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Guilty Crown Booster Pack

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Guilty Crown Booster Pack: 117 cards
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GC-S16-003 "First Infected" Mana/“第一感染者”真名 Character  search
GC-S16-015 "Funeral Parlor" Algo Character  search
GC-S16-020 "Funeral Parlor" Gai Character  search
GC-S16-019 "Funeral Parlor" Oogumo Character  search
GC-S16-014 "Funeral Parlor" Shibungi Character  search
GC-S16-087 "Funeral Parlor" Tsugumi Character  search
GC-S16-091 "Funeral Parlor: Ayase Character  search
GC-S16-011 Algo Tsukishima Character  search
GC-S16-043 Arisa Kuhouin Character  search
GC-S16-044 Arisa, Charming Beach Character  search
GC-S16-025 Awakened "Power of Kings"/覚醒する“王の能力” Climax  CC  search
GC-S16-077 Ayase Shinomiya Character  RR  search
GC-S16-077P Ayase Shinomiya Character  SP  search
GC-S16-096 Ayase's Steiner Event  search
GC-S16-092 Ayase, Capable Pilot Character  search
GC-S16-089 Ayase, Dumbfounded Look Character  search
GC-S16-085 Ayase, Female Boss Character  search
GC-S16-082 Ayase, Hates Losing Character  search
GC-S16-082S Ayase, Hates Losing Character  SR  search
GC-S16-080 Ayase, Maiden in Love Character  search
GC-S16-080R Ayase, Maiden in Love Character  RRR  search
GC-S16-086 Ayase, Reliable Girl Character  search
GC-S16-083 Ayase, Wheelchair girl Character  search
GC-S16-023 Commencing Attacks Climax  CR  search
GC-S16-046 Concert Stage of the Day After Festival Event  search
GC-S16-022 Danger of Collapse/崩壊の危機 Event  search
GC-S16-069 Daryl Yan Character  search
GC-S16-061 Daryl, Arrogant / 傲慢な態度 ダリル Character  search
GC-S16-062 EGOIST Inori Character  search
GC-S16-024 Embrace of Re-meeting Climax  CC  search
GC-S16-073 Euterpe/エウテルペ Climax  CR  search
GC-S16-097 Full Force Strike Event  search
GC-S16-065 Funell Character  search
GC-S16-058 Funell, Auto-Insect / オートインセクト ふゅーねる Character  search
GC-S16-007 Gai Tsutsugami Character  search
GC-S16-007P Gai Tsutsugami Character  SP  search
GC-S16-005 Gai, Accepted Fate Character  search
GC-S16-068 Gai, Childhood Character  search
GC-S16-016 Gai, Command Tower of the Funeral Parlor Character  search
GC-S16-002 Gai, Important Decisions Character  RR  search
GC-S16-002S Gai, Important Decisions Character  SR  search
GC-S16-009 Gai, Infiltrating Investigation / 潜入捜査 涯 Character  search
GC-S16-001 Gai, Leader's Style Character  RR  search
GC-S16-001R Gai, Leader's Style Character  RRR  search
GC-S16-006 Gai, Oath of United Front Character  search
GC-S16-006S Gai, Oath of United Front Character  SR  search
GC-S16-017 Gai, Young Leader Character  search
GC-S16-047 Genome Resonance Gauge Event  search
GC-S16-033 Hare Menjou Character  search
GC-S16-026 Hare, Charming Beach / 魅惑のビーチ 祭 Character  RR  search
GC-S16-026S Hare, Charming Beach / 魅惑のビーチ 祭 Character  SR  search
GC-S16-032 Hare, Kind Words Character  search
GC-S16-038 Hare, Watching Over Character  search
GC-S16-059 Haruka Ouma Character  search
GC-S16-045 Inori in Casual Clothing Character  search
GC-S16-037 Inori in Uniform Character  search
GC-S16-057 Inori Yuzuriha / 楪 いのり Character  search
GC-S16-057P Inori Yuzuriha / 楪 いのり Character  SP  search
