Tempered Character  search
DC3-W18-026 Himeno, Brother-And-Sister-Only Gathering Character  search
DC3-W18-043 Himeno, Feelings Inside Character  search
DC3-W18-030 Himeno, Feelings to Be Told Character  search
DC3-W18-029 Himeno, Going Out with Nii-San Character  search
DC3-W18-062 Himeno, Her First Uniform Character  search
DC3-W18-061 Himeno, Just Like Before Character  search
DC3-W18-042 Himeno, Overslept Character  RR  search
DC3-W18-42S Himeno, Overslept Character  SR  search
DC3-W18-032 Himeno, Pitiful Art Skills Character  search
DC3-W18-031 Himeno, Smiles to Protect Character  search
DC3-W18-045 Himeno, Stiff Character  search
DC3-W18-022 Himeno, Two's Happiness Character  RR  search
DC3-W18-22S Himeno, Two's Happiness Character  SP  search
DC3-W18-012 Ian & Rurica, Clumsy People Character  search
DC3-W18-035 Kiyotaka & Himeno, Mutual Understanding Character  search
DC3-W18-049 Kiyotaka, Words to Be Told Character  search
DC3-W18-034 Kousuke & Himeno, Interesting People Character  search
DC3-W18-099 Lots of Dreams Climax  CC  search
DC3-W18-019 Magic of Happiness Climax  CR  search
DC3-W18-19R Magic of Happiness Climax  RRR  search
DC3-W18-040 Magic to Connect Hearts Climax  CC  search
DC3-W18-40R Magic to Connect Hearts Climax  RRR  search
DC3W18-100 Magical Mist Climax  CC  search
DC3W18-100R Magical Mist Climax  RRR  search
DC3-W18-027 Mary & Edward, Childhood Friends Character  search
DC3-W18-007 Master Ricca Character  search
DC3-W18-064 Mikoto, Club Member Number One Character  search
DC3-W18-053 Minatsu, Robot President Character  search
DC3-W18-096 Miracle of the Unwilting Cherry Blossom Event  search
DC3-W18-066 New Year's Kiss Event  search
DC3-W18-065 Nice to Meet You, Lulu-nee. Event  search
DC3-W18-070 Normal Newspaper Club Climax  CC  search
DC3-W18-038 Place of Heart Event  search
DC3-W18-018 Present on Holy N?ight Event  search
DC3-W18-097 Proof of Friendship Climax  CR  search
DC3-W18-97R Proof of Friendship Climax  RRR  search
DC3-W18-060 Ricca in Around-the-House Wear Character  search
DC3-W18-003 Ricca, Buoying Date Character  search
DC3-W18-047 Ricca, Confession on Holy Night Character  search
DC3-W18-010 Ricca, Everyone's Power Character  search
DC3-W18-050 Ricca, Feelings of "Love" Character  search
DC3-W18-054 Ricca, Genius Pretty Magician Girl Character  search
DC3-W18-002 Ricca, Irreplaceable Magic Character  RR  search
DC3-W18-2SP Ricca, Irreplaceable Magic Character  SP  search
DC3-W18-046 Ricca, Official Newspaper Club President Character  search
DC3-W18-46S Ricca, Official Newspaper Club President Character  SR  search
DC3-W18-044 Ricca, Overspilling Feelings Character  search
DC3-W18-013 Ricca, Seal to Exclude the Mist Character  search
DC3-W18-056 Ricca, Surprisingly Childlike Character  search
DC3-W18-004 Ricca, To the Future Seen in Dreams Character  search
DC3-W18-04S Ricca, To the Future Seen in Dreams Character  SR  search
DC3-W18-073 Sakura, Important things Character  search
DC3-W18-73S Sakura, Important things Character  SR  search
DC3-W18-014 Sakura, Innocent Character  search
DC3-W18-077 Sakura, Miracle Returned Character  search
DC3-W18-77S Sakura, Miracle Returned Character  SR  search
DC3-W18-082 Sara in Gymnastics Cloths Character  search
DC3-W18-088 Sara, A Little Spoiled Character  search
DC3-W18-036 Sara, Always By the Side Character  search
DC3-W18-084 Sara, Big Crisis Character  search
DC3-W18-025 Sara, Commemoration of Two Character  search
DC3-W18-085 Sara, Echoed Thumping Character  search
DC3-W18-074 Sara, Enjoyable Off-Day Character  search
DC3-W18-74S Sara, Enjoyable Off-Day Character  SR  search
DC3-W18-079 Sara, Eternal Promise Character  search
DC3-W18-79S Sara, Eternal Promise Character  SP  search
DC3-W18-033 Sara, Flailing Character  search
DC3-W18-028 Sara, Practicing Character  search
DC3-W18-023 Sara, Relaxing Date Character  search
DC3-W18-021 Sara, Special Smile Character  RR  search
DC3-W18-21S Sara, Special Smile Character  SR  search
DC3-W18-091 Sara, Younger Classmate Character  search
DC3-W18-089 Suginami, Natural Troublemaker Character  search
DC3-W18-087 Suginami, Ubiquitous Trickster Character  search
DC3-W18-069 Talking by the Seaside Climax  CC  search
DC3-W18-095 Tiny Body Event  search
DC3-W18-008 Tomoe, Academy's Seasonal Greetings Character  search
DC3-W18-059 Yuzu & Yuuhi, Carefree Assistants Character  search
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