GC-S16-054 Inori, Clearing Troubles Character  search
GC-S16-051 Inori, Kind Feelings / 優しい気持ち いのり Character  RR  search
GC-S16-051R Inori, Kind Feelings / 優しい気持ち いのり Character  RRR  search
GC-S16-055 Inori, Painful Scream Character  search
GC-S16-055S Inori, Painful Scream Character  SR  search
GC-S16-070 Inori, Pure Emotions Character  search
GC-S16-052 Inori, Shu's Partner / 集のパートナー いのり Character  RR  search
GC-S16-053 Inori, Sleeping Alongside Him / 添い寝するいのり Character  search
GC-S16-053S Inori, Sleeping Alongside Him / 添い寝するいのり Character  SR  search
GC-S16-030 Inori, Staring into Distance / 遠くを見据えるいのり Character  search
GC-S16-030R Inori, Staring into Distance / 遠くを見据えるいのり Character  RRR  search
GC-S16-041 Inori, Sudden Freeloader Character  search
GC-S16-064 Inori, Voice of Souls Character  search
GC-S16-071 Inori, Web Artist Character  search
GC-S16-066 Inori, Words of Farewell / 別れの言葉 いのり Character  search
GC-S16-034 Jun Samukawa/寒川 潤 Character  search
GC-S16-029 Kanon in the Academy / 学園の花音 Character  search
GC-S16-035 Kanon Kusama Character  search
GC-S16-008 Kenji Kido Character  search
GC-S16-048 King's Talent / 王の素質 Climax  CR  search
GC-S16-021 Lost Christmas Event  search
GC-S16-060 Makoto Waltz Segai Character  search
GC-S16-004 Mana Ouma Character  search
GC-S16-056 Mana, Childhood Character  search
GC-S16-074 Memories of That Summer Climax  CC  search
GC-S16-050 My Favorite King Climax  CC  search
GC-S16-100 Needed in Information War Climax  CC  search
GC-S16-013 Oogumo Character  search
GC-S16-098 Regained Self-Confidence Climax  CR  search
GC-S16-040 Shu in the Academy / 学園の集 Character  search
GC-S16-027 Shu Ouma / 桜満 集 Character  RR  search
GC-S16-027P Shu Ouma / 桜満 集 Character  SP  search
GC-S16-063 Shu, Childhood Character  search
GC-S16-028 Shu, Hanging His Head / うつむく集 Character  search
GC-S16-018 Shu, Hidden Potential Character  search
GC-S16-031 Shu, Looking at the Sky Character  search
GC-S16-031S Shu, Looking at the Sky Character  SR  search
GC-S16-010 Shu, Lost Pain/失った痛み 集 Character  search
GC-S16-012 Shu, New Resolution/新たなる決意 集 Character  search
GC-S16-067 Shu, Normal High School Student Character  search
GC-S16-095 Shu, Overfilled Emotions Character  search
GC-S16-088 Shu, Sneak Attack Character  search
GC-S16-036 Shu, Something to Protect Character  search
GC-S16-049 Smile of the Goddess / 女神の微笑み Climax  CC  search
GC-S16-099 Sortie Climax  CC  search
GC-S16-039 Souta Tamadate Character  search
GC-S16-075 Trial of Courage / 勇気の試練 Climax  CC  search
GC-S16-072 Truth of Void Genome Event  search
GC-S16-076 Tsugumi in Swimsuits / 水着のツグミ Character  RR  search
GC-S16-094 Tsugumi, Different Look Character  search
GC-S16-090 Tsugumi, Frank Personaliy Character  search
GC-S16-079 Tsugumi, Furisode / 振袖姿のツグミ Character  search
GC-S16-079S Tsugumi, Furisode / 振袖姿のツグミ Character  SR  search
GC-S16-084 Tsugumi, Moodmaker / ムードメーカー ツグミ Character  search
GC-S16-081 Tsugumi, Operator / オペレーター ツグミ Character  search
GC-S16-081P Tsugumi, Operator / オペレーター ツグミ Character  SP  search
GC-S16-078 Tsugumi, Positive Thinking / ポジティブ思考 ツグミ Character  search
GC-S16-093 Tsugumi, Strong-hearted / 強い心 ツグミ Character  search
GC-S16-042 Yahiro Samukawa Character  search

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